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Pasidon : (01 May 2018 - 09:17 PM)

Yees. Lost in Space is amazing. Takes the tropes from the old series and reworks them in interesting ways. Really enjoyed it. Series of Unfortunate Events, though... ehh... the first two and last two epsiode of season 1 are good. The rest is just repetitive. I couldn't even finish season 2. I can only watch Count Olaf hoodwink people with a costume and silly accent for so long.

MattTheLegoman : (03 May 2018 - 02:58 AM)

Lost in Space is certainly amazing, a thrill a minute and seems to have a lot to say about human society and such. As for the other show, unfortunately I love seeing more of V.F.D. and that extra lemony touch is brilliant. The theme song is a S.E.P. field.

Pasidon : (04 May 2018 - 02:55 AM)

Yea, the theme song is great. I had to tell Netflix to stop skipping over it.

BagaturKhan : (04 May 2018 - 03:36 PM)

Hello friends

BagaturKhan : (04 May 2018 - 03:36 PM)

i am started to write REALLY big story about apocalypse theme. See it when you have time in the Writing seection. Thanks anyway

BagaturKhan : (04 May 2018 - 03:51 PM)

sorry for being obstrusive a bit

PurpleGaga27 : (04 May 2018 - 05:34 PM)

Copyright infringement assets are found in Tencent's Red Alert Online, including ripping off a Scud Launcher from Mental Omega: https://cncnz.com/fe...ed-alert-online

Atomic_Noodles : (06 May 2018 - 05:03 AM)

Well its China & Tencent what did you expect?

Kwen : (07 May 2018 - 03:02 AM)

Hello friends, long time no see

Pasidon : (07 May 2018 - 04:18 AM)

Yoooo. Where you been?

Kwen : (08 May 2018 - 06:55 PM)

Working and streaming. All the time.

Pasidon : (09 May 2018 - 12:16 AM)

Streaming? STREAMING? Interesting. Let us know the next time you do. Unless you hate free viewers.

hxazgalor : (10 May 2018 - 05:57 AM)

The 14th General Elections just ended in Malaysia, with the Opposition winning the simple majority needed to form a new govt. Things are looking rather hopeful

Pasidon : (10 May 2018 - 09:33 AM)

Well, that's one corner of Earth made hopeful. 1,000 more to go.

OmegaBolt : (10 May 2018 - 06:33 PM)

Can't wait for that travel book: 1,001 Corners of the Earth by Pasidon.

Pasidon : (10 May 2018 - 11:13 PM)

Make sure to bring a copy to one of your Flat Earth Society meetings.

PurpleGaga27 : (17 May 2018 - 05:52 PM)

So it's true. Blackout is the new battle royale mode to replace the SP campaign in Black Ops IV: https://www.gamesrad...e-mode-blackout

PurpleGaga27 : (19 May 2018 - 03:42 AM)

I guess I was 100% right at the beginning of this year when I took a survey poll about a future C&C mobile game, EA is developing a "C&C4 like" mobile game called C&C Rivals to be announced in June. Now I know why Greg Black is bull****ing us. https://www.reddit.c..._game_called_cc

Mathijs : (20 May 2018 - 02:48 PM)

How meaningless...

PurpleGaga27 : (22 May 2018 - 05:59 PM)

The 20th anniversary of Unreal Gold is free to get at GOG.com for 48 hours.

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Discussions about the archived version of BlackMissile mod. Powerful nations clashed in an Apocalyptic war. Now again available for download.

Released [View Site]

  • 11 topics
  • 145 replies

Code Red

  1. Code Red News

Forum for the classic modern combat mod CR

  • 6 topics
  • 32 replies
screenshots - last post by Shadow_Run

Generals Mod

A YR mod that specialises each side with unique abilities.

  • 3 topics
  • 38 replies

Tiberium Productions

  1. Tiberium Productions News Forum

Home of the Tiberium Productions team, which is currently working on Tiberian Dusk : Evolution.

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  • 21 topics
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Bizarre Mind Studios

  1. Bizarre Mind Secret Lab,
  2. Bizarre Mind Studios News,
  3. MJ's Rules,
  4. TerraWar

MJ's mysterious mod hub, and home to MJ's Rules, TerraWar, and possibly more...

Released [View MJ's Rules Site]

  • 15 topics
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MJs Rules Rebirth - last post by MaryJo

Xeno's Workshop

Forum for Xeno's work, download & post requests here.

  • 3 topics
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Finished Work (Public Release) - last post by Romanul

It Came From Red Alert!

  1. Archive

Bringing Red alert 1 into the RA2 Engine.


  • 38 topics
  • 575 replies
It Came From Red Alert! (IC... - last post by Daz

Command & Conquer Destiny

Offers one of the possible ways of a connection between the RA universe and the C&C universe.


  • 10 topics
  • 498 replies
Countries and Specialized T... - last post by Graion Dilach

The Brewery

  1. Brewery News,
  2. Secret Beer-Recipes

Forum for raminatorĀ“s RA2 projects

yr[View Site]

  • 25 topics
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RAlike - last post by raminator

Future Crisis

  1. Future Crisis News,
  2. FC Alpha/Beta

TC that ventures into the future and different universe. Take part in ground and space battles.

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  • 46 topics
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Open staff positions - last post by Apollo

nms' projects

  1. Imperator,
  2. Red Renegade

Home to all of need my speed's projects.


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Subfactions? Country's? - last post by Psionic Psychic

Company of Heroes: Alerted

  1. CoH Alerted News,
  2. Screenshots,
  3. Beta Board

There was once a 3d RTS game called Company of Heroes, based in World War II. Now, this epically great game is being cloned, in the form of a 2d game, called...Company of Heroes: alerted!

[View Site]

  • 19 topics
  • 50 replies
Feedback - last post by True Lord of Chaos

The Steel Shipyard

  1. News,
  2. Total Conversions,
  3. Partial Conversions

A new fleet of mods are being prepared in this harbor, and they are as strong as steel.
[View Site]

  • 38 topics
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Dead or sleeping... - last post by Black Rose

The Keating Konflux

  1. Konflux News,
  2. Video Chat,
  3. Keating Konflict

A mod that aims to enhance the RA2 RTS experience.

YR RP [View Site]

  • 13 topics
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help - last post by Kilkakon

C&C Chronostorm

  1. Chronostorm News

Yuri's Legacy isn't dead yet. A secret army rises up to revive his plans for domination.
[View Site]

  • 6 topics
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C&C: Chronostorm! - last post by WoRm1NaToR

RA2: Total War

  1. RA2: Total War News,
  2. Staff

A powerful ally attacks the motherland in a quest for global communist domination. Who will emerge victorious as the most powerful?

[View Site]

  • 9 topics
  • 17 replies
Still kickin - last post by SMxReaver

Ninety-Three Studios

  1. Red Alert 2: Redux

Home of Vincent93's projects.

  • 4 topics
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Allied Units - last post by Vincent93

C&C Origins

C&C Origins is a Total Conversion for Red alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, the aim of the project is to fill in the "gaps" in the storyline between the end of Red alert and the start of Tiberian Dawn.

  • 3 topics
  • 9 replies
Notice - 12/05/08 - last post by some_weirdGuy

Xeno's Hideout

  1. YR Xenophobia,
  2. TS: Paradox

Xeno's mods for Tiberian Sun and Yuri's Revenge.

[Site Soon]

  • 24 topics
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Paradox Screenshots - last post by OmegaBolt

VK Projects

  1. NPatch,
  2. My tools,
  3. VKHome news

Home of VK's NPatch & Red alert 2 modding tools.

yr [View Site]

  • 133 topics
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Help - last post by Razor000

Red Ares

Red Ares tells the story of a bitter struggle between the Allies and Soviets in an alternate timeline.

  • 2 topics
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Feedback - last post by Allied General

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Blitzkrieg 2: The Finest Hour

  1. Watch Tower,
  2. Radio Room,
  3. Repair Facility,
  4. Operations Room

A realistic WWII total conversion for C&C Generals. 'Everything to WWII'

Released [View Site]

  • 206 topics
  • 2,007 replies

Conquer or Die

Conquer or Die is a mod which contains a new style of playing and involves old units plus futuristic ones and which changes the balance of the game.

Released [View Site]

  • 23 topics
  • 165 replies


  1. Energy News,
  2. Energy Support

Energy mod for Generals: Zero Hour.

Released [View Site]

  • 143 topics
  • 1,122 replies

Real War

  1. Mod Updates,
  2. Mod Discussion,
  3. General Military Discussion

Real War is a modification, bonus pack and addon at the same time. Realistic gameplay, beautiful graphics and enhanced physical model transmutes Generals into stunning interactive show.

[View Site]

  • 56 topics
  • 686 replies
is this mod dead? - last post by Souske22

Generals Delta

  1. Generals Delta News,
  2. Ideas and Suggestions

Generals Delta is a Enhancement Mod for Zero Hour. It will be like a sequel to the Generals series, adding new units, Generals, and a completely new and epic storyline.

  • 10 topics
  • 4 replies
Generals Delta Website is n... - last post by Gen.Kenobi

Global Uprising

  1. Global Uprising News & Updates,
  2. Ideas & Suggestions,
  3. Staff Forums

Global Uprising is mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour, tooking place in the future, where 5 superpowers are fighting for resources in order to survive and conquer the world.

  • 16 topics
  • 18 replies

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Stargate: Replicator Wars

  1. Stargate Command,
  2. Heliopolis

Stargate: Replicator Wars is a total conversion of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, in which it changes the game to the setting of the Stargate universe (Stargate, Stargate SG-1 & Stargate Atlantis).

[View Site]

  • 20 topics
  • 113 replies
Is this active? - last post by True Lord of Chaos

Advanced C&C3 AI Project

The place for thudo and his Advanced AI taskforce.

  • 12 topics
  • 217 replies
Problem with editing a exis... - last post by thudo

RA3: Unleashed

  1. RA3: Unleashed News,
  2. Staff Forum,
  3. Features,
  4. Discussion

Red alert 3: Unleashed is set 26 years after Red alert 3: Uprising. A total conversion of Red alert 3, it will include 3 totally new factions with all new units, buildings and powers.

  • 17 topics
  • 38 replies
FAQ? - last post by Dreamscape

Huhnu Alert 3

  1. Huhnu Alert 3 News,
  2. Balance/Suggestions

Huhnu alert 3 is an Enhancement Mod for Red alert 3 that adds Uprising units, Epic Units, plenty of upgrades, balance, new protocol trees, an experimental 3x5 build queue UI, ore fields, a new tier 4 for each faction, and plenty more is to come.

  • 22 topics
  • 63 replies
harbinger balance - last post by Huhnu

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