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Legend of Memoria

A freeform character RP in a fantasy-like world named Memoria. Players can play as human, orc, dwarf, elf or vampire.

RPG Verse Leader - Blaat85



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Valdemar - last post by Athena

Emporia – Maynor

The biggest city in Emporia. Due to its sea access a good trading point. In the centre you can find the more rich people as well as shops and a bar. Nearing the suburbs you will find a lot of fishermen and labourers.

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The Cult of the Long Knives - last post by Pastinator

Emporia – Other villages

The rest of the villages in the area, most of them are small and have a rural atmosphere.

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The Return Home - last post by Pastinator

Ice Mountains

The home of the dwarfs, usually cold and snowy. Their main city is called Gloemuhr.

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The Winter Pass - last post by Ash

Tel'Quessir Forest

This is where the elves live (their city is called Tal Silmataurea), however there is also large areas without elves where lots of animals live. In the middle you'll find a lake.

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The Lake - last post by Copaman

Open Plains

Open areas full with wild animals. Used for hunting purposes, though during travel can be unavoidable depending on where you go to.

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In the open plains.. - last post by Pastinator

Dark Woods

No one really knows what resides here.

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Dark Woods - last post by Athena

Green Mountains

Inhabited by the orcs. Near the Green Mountains you will find a set of small caves, also inhabited by the orcs.

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The journey begins - last post by Athena

Castle/Mansion Ardeal

This is where most vampires live. If you're human, visiting is at your own risk.

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Revenge is sweet - last post by Athena

Mesahari Desert

An endless landscape with sand and dunes. There are also a few oasises and a human town named Mesa at the largest of them.

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Sandstorm - last post by Athena

Dungeon Caves

Little is known about these caves. Exploring is at your own risk, though they may hold great treasures.

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Dungeon Caves - last post by Athena

Ghost Ship

Not much is known about this ship. It’s been there for quite some time but no one knows what’s inside. Exploring is at your own risk.

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Ghost Ship - last post by Athena


For every other area you possibly cross or may go to that doesn’t have its own subforum.

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The Journey - last post by Pyth

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