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RA2 and TS Mods

Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun Hosted Mods Posted Image - This is a mod for Yuri's Revenge which requires the installation of Ares.
Posted Image - This is a mod for Yuri's Revenge which requires the installation of RockPatch.
Posted Image - This mod requires the Yuri's Revenge expansion pack.
Posted Image - This mod uses vanilla RA2, not YR.


AG Bunker

  1. AG Bunker News,
  2. AGSA

Discuss and preview AG's CNC modifications.

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Brotherhood of Mod

  1. Advance Wars: Yuri's Revenge Rising,
  2. Yuri's New Terror: Armageddon,
  3. The Custom Voxel Project,
  4. Cold War

Yurisarmy's Total Mod Warfare site including many projects and developments for Yuri's Revenge.

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Unit Reconstructions - last post by OmegaBolt

C&C Amnesia

  1. C&C Amnesia News

yrares [View Site]

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Meet the Redeemer - last post by lizerdkitty

C&C Reloaded

  1. Development & Technical Support,
  2. C&C:Reloaded News

C&C:R is a Yuri's Revenge modification that mixes both Tiberian Sun & Red alert 2 universes to do the ultimate C&C2 mix... feel free to fight with the Global Defense Initiative (G.D.I.) against the Brotherhood of Nod and helping the Allies to neutralise Soviets and Yuri in a classic TS terrain.

Released [View Site]

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Suggestions - last post by Arrakhis


Allies vs GDI vs Nod vs Soviet Crossover in Red Alert 1 plus other C&C series resources

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XO: Allies vs GDI vs Nod vs... - last post by Eisengeist

Doom Desire

  1. Doom Desire News,
  2. Doom Desire Media,
  3. Wishmaker,
  4. Archives

The Vintarids invaded our planet! Formed by humans UN, may be no match for them, are searching for a powerful weapon, left by an ancient civilisation. But after they found it, they realised Vintarids aren't their only problem....

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  • Protected Forum
  • By mevitar

Sudden Strike

  1. Sudden Strike News

Discuss any Sudden Strike mod related stuff.

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Screenshots? - last post by Frank_K

Enigma Productions

  1. Enigma Beta Forum,
  2. Robot Storm,
  3. Yuri's Revenge: Warzone

Enigma projects for Yuri's Revenge including Robot Storm, YR Warzone and Future Crisis. Past, current enhanced and deep into the future!

Released [View Robot Storm Site]

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Mod is dead ? - last post by Nervous

Mental Omega APYR

  1. Mental Omega APYR News,
  2. Mental Omega 3.0-3.3 Discussion,
  3. Mental Omega 1.0-2.0 Discussion,
  4. Mentalmeisters Discussion,
  5. Grinder

Epsilon forces managed to bring back Yuri to present times! With almost perfect plan, Yuri takes over the control over Soviet forces and his total control is almost sure, but his enemies haven't been defeated yet! Who will win the last ultimate battle for the domination?

Yuri's Revenge Released [View Site]

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A question about centurion - last post by isaac103

OmegaBolt's Tech Center

  1. Tech Center News,
  2. C&C Apocalypse 1.50,
  3. Red Resurrection

Discuss OmegaBolt's C&C projects here, in his Tech Center.

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RedRes 2.1 FEEDBACK & B... - last post by NorthFireZ

Mig Eater Studios

  1. Mig Eater News,
  2. D-Day

Mig Eater Studios Project Boards

[View Site] - [View D-Day Site] - | - [View Code Red Site]

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The Suggestion of Repblic o... - last post by tututu_tututu_t

YR Zero Hour

  1. YR:ZH Beta Center,
  2. YR:ZH News,
  3. Archive

Prepare your weapons technology against the worlds most powerful generals. 15 Generals, with new Weapons of Mass destruction that can level you to the Ground.

Yuri's Revenge [View Site]

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Psychic Dominator - last post by genobreaker

Nighthawk's War Factory

  1. The Third War

The home of Nighthawk's projects.
Yuri's Revenge with AresYuri's Revenge with RockPatch

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  • By bartpp7

Command and Conquer Dark Rising

  1. C&C Dark Rising News

After the Allied victory against Yuri the soviet countries are taken under peace keeping from starting another war. However the Soviets are organizing to push out the allies out of their homelands. Though a powerful unknown force is gathering around the world preparing to take the world for their own.

[Site Soon]

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Opening of the Mod - last post by Graion Dilach

Project Phantom

  1. Project Phantom News

Total conversion mod for Yuri's Revenge powered by Ares DLL, set in a world where history took a different turn and fate of the world hangs in balance as various factions are each trying to change the world to their liking.

[View 'Project Phantom' Site]

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Another (sort of a) Progres... - last post by Hecthor Doomhammer


Remake of the alpha/beta version of Red alert 2 from the information that exists.

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PreRA2 is not dead! - last post by Plokite_Wolf