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War of the Gods, Closed - New Project and News

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Posted 16 March 2011 - 02:55 PM

Long time no see my fellow community
I see sadly I'm not longer a Moderator, I'm not surprised from my inactivity over the last year

Anyway, onto the main stuff

I'm sure of many of you have already figured out, but War of the Gods is 'Dead'
After the virus crash and rebuilding assets, it became painful finding help and other members willing to jump aboard
I started college at an art college doing 3D digital animation, had my laptop stolen and pretty much my life has kept me down
Now, I have started college again, re-doign the course as I had complications in my life, anyway, I'll be merging my college assignments with my mod I'll be working on

"Mod!?" you say? yes, War of the Gods is dead, due too a simple failure that many mods here are suffering, each mod, every mod here, doesn't have a full team, some mods luckily have on and off team members who help and contribute, others push forward without much help, The problem is, people try to make a full mod with 12 races and blah blah blah, they try and take a full game development work and get it out there, Kudos to those who are still making mods with only a few members
I have realized that, even in an involved community like T3A, there simply is no chance that others will help out, in respect you do and will get contributions once and a while, but you wont get full time help, no-one else will be dedicated to a mod other then the owner.

I have a Mod I'm working on for Amnesia the Dark decent, called Asylum, its currently on hold while I scope out the backstory and how to deliver it too the player
Asylum is on hold, no actual 'modding' currently, however some of you may of remembered some time ago about Radspakr's ideas and side projects, He had a project mentioend several months ago that I liked, Mech's VS Aliens (MvA) but I was busy with my own things so I couldn't help out.

Recently he reminded me of the project and me, with no projects to work on, have decided to undertake this project as a sister mod taking my own spin on his cliche but amazing idea, I will develop the key elements and make my own Total conversion mod< BattleGrid, and give my assets and work too Radspakr too play with so he can build his mod, without worrying about art assets.

I will also release BattleGrid as a stand alone game.

"Why work on battelGrid if War of the Gods was too much work for one man?"
Simple, War of the Gods is a full TC mod, making 6 factions with new content, I would be one man, remaking Age of empires with 6 races. Its crazy!
Brilliant idea on paper, but I was pushing myself a little too far and expected people to help if they were interested.
As a mod leader, you have too realize when making a mod, Don't expect others to help you, If you do, then you push yourself and mod with a higher work load, on the other hand, id you do get help that is awesome, value that help while it lasts.

BattleGrid is planned to be built by one person, only 3 factions, which have limited content each, all building together to make a world of its own

So whats in BattleGrid and what is it?

BattleGrid, is if you haven't guessed it, a Mech game for BFME2, You play as a mech Hero, and you upgrade your mech and unlock orbital support and powers for your mech while fighting a horde of aliens as they infest your planet

There are 3 factions in BattleGrid, The Mechs, Aliens and Neutral marines
You play as the Mech Commander
A custom hero, pick your race, and your class of mech and select your weapons
Scout class, Small and fast with a jump ability, they specialize in long range sniping and calling in for orbital bombardment
Warrior Class, Standard mech, specialises in standard weaponry lasers, rockets and machine guns, each race has a small boost too its racial weapon type
Assault, not as fast as the warrior class or the scout, But offers higher and more advanced weaponry, specializing in its racial main weapon

NPC race that are allies of the Mech pilots, often guarding safe points or outposts that you must find/locate/repair/defend from the aliens scourge
Marines, Basic soldiers, assault rifles is their primary weapon and can mount terrain based weapons
Captain, armed with a powerful SMG and can shoot grenades as well as call in reinforcements
Buggy, a Vehicle with an assault turret, similar to a Humvee in the future
Light Tank, a 6 wheeled off terrain vehicle armed with 2 Gatling guns and a shield ability when it 'deploys'
Assualt Tank, Equipped with a plasma laser, this beast can rip up the battlefield with long beams of plasma while navigating nearly impossible terrain

A space parasite that consumes planets for its raw material before leaving it to a dusty hollow ball, They come in 5 classes;
Parasite, spawned when a Drone infests Marine, poisons other marines
Drones, can jump and leap terrain, infest marines to spawn parasites
Soldiers, Can climb walls and has an instant kill ability for weak marines
Elite, a charging brute that's often slow but takes a lot of damage, it has a ram ability
Behemoth, A large bomb like insect that spawns drones and parasites, when killed, will explode in a big pool of acid that will leave the terrain in a burning pool for several minutes, aliens are immune

The game will be run similar to the 'old school' mech games, you start in a map with predefined objectives and goals and you must complete them in order, or simply go all out and rage kill everything in the map, but there will be a feature to have it have online co-op, showing off your custom mechs too others and working together

so people don't get bored, the maps and AI will have a few features making them harder when more players are present, as well as creature spawning will vary and bases and locations will move, so its always different

The game isn't about having LOOoooong battles that last for 3+ hours, its about having a casual game, solo or co-op, and as for replay value, you get out with what you put in.

face it, there aren't many Mech games out their and do so miss those old games.


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