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#666874 Changing barrack's command set

Posted by A_B on 11 January 2009 - 11:08 AM in BFME2 & RotWK Modding

Hmmmmmmm... I still don't really get it
The W3D module only references to files in the W3D.big file doesn't it, so I thought this way you could only change the model to another unit's moder?

well... maybe this is still a bit over my head for now :p

#666869 Changing barrack's command set

Posted by A_B on 11 January 2009 - 11:00 AM in BFME2 & RotWK Modding

No its not possible to make an entirely new unit by using the map.ini. Though you can edit existing ones.

Also edit their appearance?, i think this was done in the return of morgoth map but I only wonder where one would put the new models/textures

#666858 Changing barrack's command set

Posted by A_B on 11 January 2009 - 10:22 AM in BFME2 & RotWK Modding

wow... thank you soo much :xcahik_: that was as easy :p

another question to anyone: Is it possible to add an entirely new unit using only map.ini, and if so does there exist any example for BFME II (not ROTWK) that I can have a look at? I have founf a script for ROTWK where a werewolf is added, but I would like one that I could actually check out by playing it.


#666844 Changing barrack's command set

Posted by A_B on 11 January 2009 - 09:27 AM in BFME2 & RotWK Modding

This is my first post on this forum, I am modding since a couple of weeks now and starting to get the basics.

My goal is to mod maps only, by only using the map.ini file as I do not like the idea of editing the entire game and having to change the ini.dat every time I want to change mod

I am currently working on a cat & mouse, this is the basic idea for those that don't know the concept:

has a porter that can build towers fortress and walls to protect himself from the cat.
The mouse has to survive until the timer runs out to win.

the cat has some buildings from which he can rapidly produce a variety of units to hunt the mouse.
He wins if he can kill the mouse before the timer expires

Now, I want the Cat to have a barracks that can create a variety of units, including the IsengardBerserker The problem is that this unit requires "Upgrade_IsengardUrukPitLevel2", which I have successfully granted to the barracks, so this worked. Then I wanted to add the mirkwood archers from the elven barracks, which require elven barracks lvl2. So I tried applying this upgrade to the GondorBarracks but it seemed to override the isengardurukpitlevel2 upgrade, so now i could only create the archers and not the berserker.

I could create any faction's level1 units since they don't require anything

My next solution was to remove the requirments by editing the commandbutton.ini file (throught the map.ini file) and i tried this:
CommandButton Command_ConstructIsengardBerserker
	Command				= UNIT_BUILD
	Object				= IsengardBeserker
	NeededUpgrade		= None
	TextLabel			= CONTROLBAR:ConstructIsengardBerserker
	ButtonImage			= BIBerserker
	ButtonBorderType	= BUILD 
	DescriptLabel		= CONTROLBAR:ToolTipBuildIsengardBerserker
	Radial				= Yes
	InPalantir	   		= Yes
	ShowProductionCount	= Yes	 

CommandSet NewGondorBarracksCommandSet
  1 = Command_ConstructIsengardFighterHorde
  2 = Command_ConstructGondorTowerShieldGuardHorde
  3 = Command_ConstructIsengardBerserker
  4 = Command_ConstructElvenMirkwoodArcherHorde

Object GondorBarracks
  CommandSet = NewGondorBarracksCommandSet
(The main thin her is the NeededUpgrade = None line in the CommandButton part)

But I can't get this to work.
So my question: How could this be done?