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#353855 PreRA2 Assets?

Posted by Carnotaurus on 03 September 2006 - 07:39 PM in Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun Editing

I heard PRIME released the assets for PreRA2 on the forum...Where are they?

#353863 Did this mod die? :S

Posted by Carnotaurus on 03 September 2006 - 07:53 PM in TS: Paradox

...yea..is it dead? I was lookin forward to this mod...

#353874 PreRA2 Assets?

Posted by Carnotaurus on 03 September 2006 - 08:33 PM in Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun Editing


The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.


Please try the following:

If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Open the prime cencored revora on his forum :shiftee:.net home page, and then look for links to the information you want.
Click the Back button to try another link.
Click Search to look for information on the Internet.

HTTP 404 - File not found
Internet Explorer

#353956 PreRA2 Assets?

Posted by Carnotaurus on 04 September 2006 - 12:05 AM in Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun Editing

I did...Tried on Mozilla FireFox, same thing. 404 Error....can you reupload it? :S

#354067 Music for D-Day?

Posted by Carnotaurus on 04 September 2006 - 06:47 AM in D-Day

Whats the music going to be for D-Day? Is it going to be actual songs from the War eras?(Like Syvaschennaya Voina for the U.S.S.R., ect) or will there be no soundtrack?

#354199 Music for D-Day?

Posted by Carnotaurus on 04 September 2006 - 02:44 PM in D-Day

MiG, you have MSN? I'll send you some of the Russian music I have if you want it for the game...

#388947 Random bits and pieces

Posted by Carnotaurus on 30 November 2006 - 01:45 AM in C&C Guild News

Hello! I am Carnotaurus, ala, C&CG's new newsposter(no, I wont be replacing MiG eater and our other beloved cast of characters, so dont fear. :p). If you dont know me, I am a poster on PPM, and creator of the pretty much unknown mod Tiberian Sun 3.0. If I get around to it, Comrades, I may start my own mod. But dont count on it. :) Anyways, Enough about me. I am just a poster. Anyways, Some news in the community, starting on the C&C3/EA front...!

EA has, thanks to the complaints of diehard fans, the + has been replaced with the classic &. Honestly, the logo looks...worse now, it just seems so drab. The cool font's gone, and its more of a generic gray colour. But hey, more nostalga. Aside from the fugly logo, EA has announced that the third faction will be revealed December 19th, and have posted up four new wallpapers on the main C&C3 Page. The Recon Bike and a Nod soldier for Nod, a Harvester and Dropship fleet for GDI fans.

Posted Image

One of PPM's spotlight mods(Not final dawn, dont get your hopes up on that one.), Tiberium Odyssee, an alternate vision of the Tiberian universe, on Tiberian Sun's engine, has posted new screenshots of a completed map. The team's obviously the cream of the Tiberian crop, this picture alone should be proof enough. Posted Image Banshee, also seems to be going insane, ranting about some revolution of sorts...We'll just have to see what the insane admin has in store for us, cause he aint talkin.

Also, I suggest visiting C&C Source and paying them a visit for their fourth anniversary. Aside from extra hits, they also boast a huge gallery of images from C&C games past, present, and those that may never see the light of day(Renegade 2, Anybody?), a nice download section, and a forum you can register at and spam the heck out of, too!

So, thats it pretty much. Short and sucky, sadly. Once the news starts kicking up again, expect more posts. Especially of resources and of other promising mods around the community. If you have a mod you'd like me to post about, PLEASE by all means MSN me at CyborgCompy@aol.com with pictures of your work. :p

#389137 C&C:The Cold War

Posted by Carnotaurus on 30 November 2006 - 06:38 PM in C&C Guild News

Crummy PC that cant play Cold War Crisis? Dont want/dont like/dont have generals? Need a new mod to gush over? I think I have yer fix here.

The Cold War. A mod spanning from the 1950s to the 1980s, Warsaw Pact( :mellow: ) Vs NATO on RA2 with Rockpatch. Dogfights, nuclear bombs, StingrAIDS..erm...yea. Its created by Eva251, and it looks quite promising. Here is a preveiw of a map in CW, and some VV units.

Posted Image

Shattered border(2) takes place in the now divided Germany. Its heavily forested, and barren of civilians, a few tents serve as garrisons though for troopers.

Willies Jeep. NATO unit.

Posted Image

Katyusha, M48 Patton and a Soviet tank posing for your eyes.

Posted Image

Cold War forum is here...
Click Here

#389799 Renegade 2 Voxels/SHPs

Posted by Carnotaurus on 02 December 2006 - 01:43 AM in Voxel and SHP Discussion

Renegade 2 had some fabulous media for the RA2 universe, nice ideas for units and such(namely the Kirov Airship, Allied Light Tank and Soviet Vulture/Hind), I wonder if anybody attempted to voxelize these wonderful models or make cameos for them or something? I heard that the guy who converted the Ren 1(Godwin I think...) models to voxel did the same with these, but alack, I cant find them at all. So...any Renegade 2 based work for RA2/YR exist?

#389997 Renegade 2 Voxels/SHPs

Posted by Carnotaurus on 02 December 2006 - 04:13 PM in Voxel and SHP Discussion

Hm. =\ Could you PM me them anyways if you still have them?

#390479 Renegade 2 Voxels/SHPs

Posted by Carnotaurus on 03 December 2006 - 05:20 PM in Voxel and SHP Discussion

I dont have the $$ for the program that converts them, if I did, i'd do it myself, belive me. CCCP, here's what was planned...well some of it. :p

Posted Image
This Mammie never even got used, they actually had a revamped Apocalypse Tank modeled for Ren 2, I cant find the render though.

Posted Image
WW never released the gray version og this one, just the ugly one like RA2's

Posted Image
Some sort of weird rhino tank

Posted Image

#390685 Renegade 2 Voxels/SHPs

Posted by Carnotaurus on 04 December 2006 - 04:29 AM in Voxel and SHP Discussion

Kay. Just one last thing, got a tutorial on how to scale these guys down to size? :S

#391360 Mysterious RA Music...

Posted by Carnotaurus on 06 December 2006 - 02:25 AM in C&C Discussion

In one of the RA1 Soviet breifings(Which opens up to a big Soviet parade being watched by Stalin and Nadia), and the RA2 Soviet breif for the Vladivostok level(turn up the volume to the maximum and try to overhear Yuri and Romanov.) you'll hear the same tune, albeit very quiet. All I know is that this is sung by the Alexandrov Red Army Choir, can anybody give a name of the song or a MP3 of it, please? Many internets to ye who doeth. :)

#395024 Voxel Competition, TO Update, StingrAIDS in the pool...

Posted by Carnotaurus on 17 December 2006 - 07:04 PM in C&C Guild News

Freedom Studios(on PPM) has completed judging for their first voxel competition...the results are in at the PPM Mainpage. The crowning voxel king? MadHQ...for now. There's some controversy of the results, so they may be subject to change. Among the entries are Raminator's spectacular Banana Bomber, which is in dead last. Posted Image

On the mapping front, a new TS map made by Ixith entitled 'Desolated River' has surfaced. Click the link and check this one out :) http://ppmsite.com/f...pic.php?t=13480

And finally, Tiberian Odysee has shown pictures of a second map made by Titan MkII, TO's Resident cartographer has also revealed the names of two gamemodes that will appear in the 'mod' for TS...

"Infantry War
Abbreviation in map names: [IW]

Infantry war is a small-scale gamemode where you have to use infantry to defeat each other. Vehicles come from crates, or appear by other means. The amount of infantry you can build may be limited to avoid rushing. Basically, It allows for several short, funny games. I've run a few online tests on XWIS and people appearantly like the style of play. It doesn't really get boring.

Capturing Frenzy
Abbreviation in map names: [CF]

This gamemode focusses on capturing objects. Apart from being a very nice gamemode, it also allows you to practice your capturing and sneak skills. In most map, your (initial) construction options are limited; you have resources, just not the required equipment to use them.

Well then, what to do? It's a good idea to look around for abandoned outposts, deserted vehicles, civilian buildings etc. . It is unwise to actually destroy the structures of anopponent, because it leaves you unable to actually benefit from having gained terrain, apart from having destroyed a part of the taskforce of the opponent. " 11 more gamemodes are being worked on,too. Dont worry, though, our classic Command & Conquer gamemode is still here. here's a new Inf War map Mk2 has finished.Posted Image

#406498 News from Project Perfect Mod

Posted by Carnotaurus on 15 January 2007 - 02:51 AM in C&C Guild News

Sup cncguild? PPM has had an influx of recent activity, here's the rundown from the PPM Front...


-PPM has received a makeover visually in general on the mainpage,curtosey of Muldrake, well known for his Tiberian Sun Retro and Tiberian Odysee contributions. No word on a new forum skin, though. :(

-Banshee has posted(Finally!) his 3 part summary of the C&C Summit, check it out on the forums. Its pretty much the same thing as everybody else has said, with plenty of pictures for your veiwing pleasure if you're too lazy to read.


-Derelict Soil, a mod set in post-apocalyptic earth, has shown two new images of structures, an Aircraft pad and blockade walls for one of the two factions. Droke, the creator,has been relatively inactive..hopefully we will see more of his wonderful and apocalyptic work, and hopefully, we arent seeing our future earth. :grin:

Posted Image

Posted Image

-Star Strike, headed by EVA251 has also been in hibernation it seems, but it really isnt. :p Me and Eva have been busy playtesting a new devilish AI online together. So far it seems promising, Some units are being reworked graphically, The Allied Prism Tank is out of the mod this time around, and expect new remap colours to appear ingame. :)


-eXtended Terrain eXpansion (XTX), the daughter of Gangster's TX for Tiberian Sun, lead by DaTSChikinhead recently suffered a scare, all potential assets were lost it seemed, untill Alex06 sent DaTS his backup of the files. I asked DaTS for word on a release on the highly anticipated TX, here is what i recived...

"It will be released when it is finished!"-DaTSChikinead

Really telling, isnt it? Thanks, DaTS. ;)

Assets, maps, misc.(TS/RA2):

A bunch of new voxels for RA2 have appeared on the Voxels forum, and a few new SHPs have appeared in the SHP forum, most of them also for RA2. A few delicious preveiws of a TS voxel pack have been posted in the Media Hut for you to drool over untill the release...


Maps have been sluggish, the newest map, Posted by WES.com for TS, can be found on the PPM mainpage. Hope you have Firestorm installed, this map needs it. I am in the process of touching up the unused Soviet01 mission from RA2 that was left in the MIXes. It was badly corrupted and made of FAIL. So far its mostly done, soon it will be ready for release!

That wraps up the PPM scene. Keep your mice tuned on Revora, as we grow closer to the apocalypse. :3


#457749 My disapeerence is over...

Posted by Carnotaurus on 28 May 2007 - 03:36 PM in Open Topic

I have been away for a LONG time, I know I had a staff job here, I have just been very busy...I wish I could've gotten here sooner, just been busy with shit, ya know? I am sure the staffmembers are PO'd that I have not been doing my job and posting the news, but OK with them, I understand entirely and am ready to be fired if they deem such. :) Either way, I will stay moar.

#458025 (Playlist) Revorian playlist

Posted by Carnotaurus on 29 May 2007 - 01:02 AM in Spam Factory

Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue (Live from Folsom Prison)

#458029 Wallpaper Request Thread!

Posted by Carnotaurus on 29 May 2007 - 01:24 AM in Graphics

The Revora Wallpaper Thread..commences. :o

Rules: You request? You have to deliver a wallpaper in the same post. Its all fair. What you consider your trash may well be another man's treasure...

Dinosaur wallpapers. I've requested at quite a few *chan sites, I've gotten nothing except for a T.rex in a F-16 fighter jet...Any more...serious wallpapers on your hands?

I am delivering Johnny Cash for all. :3


#458030 Are these worth releasing?

Posted by Carnotaurus on 29 May 2007 - 01:27 AM in Voxel and SHP Discussion

I've made these a while ago for TS, based on GDI and Nod Tiberium Wars "Kane Edition" skins. 3 recolours for GDI and Nod units...Gimme your thoughts on them if they are worth releasing...

Posted Image
Hover MLRS...
Posted Image
Devil's Tounge...(UTNK)
Posted Image

#459409 Chavez Closes Opossition TV Station

Posted by Carnotaurus on 31 May 2007 - 11:20 AM in Current Events, Politics, Philosophy

What? Chavez is not a fascist, dude. He's praised by Communists.

#461862 Mammoth MKII and Titan Ingame

Posted by Carnotaurus on 06 June 2007 - 11:17 AM in C&C Discussion

I agree with TX here, for many reasons...Westwood ripped off Lucas and ILM's AT-AT Walker and gets praised for it when the thing can barely fend for itself ingame. Kirovs are more sensible....

#462117 A new conscript?

Posted by Carnotaurus on 06 June 2007 - 07:12 PM in Voxel and SHP Discussion

M1 Carbine? Get lurned, please. :sad:

Conscripts, dispite Westwood's retarded names, are toting a PpSH 41 SMG. An M1 Carbine is a rifle. Westwood was too stupid apparently to tell a SMG from a Bolt-action, _AMERICAN MADE_ rifle.

BTW, check YrArg, they may have something decent.

#462274 Slavic Soviet User decided to speak out

Posted by Carnotaurus on 07 June 2007 - 12:29 AM in Open Topic

Hay didnt you post at PPM? :S Welcomes. =3

#462275 Mammoth MKII and Titan Ingame

Posted by Carnotaurus on 07 June 2007 - 12:31 AM in C&C Discussion

Otherwise every walker is ripping off Humans for standing on 2 legs!

Besides, walkers are usually lame.

Dinosaurs walked first. :D

lol, land battleship concept amirite?

#462575 A new conscript?

Posted by Carnotaurus on 07 June 2007 - 07:05 PM in Voxel and SHP Discussion

Agh..I hate M1's...Springfield is bolt-action. M1 isnt...must remember that. Im so used to working with Springfields in ROTC. :mellow:

Anyhow, its just a very logical guess. Look at the Conscript when he's facing v or > The gun is a drum-fed weapon. Not a lot of drum-fed SMGs around.(I originally thought it was a Thompson, this was before I knew shit about weapons.) So its probably the PpSH-41, nevermind that the Thompson, M1, and M2 are all non-Russian. I actually had a nice picture of the Pimpscript from the side, it used to be in the RA2 official website under 'Soviet Infantry', however I cant find the official RA2 site. :|