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#1104419 Custom map thread.

Posted by VertigoM2 on 23 October 2019 - 04:33 AM in Mental Omega 3.0-3.3 Discussion

Finished making a coop mission set in Washington DC, kind of based on the original RA2 DC Allied missions.

Main objective is to defend the Pentagon, more is included in the stringtable as the mission progresses.


Meant to be 2 USA players vs hard red Russia and orange Confederation with MCV repacks turned off. 10 or 20k starting credits depending on how much of a struggle you want.





#1095813 FinalAlert2 Map Editor Does Not Have MO Props

Posted by VertigoM2 on 07 January 2019 - 10:44 PM in Mental Omega 3.0-3.3 Discussion

Yeah i ran into the same problem as well but i'm using a computer and all mo objects are gone but the epsilons don't even have yuri's structures in there

Sounds like the problem I had when I changed to windows 10. I had to uninstall MO, clear my registry, then reboot my computer before reinstalling MO and it's worked fine for me ever since.

#1093851 MO3.3 SUPPORT // Game or Client Crashes & Launch Issues Megathread

Posted by VertigoM2 on 24 November 2018 - 03:26 AM in Mental Omega 3.0-3.3 Discussion

I recently updated to Windows 10, and while Mental Omega works, Final Omega doesn't seem reading any of the MO mix files.



I haven't moved anything and have reinstalled the mod to see if that would fix it. I have Syringe, finalomega, and moclient running as admin


Fixed by uninstalling, cleaning my registry, then doing a clean install.