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#659385 1.05.06 FINAL Bug Reports

Posted by Zyzzyva on 17 December 2008 - 09:06 PM in RJ Development

I believe it is 5 on the number pad that returns you to your normal viewing place, both in direction and height of view.

#656057 Mordor

Posted by Zyzzyva on 07 December 2008 - 03:41 AM in RJ Evil Faction

I'm assuming the 2000-3000 resources would be spent on an upgrade that makes all orcs made from the pit that got upgraded into black orcs :p

Ya I meant those upgrades to be for replacing Mordor orcs as the avalible free orcs

#655835 Mordor

Posted by Zyzzyva on 06 December 2008 - 01:26 PM in RJ Evil Faction

I thought I must be misremebering, so I went to play Mordor again, but I'm pretty sure Morannon Orcs do have knockback. (at least in the BETA)

I really liked dojob's idea of upgrading orcs. My slightly varied idea would be:

Orc Pit:
-Orcs (Level One)
-Orc Archers (Level One)
-Orc Pikemen (Level Two)
-Upgrade to Morgul - change to Morgul orc skin, slight boost is stats, maybe cost 1000 - 2000 (Level Two)
-Upgrade to "Black Orcs" - better name? changes to Black orc skin, upgrades stats a bit more, enables forged blades and heavy armour to be purchased (Level Three) 2000 - 3000

Orc Tent:
-Morannon Orcs (Level One) - Stronger armor and health than Morgul orcs but not much more powerful, with chance of knockback
-Orc Trackers (Level One) - fast archers
Level Two?
-Hero Horde if we are leaving them in (Level Three)

I realise there is a bit of a hole in the Orc Tent but I'm running out of ideas for orcs

For the hero horde I would make them Captains of Mordor:
This is where I would put snaga-like units, rather than having them as heros.
They would each have one power, and be a very strong orc that can kill units easily, but that struggles against heros
You reseave a random mini hero, to a max of 3. Obviously numbers are limited by which you already have
1 Shagrat - the corruption power or something similar (he came as close to being smart as an orc can), strong attack and armour but low health
2 Gorbag - some attack booster, a tank with high armour and health but not as good as the others at attack
3 Grishnak - summon 2 hordes of orcs, similar to Shagrat but maybe with more health and less armour, or faster

The one problem with this is they would be more helpful early game than late, which is when hero hordes are availible. Of course, these also might make good inn heros if hero hordes are removed or if others are in favour of a strong orc hero horde and keeping snaga.

Anyways thats my idea. Rebuttal time ;)

#655592 Isengard

Posted by Zyzzyva on 05 December 2008 - 09:34 PM in RJ Evil Faction

But, as Gandalf said, no one but Bilbo, in all of the rings history, has given it up willingly, and even with gandalfs considerable help, Bilbo still struggled with it. Deagol owned it for about 1 min, but he still would give it up when Smeagol strangled him.

You might say that the ring has not had many owners, but I think that Saruman would have gone the wrong way about taking it from any Uruk hai and just made them want to give it up less. He would demand it, and maybe then realise his mistake, but I don't think even Saruman's powers of persuation could convince him to give up the ring. It took a relationship of complete and utter trust for Bilbo to give up the ring, and no orc, not even the uruk hai, had a deeper loyalty than "I'll serve him for as long as he's treating me better than I could get elsewhere."

Granted, the uruk hai would have been promtly destroyed and Saruman would end up with the ring anyways, but I agree with mike in that I don't think any creature of the dark would give up the ring willingly.

#642291 Trivial Pursuit; Lord of the Rings Edition

Posted by Zyzzyva on 20 October 2008 - 09:22 PM in RJ General Discussion

No worries. Its right anyways.

#641902 Trivial Pursuit; Lord of the Rings Edition

Posted by Zyzzyva on 19 October 2008 - 08:10 PM in RJ General Discussion

Ok.... Who was the king of Gondor who's rule was marked for the plague that killed him and all his children?

#641261 Trivial Pursuit; Lord of the Rings Edition

Posted by Zyzzyva on 17 October 2008 - 10:19 AM in RJ General Discussion

I don't know personally, but if Celeborn is a cousin of Luthien, that would make him a son of Olwe, King of the Teleri would it not?

#639595 Trivial Pursuit; Lord of the Rings Edition

Posted by Zyzzyva on 11 October 2008 - 10:10 AM in RJ General Discussion

Boromir's horn isn't five feet. Though I suppose Rhunic people living around them (and most likely finding a way of killing them) for 3 ages probably isn't a valid arguement seeing as Mardil would still be famous as the only gondorian to kill one. But anyways I conseed. Killing a

four-tonne, ten-metres long beastie of an ox, with a ten-foot hornspread and a three-inch thick hide, as well as a mind to rival the Mereas

Is quite an accomplishment.

#639008 Trivial Pursuit; Lord of the Rings Edition

Posted by Zyzzyva on 08 October 2008 - 08:33 PM in RJ General Discussion

Really? Wow. The father of the first ruling steward was known for hunting down ... an ox? Not something I would want to be known for. I mean, yea, I looked it up, and theyre hardier and wilder than other cattle, but thats not saying much. If theyre as slow as other ox you would have no problem hunting one down, and theres not even a nessesarily low number of them. When someone hunts something down and the horn they make from it is a renouned family heirloom, you just sort of assume its a boar. Maybe someone such as mike or AA Ip'er who knows something more of the subject of Kine of Araw and hunting could enlighten me but cutting off an ox's horn just doesn't seem like such an acomplishment to me.

#638801 Trivial Pursuit; Lord of the Rings Edition

Posted by Zyzzyva on 07 October 2008 - 11:41 PM in RJ General Discussion

Ah, was mixing up my boars. Kine of Araw contributed to boromir's horn then? Anyways, It was a boar and thats what counts! :p

#638744 Trivial Pursuit; Lord of the Rings Edition

Posted by Zyzzyva on 07 October 2008 - 07:56 PM in RJ General Discussion

Yep. Kine of Araw iirc.

#638631 Trivial Pursuit; Lord of the Rings Edition

Posted by Zyzzyva on 07 October 2008 - 10:27 AM in RJ General Discussion

What did Folca, 13th king of Rohan, die hunting?

#638488 Trivial Pursuit; Lord of the Rings Edition

Posted by Zyzzyva on 06 October 2008 - 08:03 PM in RJ General Discussion

Which one?

Answer could be Balrog of Khazad Dum (Nain I I believe), but more likely to be Azog of Moria (Dain, king under the mountain during WotR, 's father).

#634023 Rhiea's Evil Heroes Topic: The Dragon Emperor

Posted by Zyzzyva on 20 September 2008 - 07:15 PM in RJ Evil Faction

Looks very good! :rolleyes:

I think a dragon emperor would work very well for Rhun, though I would make him completely new rather than a blue wizard (Then the MOTE heroes would be balanced - Mumak Chief/Captain, Khamul/Ji Indur, Romestamo/Morinehtar, Black Serpent/Dragon Emperor, maybe a neutral corsair- Sulayhr or otherwise). Perhaps a slight twist to the storyline could be one of the sons of the old Emperor helped by Morinehtar to stage the dragon episode and "slay" it, in return he allied himself with mordor and gave Morinehtar a advisitory role (of course then Talara would be a desendant). It would explain why the sorcerors belong to rhun rather than harad as Morinehtar would have the power to make it happen. Seeing as he would then not be a wizard, perhaps he would be a damage/summoner hero as the Captain has support powers, Morinehtar covers magic/illusions, and Khamul is a hero/unit killer.

Just my opinion though. Great job with Talara!

#605842 Lord of the Ring : Conquest

Posted by Zyzzyva on 21 June 2008 - 02:56 PM in RJ General Discussion

After pausing 50 times to atcually look at what's going on in the trailer, I think you fight at Weathertop with mumakil, have a balrog that's only about twice the height of a man, catapults and lots of wildmen at Helm's Deep, and there is the grond in pelenor fields. At least the orcs look a little better.

Well, The weathertop thing is wierd but there were many more wildmen in saruman's armies than the movies show (battering ram was dunlandish) and the size of the balrog is ALOT smaller in the books. Originally when he wrote the chapter it was said to be of man-height, which changed to it was man height but felt bigger than it was, and finally in the published version it is of man-shape but greater. Besides which, the balrog is at least 5 times the size of the men its fighting. What's wrong with grond at pelennor? However, I agree with the fact that its probably going to have some wierd stuff. Mages? And the evil campaign will have to be rather non-linear, as it was never written by Tolkien. Doesn't seem that much worse than alot of things in the movies/BFME/LOTRO/etc games though. I'm looking forward to playing it.

#604850 Gondor

Posted by Zyzzyva on 17 June 2008 - 11:01 PM in RJ Good Factions

Funny that that should be mentioned, as I just watched FotR and Boromir does kill a Uruk with a throw knife soon after he comes to save Merry and Pippin. The books however, IIRC, dont mention either ever using a knife throw technique, so its really up to rob whether to use such a power. Not that everything isn't regardless :crazed:

#602581 1.05.06 FINAL Bug Reports

Posted by Zyzzyva on 10 June 2008 - 12:00 AM in RJ Development

I was playing rohan for the first time in a while and found a few bugs. I didn't see them on the list so Ill post them:

radagast gets his eagle summon power recharged when switching from foot to eagle and I think he gets full heal
radagast can have the ring on his eagle and has glitchy flight patterns when he does
rohan axriders are not affected by summon rohirrim

#602579 Elves

Posted by Zyzzyva on 09 June 2008 - 11:55 PM in RJ Good Factions

Elrond and Celeborn/Galadrial hate each other, you know... And Elrond divorced Celebrian and made her die of a broken heart (not literally speaking for either one).

I'm pretty sure youve got your lore mixed up as Galadriel and Elrond certainly dont hate each other . And Celebrian didnt even die. She was captured and poisoned by orcs, and elladan and Elohir rescued her from them. Elrond healed her, but Middle earth had lost all beauty to her and so she traveled over the sea. (EDIT: this is in appendix B: tale of years, year 2509 of the third age)

#595357 *Resolved* Download from FileFront - Other Mirrors

Posted by Zyzzyva on 12 May 2008 - 11:40 PM in RJ Support

There are other mirrors around, and I was tempted not to post with your demands, but in case anyone else is interested here is another place to download:


Why is it on filefront? I'm looking for more places for download for other options for installers and more, but the main reason is I did not want to put a strain on revora's bandwidth. With more than 1000 a week downloads when it came out at the file size I didn't want to touch the generousity of revora/t3a for hosting me.

I'm looking for more options for mirrors, but lordoftherings.filefront.net is what I went for in 1.05.06. It will still be available there for 1.06, but also elsewhere for those that don't care for filefront.

Robert J.

This was a responce to another person with the same problem I believe

#592907 Arnor

Posted by Zyzzyva on 04 May 2008 - 10:26 AM in RJ Good Factions

No one knows. It is the gift of men as the Secondborn of Iluvutar to be able to leave the circles of middle earth, unlike any other creature, but the elves and men do not know what happens to them next, and if the Ainur know they aren't talking (and they in all likelyhood do know because they were witness to the music telling the tale of the earth). So men see it as a sort of curse and long for the life of the immortal elves, and elves, tied to the world forever, long for the release of the gift of men. Its never stated exactly what happens to dwarves and hobbits, but the dwarves believe their creater Aule gathers them into a seperate part of Mandos. This fits with Gandalfs description as it seems to be refering to seeing Valinor (and he is speaking to a hobbit). I can't remember if that is in LotR or just a film thing.

Edit: Although in the last battle legend, I believe Turin returns to be the one to kill Morgoth, as he was the one who suffered the most from him, so obviously at least Iluvutar knows where they go and can bring them back

#592830 Arnor

Posted by Zyzzyva on 04 May 2008 - 03:11 AM in RJ Good Factions

Well, From what I understand thats half correct. The Ainur (Valar and Maiar) can't die. Period. The body/shape they are in can perish, as seen by Saruman, Gandalf, and Sauron, but their spirit will live on. Normally they would return to Valinor to be reimbodied/reimbody themselves (although, as seen by Sauron, they can do it themselves elsewhere, albeit very slowly - when he slowly builds up his form in Mordor after his "death" in the fall of numenor). Goodly Maiar do this, and I think gandalf was not so much reborn as sent back to Middle Earth instead of returning to valinor as normal. The corrupted Maiar, on the other hand, are rejected and instead are swept away (see Saruman's death - his spirit rises up in a cloud and looks west, but is blown away and dispearses) to rejoin their master Melkor in the Void. So, in the last battle talked about in some Tolkien works, likely the Balrogs, Saruman, and Sauron will likely reappear to fight by Melkor's side when he finally breaks free of the Void.
Elves are a different matter. Their gift as the the firstborn is that they cannot die in the conventional means. Of course their body can die in war or grief or diease, but their spirits are gathered in the halls of Mandos in Valinor. They cannot leave the world. They, unlike the Maiar, have no power to shapeshift/form a new body, and can be reimbodied only if the Valar do it for them. This is what would have happened to Glorfindel. A powerful elven lord innocent of the Kinslaying was sent back to aid the elves remaining in Middle Earth. I would suspect Glorfindel would be one of few like that. Certainly none of the royal line of the Noldor were innocent of the Kinslaying, and I doubt other heros of the first age, such as Ecthelion, were either.
Only men have the gift of death, the only race to be able to be released from the circles of the world, and elves envy them for that freedom, though the men themselves view it as more of a curse

#590978 Campaign

Posted by Zyzzyva on 29 April 2008 - 09:28 PM in RJ Development

Snaga is the name for slave in the Black Speech, and a term used by uruks referring to common orcs. So, Ugluk was demeaning the scout when he called him 'slave'. Likewise, I believe, Snaga is not the true name of the orc killed by Sam in Cirith Ungol. But, alot of people dont know this/ want a authentic black speech name and so call orc characters snaga, like in the movie. The second reason, I believe, is the logic behind 'Snaga' the Rj hero. I seem to recall a similar discussion arising when he was added because some people didnt like a hero being named slave.

#590122 Gondor

Posted by Zyzzyva on 27 April 2008 - 11:25 AM in RJ Good Factions

The only problem in my mind about Glory of the White City is it would give you a huge boost over spam factions, because no Goblin or Mordor player in their right mind is ever going to upgrade all their forces with banner carriers. Their basic unit would then be useless and then they would have to rely on heros and monsters, because buying banner carrier goblins/orcs would defeat the purpose of the low cost.

Also, it cant effect everyone because monsters/siege cant get banner carriers. But I guess thats probably what you meant.

Generally, if this is impletemented, I just want there to be a reasonable counter for spam factions (like drummer trolls cancel out its affects for Mordor and something along those lines for goblins). Even for Isengard this is a big disadvantage, but at least then by the time your oppenent gets the upgrade most of your troops are upgraded and survive to level 2 or you use banner carriers to keep them alive.

Perhaps a few other factions should get unique upgrades to counterbalance all these upgrades (gondor and arnor building upgrades, dwarves and isengard unit upgrades, mordor and goblins and dwarves siege/monsters, rohan horses. But not all the factions should have acsess to them)

#587711 Ring Heroes

Posted by Zyzzyva on 19 April 2008 - 01:44 PM in RJ Development

Yeah, there has to be something to limit his ability to destroy your base, or you just have to move him into your oppenents base as the corruption timer runs out

#586934 Men of the East

Posted by Zyzzyva on 16 April 2008 - 12:19 AM in RJ Evil Faction

What about a chariot that has three possible upgrades at the level 2 rhun stables? One would add a cheiftain, which would provide leadership to allies, another with archers, and a final with spikes for anti cavalry. The regular would just be a heavyily trampling unit. This way you would have a sort of three in one unit That would allow a wain theme without having to little cavalry.

Edit: I think there was talk about adding the Black Serpent Chief, in which case the heros would be:
Harad: Corsair-Mumak-Ji Indur-Black Serpent Chief-Blue Wizard
Rhun: Corsair-Captain-(wain or assasin heros were discussed)-Khamul-Blue Wizard
Does anyone from the 'inner circle' (by which i mean yoda/shikari/robnkarla) know for sure whats planned?