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#232649 The Update!

Posted by Freefall on 06 January 2006 - 08:26 PM in Watch Tower

Because the char is special :blink:

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Aahhahahahhaahhaha noob

#131389 The Terminal

Posted by Freefall on 24 April 2005 - 03:08 PM in Graphics

Small modern airport...

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#117486 Blitzkrieg 2: The Finest Hour

Posted by Freefall on 21 March 2005 - 06:03 PM in Watch Tower

About a year ago everything was going pretty well. The german side progressed very fast and we were all (almost all) very motivated to finish the mod. Then came the argument with Mongoose and we started losing people, the three leader system didn't work. We had to solve it but it never got that far.

We made this mod so Blitzkrieg had some competition, we were the only ones at that time ( I'm talking before march 2004). We had our own mod vs Blitzkrieg, you can't denie it. Then we fell apart, Stino and I were leading the mod pretty well but that Mongoose came in.

Blitzkrieg wanted to merge with us but we absolutely didn't. We were making the mod to not be swallowed. Now that happened the mod is dead as hell, but it already died a year ago.

#117458 Blitzkrieg 2: The Finest Hour

Posted by Freefall on 21 March 2005 - 04:38 PM in Watch Tower

Wake up people... The Finest Hour is dead...