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#818559 FX Mod

Posted by X on 25 August 2010 - 05:43 PM in Petrolution Mod News

This is a mod for FOC, there is just no update yet on what going on with the underhanded Tyber Zann and his forces as of yet... or at least any that has been announced to the public.


#817944 List of tools and programs for moding EAW & FOC

Posted by X on 22 August 2010 - 11:57 AM in EAW and FoC Modding

Things you need to make a mod
Version 5 9/25/09
By "X"

Here’s a list of thing that you will need to make a mod, skin/icon, or model

Here’s a list of what you need to make a mod (list of tools)
ALOViewer by Mike.nl - http://modtools.petrolution.net/
Particle Editor by Mike.nl - http://modtools.petrolution.net/
String Editor v1.1 -Mike.nl - http://modtools.petrolution.net/
EAWExtractor by RenEvo Software & Designs http://www.petroluti...tem-222?addview
Mega-Texture Editor v1.1 by ? http://modtools.petr...tools/MtdEditor
EaW and/or Foc map editor by Petroglyph http://empireatwar.f...Game_Tools;7351

An xml editor (you can google one or use notepad)
xmlpad by Wmhelp.com - http://download.cnet...4-10252051.html

other tools that might be useful
Planet Position Plotter by z3r0x http://everythingeaw...hread.php?t=155 is helpful for adding new plants doesn’t support FoC 100% yet
FinalBIG v0.4b with EAW Support by ? http://www.petroluti...tem-167?addview

Hex editors used for reskins
HHD Free Hex Editor - http://www.hhdsoftwa...ditor-free.html
Hex Workshop - http://www.bpsoft.com/
Cygnus FREE EDITION - http://www.softcircuits.com/cygnus/fe/

Here’s a list thing you need to make skin and icons
Photoshop unknown if plug-in is required (cost money)
plug-in http://developer.nvi...ds_plugins.html
Panit.net with dds plug-in http://www.getpaint.net/ (free)
plug-in -
Gimp with dds plug-in http://www.gimp.org/ (free)
plug-in - http://nifelheim.dyn.../~cocidius/dds/

Other tools that you might find useful
ddsconverter by ? http://files.filefro...;/fileinfo.html

Here’s what need to make models
3d max version 6 or 8 or 9 with plug-in (your going to have to find it you self but it cost money) plug-in can be found here

NOTE: Any 3d modeling program can be used to make a model but it need to be converted to obj format or andy other format that 3ds max can read and sent to someone the can rig and convert it this method is called 3rd party modeling

And please read thru the tutorials I for how to use this some are on this site some are on the site with the give tool

some other tools found over the years and useful sites
Lithunwrap - http://files.serious....php?fileid=198
Maxplugins.de plugin database for 3ds max - http://www.maxplugins.de/
RAD Video Tools - http://www.radgameto...com/bnkdown.htm

Free 3D modeling programs
GMAX - by gamx http://turbosquid.com/GMax
Blender - http://www.blender.org/
3dWings -

other 3d modeling programs
Milkshape - http://chumbalum.swissquake.ch/
Maya - http://usa.autodesk....x...&id=7639525

added 9/28/09
I can't believe I forgot this one as I use it all the time
notepad++ - http://notepad-plus....net/uk/site.htm - can edit many file types like xml, lua, and even hex-edit with different plug-ings

"X" aka knivesdamater, lord_X, uknown, and drunkin_modeler

#817173 A chance to win EAW form Petroglyph

Posted by X on 16 August 2010 - 11:03 PM in Petrolution News

There is a little contest going on, on the Petroglyph site regarding SMG and a chance to win a steam-key for EAW.

Here a link to it on Petroglyph's site

Anyone wanting to have some fun or want to win a free copy of EAW might want to join in, especially if they did not win one in Petrolution's key contest!


#815433 Models from elsewhere

Posted by X on 01 August 2010 - 04:49 PM in Models

on the shield its good you just need to work on smooth groups and improve the texture on the skin in it will pop


#815432 Thrawn's Revenge

Posted by X on 01 August 2010 - 04:46 PM in Petrolution Mod News

that makes sense as the team kind of was small the last i heard


#815363 Thrawn's Revenge

Posted by X on 31 July 2010 - 07:08 PM in Petrolution Mod News

i did not know that Arb reopened this mod


#814530 Petrolution Staff Recruitment

Posted by X on 24 July 2010 - 03:00 AM in Petrolution News

i'm back, for what little i can currently do thou...


#784540 Crash

Posted by X on 18 January 2010 - 01:00 AM in Sci-Fi at War Bug Reporting

are you run it in compatibility mode? eaw/foc it a 32bit OS game and has issues with 64bit OS
so you need to make sure that you run eaw/foc in windows XP sp 2 compatablity mode

if you do not know how to do this let me know and i can walk you throw it


#778082 Mytheon will you play it.

Posted by X on 17 December 2009 - 12:07 PM in Mytheon

not likely, as i do not play mmo games


#770190 Alamo Importer plug-in for 3ds Max Tutorial - WIP

Posted by X on 15 November 2009 - 12:59 AM in Catwalk

Please, post this tutorial at the Petrolution website when you are finished with it. Also, login there, so I can promote you to staff there.

planed on it,

though i had already login there sorry :p

i also plan on bring some of my other tutorial over here once i go through them for spelling, typo, and grammar errors


#770129 Alamo Importer plug-in for 3ds Max Tutorial - WIP

Posted by X on 14 November 2009 - 08:20 PM in Catwalk

as i said i would here we go......

i used max9 but should be the same for max8 unsure for max6

open max
Posted Image
i have marked the hammer for you

click run MAXscript
Posted Image
select alamo2max and run

now select the it in the list and click it to run it
Posted Image

now click import alamo object
Posted Image

select the model you want - i'll just do the 1st one there (you may need to find the model that have been extracted)
Posted Image
click open

it should now be loading the model the larger the model the long it will take
Posted Image

finally we have the imported model - note as i have not fulling set mine up as i do not use it really i do not have all the settings done
Posted Image

this is version 0.5 of the tutorial quickly done to help you out real quick - status incomplete and very rough

this is written by me "X" to help user use Mike.nl's Alamo Importer plug-in for 3ds Max

posting it here as a 3rd line of back up when v1.0 is done i will upload to the tutorial area - X

#770088 Starship Troopers: 1st Interstellar War

Posted by X on 14 November 2009 - 06:35 PM in Petrolution Mod News

the info not quite right, i was playing around with the different features in max9 as it had been some time since i could model as my old pc started acting up :p


#770083 Petrolution wants you!

Posted by X on 14 November 2009 - 06:32 PM in Petrolution News

I'll promote you now.

One Mod Specialist down. :p

Congrats Lognleaf!

there was 2, i was the 1st :D

Yeah and they seemed to flock here when a mod got hosting here.

i came back here once i recalled my account info :lol: and i decided that it might be nice to help some of the newer mods


#769970 Space Unit List for V.09

Posted by X on 14 November 2009 - 01:03 PM in Mod Discussion

kalo that's the only avi i have ever used here and its form or AoSW days :p


#769968 some of my stuff

Posted by X on 14 November 2009 - 01:00 PM in Catwalk

I've never done a person model. Just ships, tank, etc. Great work!

there is only been a few infinty modelers ever to join the eaw community and must have moved on


#769640 stuff from foc_additions

Posted by X on 13 November 2009 - 08:01 AM in Imperia: Galactic Warfare

Heavy Ion Cannon used by Dalla -
that was a modification made by val that he didn't want to share last i heard

is a free release on filefront -check there

and do you have the hardpoint code for the armadia SSD
no i never coded it myself J7F did

and do you know the owners of some ISD that has turrent i saw one some where but i forgot what mod
ISD Vs VSD mod was made by Avenger85
link to his work


#769261 Some Random Work of Mine

Posted by X on 11 November 2009 - 09:36 PM in Catwalk

not to shabby, not to shabby in deed


#768962 Mod Gallery

Posted by X on 11 November 2009 - 02:33 AM in Eras of the Mercenaries News

na what it was, was the texture itself. i'm more use to there being more black in the panels

:crazed: Cool.

;) now that interesting feed back mr. leaf ;)


#768944 stuff from foc_additions

Posted by X on 11 November 2009 - 01:38 AM in Imperia: Galactic Warfare

thanks here is what i would like

Dalla's ISD yes you can use -
model - petro
texture - petro
reskin - "X" aka lord_X aka knivesdamaster
xml coding - "X" aka lord_X aka knivesdamaster
icon - "X" aka lord_X aka knivesdamaster
rigging - petro

AT-AT MK2 yes you can use
model - peteo
texture - petro
reskin - Swcorpinox73 aka Valgarochi
xml coding - Swcorpinox73 aka Valgarochi
icon - Swcorpinox73 aka Valgarochi
rigging - petro

no can't use - sorry only got the ok to use in foc_additions

not sure who did this one any more will have to look in to it

Super Ugly - Yes you can use
model - aka lord_X aka knivesdamaster
texture - petro
rigging - aka lord_X aka knivesdamaster
xml coding - Swcorpinox73 aka Valgarochi

T3B Tank - yes you can use
model - Avenger
texture - Avenger
rigging - Avenger
icon - Swcorpinox73 aka Valgarochi
xml - Swcorpinox73 aka Valgarochi

Venator - yes you can use
model - eviljedi
texture - eviljedi
rigging - Avenger
icon - Avenger
Xml - Swcorpinox73 aka Valgarochi

if there is anymore let me know


#768941 Petrolution wants you!

Posted by X on 11 November 2009 - 01:25 AM in Petrolution News

poor moonie, i even had to fill one of them thingies out, LOL... all though was not to sure that i was going to be let in with my ever so high post count at the time of 7 :crazed:


#768853 stuff from foc_additions

Posted by X on 10 November 2009 - 09:00 PM in Imperia: Galactic Warfare

Niko, if you need or would like to use any thing form foc_additions just let me know that here and i can inform you of who made it and if you can use it


#768623 Mod Gallery

Posted by X on 10 November 2009 - 12:36 AM in Eras of the Mercenaries News

the wings look kind of odd on the tie's, like the areas that are to be black are gray,

mobie, can you get a shot of the Tie's from the side it might just be the angel of of them in the pic


#768620 Latest Mytheon News

Posted by X on 10 November 2009 - 12:31 AM in Mytheon

thanks for the news berek,


#767630 some of my stuff

Posted by X on 07 November 2009 - 07:29 AM in Catwalk

oh for thous that do not know who i could possible be I'm better know as lord_X or "X"


#767195 Longleaf here to say.

Posted by X on 06 November 2009 - 12:50 AM in EAW and FoC Modding

Haylay here to say if you need help on a mod with XML coding do not hesitate to contact me i am very exp i can also make space maps and not very good icons but if you need help doing something pm me.

longleaf is haylay haylay is longleaf

now that make since

you a very good coder best of, any one would be glad to have you helping them