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#950091 Current Status of the Mod

Posted by Sauron-the-Deciever on 01 March 2014 - 09:36 PM in RJ - RotWK

Yeah uhhh, guys? A friend of mine Trailhog250 has already done it xD


I gave him a few maps here and there, though. My question though, is to you guys: Would it be good to upload it (ModDB) or just keep it private, as it contains many many maps from other mappers, and I don't have RJ's permission to release it :p But I've retested it, it contains all maps and the AI is well.

#952385 Finishing What I Started

Posted by Sauron-the-Deciever on 28 March 2014 - 07:59 PM in Helm's Deep Last Hope

Welcome back, Rob! We missed you dearly.


I would've given some insight on what you should get, but Elric stole the words out of my mouth. He's got everything I would recommend. But for GPUs, I would recommend a 2gb since you do want to play newer games. If you went with the SSD, you'd have around $600 and $400 left to spare for monitor(s), keyboards, mouse (but I'm thinking you'll stick with your current ones?). So no, not those three. I'm saying: Case, fans, coolers, GPU, and DVD drive (if you're getting one). Other than that, you're set. I'll leave it to Elric, as he knows his stuff slightly better than I do. But for graphics cards, I wouldn't go with the 550ti as the current nVidia drivers are known to 'break' 500 series cards. I'd go with a 660 - $170-200 (2gb) (I have one myself, pretty great card. Runs a lot of games on max, (Metro, BF3)) or a 760 - $250 (2gb)/ $299 (4gb; that's a 50 dollars more for a whopping 2048 MB), which is quite much better. Don't go for any of the R9 series for Radeon, since they overheat a lot. If you're not gonna get the GTX 660, then get the 7870. 


I'd recommend you get PNY, ASUS, MSi, or EVGA, those four are the best (of many) that manufacture/brand the cards.