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#78313 Holy update time!

Posted by Kurtisb on 21 August 2004 - 10:33 PM in Games Modding

r u sure there were explosives in middle ages?
i know that ninjas and samurais had em but in europe...


In the High and Late middleages (mainly late) I might add. Once those cannons were invented and got in common use, the impregnability of impregnable castles was gone!

But, no rifles until the 1700's so they were pretty darn innacurate...

Woo, i'd make a good historian for the mod, never liked looking things up tho...lol

EDIT: I learn most of these things from tv shows mainly, games and leafing through certain websites...
EDIT 2: Erm, one more thing, there were 3 stages of the Middle ages, Early (think of William the Conqueror) High (When english got the welsh longbow) and late (common use of gunpowder)


#78312 2 new maps

Posted by Kurtisb on 21 August 2004 - 10:24 PM in Games Modding

point...set...match...stealth :ninja:


???Eh??? lol, is that a riddle or a secret code to alert the assasins that the king knows of the assasination attempt......LOL, sorry, had to had to add that to prove that I'm truely "The Nut With an Attitude!!!!!"

WOW! I really strayed off a alot......

*runs to his castle and locks every last gate* :blink:


#76640 bout the assasin ideah

Posted by Kurtisb on 09 August 2004 - 09:26 PM in Games Modding

Eh heh....eh.. can you make sure that the darkness in caravan map isnt so creepy that people wont get spooked, especialy when the assasins come in sight? So that people wont jump in their seats, andcan you make the assasins appearance not *too* creepy? Thanks!

P.S. I'm the kind of person that gets spooked like that, I can barely play Thief 3 Demo at times, it just makes me really on edge.

The Nut With an Attitude! (Scaredy Cat)

#76324 Sword games

Posted by Kurtisb on 07 August 2004 - 02:47 PM in Games Modding

LOL! ;) Suprising to hear you talk about that idea, :p I wanted a non fantasy sword fighting game in first person myself!.... ;)


#75883 new media

Posted by Kurtisb on 04 August 2004 - 11:12 PM in Games Modding

Havent played one of those games...oh well, thats what comes with being a realisim nut...


#75877 new media

Posted by Kurtisb on 04 August 2004 - 10:55 PM in Games Modding

lol, we know man, you understand there are several hundred different coifs.  You will be able to chooose from different faces and helmets (aka different coifs)


Whoops! :) Musta had a brain fart, LOL! :grin: No problamo... ::redundant::->random heads sounds nice, might keep people from having 2 heads in game at a time, that wouild be boring eh?<-::redundant:: Erm, mabye i shouldnt have said that, DICE will be mad at me!.... *runs and hides in his castle* ;)

EDIT: Didnt realize there were two pages,and the first message makes one of the things i said redundant.....

#75553 new media

Posted by Kurtisb on 02 August 2004 - 11:30 AM in Games Modding

heres some WIP by Airibis:

Posted Image


Erm, a little thing about the "Coif" (hood), it usually shows the chin and a little bit of the upper neck, and it closes up at bottom like a "V", and closes at the forehead in an upside down "U" fashion. Sorry, just had to give a little suggestion, and btw, I have a chainmail coif myself.


#75225 DoC questions

Posted by Kurtisb on 31 July 2004 - 09:45 PM in Games Modding

This seems the best place to put this so...
I have a suggestion for an english, frankish, teuton and italian soldier...the peasant, the lowly peasant with no armor and a pitchfork, mabye his special ability would be to drop baskets of food to heal players..since, hes a farmer...mabye he could be somewhat good vs cavalry?

Mabye he could replace the spearman with a choice of spear or pitchfork..eh?

Just my $0.02..


#75222 This mod is not possible.

Posted by Kurtisb on 31 July 2004 - 09:22 PM in Games Modding

well if anyone is first, your looking at a future team of people who will be working on such a game  :laugh:

Combat shotgun can back me up on that ;)


:p ^_^ :laugh: Hmmm.....you'll need a publisher..and alot of other game making mumbo-jumbo..lol....but, until that happens, this'll be cool! Ah, btw, I play stronghold (and stronghold crusader) so, call me Lord Kurts..LOL..only joking :p ...man, I'm in a weird mood....

EDIT: I just had to add the lord kurts part, no real reason in case you're wondering...

Lord Kurts

#75203 This mod is not possible.

Posted by Kurtisb on 31 July 2004 - 07:56 PM in Games Modding

yeah stealth actually worked on siege. Ive played seige and it seems kinda meh to me, were shooting for something wiht a lot better melee and gameplay and fun ^_^


Great! It looks good so far! Cant wait for more news... :p ...I wonder why they havent made a *realistic* *non fantasy* medieval first person shooter type game...

Kurtis | The Nut With an Attitude!