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A Hello and asking mod advice (Red Alert Zero)

red alert zero red alert 3

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 03:25 AM

Hello everyone, name's Harry, from Australia, and starting up a mod called "Red Alert Zero" (has been in conceptual stages for a while during last year)

Naturally, it's a Red Alert-themed mod (mainly Red Alert 2-themed) intended for one of the SAGE engine CNC games (most likely Red Alert 3).
Plot/general theme is another alternate reality that sees Yuri in charge of the Soviets and a slightly dystopic authority coordinating the Allies.
So far, it's mainly me and V-Metallic at the moment having now completed the conceptual stage, but anyone that wants to help is perfectly welcome!

That aside (page on the mod coming soon- though plenty of artwork on my deviant art page in the meantime)
I just wanted to say hi, and ask for some technical advice (practically the rest of this post- so I'll say now it's nice to meet you all!).

Technical stuff:
Most likely it seems that Red Alert 3 is the best engine to use for the various gameplay/program functions I'm trying to include, but wanted to ask for advice on how well RA3 handles these features (and other sage games- though this game relies a lot on naval units and ground/air/sea transforming units);
  • Mind Control (Red Alert 2-style; units can be controlled by enemy players via psychic units- but the psychic controlling a new unit or dying loses control of his previous victim- restoring its previous allegiance)
  • Factoring travel distance into stats, for example;
    • Red Alert 2 Chrono-Legionairre could teleport- but the further distance he teleported to, the longer it took for him to 'warp in'- while teleporting a short distance allowed him to warp in instantly
    • Emperor Battle For Dune had stealth units that could remain visible when either still, or moving a very short distance- but moving a long distance made them visible
    • Theoretically, a resource collector travelling a longer distance brings in a larger return than a collector travelling a very short distance.
  • AI Automation of procedures- in Red Alert 3, the nanocore is a controllable unit created like an ordinary vehicle from the Construction Yard- I was wondering if it were possible to actually tweak the AI so that you simply do the following ( a sort of 'hybrid' construction method based on classic CNC interface mixed with waypoints)
    • Click to build a structure in the menu- the construction process happens normally until the structure is ready to be built
    • Click on the structure's tab again and place the footrprint anywhere on the ground (just like classic CNC construction- only not limited to build radius)
    • Instead of insta-deploying a structure on site, the Conyard sends out a nanocore/construction vehicle straight to the build site, which automatically deploys on arrival
  • Other advanced AI pathing and behavior- such as units being stripped of manual control by special abilities (berserk, run away in panic, or tactical retreat) that makes a path either away from a unit- or directly to the nearest Conyard or shipyard
That's probably about it- Otherwise, any other advice would be appreciated (of course, I'd need to find a programmer who can make this code).
See my Red Alert Zero artwork at http://harry-the-fox...allery/29526504
ModDB page coming soon

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