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#70999 Need help with RA2 internet play

Posted by xsbs52x on 14 July 2004 - 11:37 AM in C&C Discussion

ok, well I just logged into the XWIS server for vanilla Red Alert 2. I simply went to Internet>custom game which took me to a login screen where I typed in my username and password and hit enter... next thing I knew I was in the lobby...

and then I got kicked from the lobby... apparently some dutch bastard has been using my serial number and cheating, because my serial has been banned... sigh, I think I've got a mess as big as you do now.

Anyway, You may want to run the program again, make sure both IP numbers are the same in the two boxes... if not click set. Perhaps you have an out-of-date version, I have the most up2date (that I know of, checked earlier today) version of the switch at the link in the other post. So you may want to try that one if your still having trouble.

EDIT: I stopped by Strike-team to try and fix my serial problem, and I notice that you can check to make sure the XWIS server is applied by goign to my information. Under preferred server it should say: "XCC WOL IRC SERVER". If you still need help, I suggest you stop by http://www.strike-team.net the whole first page is dedicated to helping you with the XWIS.


heh, yep, ive done all that. im thinking maybe RA2 doesnt want to let me log in because ive never logged in with a proper WOL account. is it possible it wants me to create an account through it first?

#70913 Need help with RA2 internet play

Posted by xsbs52x on 14 July 2004 - 03:29 AM in C&C Discussion

yeah, EA screwed things up big time and we (C&C Community) have been making the best of it. XWISC should work, it works for me. one thing I noticed you didn't have in your paragraph above is the xwisc installer... have you switched the server so it is XWISC? If not you have to download the switch and run it so it switches it to play on the XWISC servers. You can get the switch here.

If you still have trouble, post it up. I haven't tryed vanilla RA2 online in a while, but I can easily do some testing if you are still having trouble.


thanks for the quick reply. yep, ive already done that, but the login button is still disabled. is there some step that im just missing?

#70903 Need help with RA2 internet play

Posted by xsbs52x on 14 July 2004 - 02:46 AM in C&C Discussion

hey people. so, ive just bought red alert 2 (finally), mainly for internet play, and i find that the WOL server is down, and goes down frequently. so i searched around and found XWIS. i downloaded it, made an account through their webpage, and followed the instructions on their site. but when i type in my nickname and password in RA2, the Login button is still disabled. ive been sitting here for the past half hour or so trying to get this thing to work. i have an account with XWIS, but not with WOL. and i cant create one. i click Create New Account, and it asks for my birthday, and my e-mail. i enter that stuff and click continue, and i get a message that says requesting nickname (which i dont understand because it didnt ask me to pick a nickname), and then it gives me an error and tells me to check to make sure im connected to the internet. and when i try to manually create an account with WOL, it says the registration page is not available, and it may be under maintenence. so i cant create or manange an account. in my information, the nickname is set to default, and thats the only option. when i try to do a quick match, it brings me to a logon screen. i type my nickname and password, but the login button is still disabled. by the way, its updated to version 1.006. any help would be greatly appreciated.