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#7245 Which Game are you going to buy?

Posted by iprod on 15 November 2003 - 07:32 AM in Open Topic

Played the doom 3 alpha, and in its early stages is was probably the most amazing thing ive seen from a video game. I feel like half life 2 is more scriptish, and doom 3 is more technology. The aiming engine for polygon contact, the whole phsyics/ragdoll engine, lighting engine, sound, everything just seems to come together. And half life 2 felt clunky, but pretty, but not as pretty as doom 3. What im trying to get at is hl2 is not near as good as doom 3 from my own experience

#7244 WC3:FT

Posted by iprod on 15 November 2003 - 07:29 AM in Open Topic

never played wc3 until i got tft and wc3 the same day. I had a few years of starcraft practice (like maybe 5.....) and i got to lvl 17ish in about a month of ladder play, then quit. Very very simplistic rts game, not very competetive online. Right now im playing Savage (though its getting too easy again) and just finished call of duty. Ive gone though like 30 games already this year for pc alone.... its not fair. I want a game that has the depth of starcraft. That game was like chess. I might go back to starcraft for my rts, and rocket arena 3 (quake 3 mod) for my fps. Both have competetive gamers. I mean even generals was played out in a month, and theres nothing to really earn after that last medal.