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#781576 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 03 January 2010 - 01:50 AM in Showcase

I will never get my map finished, if you guys dont help me with my problem with these armor upgrades. You can find the topic at Modding-subforum of BFME2. Please help, or I cannot continue...

#780997 How to modify unit's health & armor?

Posted by Samppu on 31 December 2009 - 01:12 PM in BFME2 & RotWK Modding

I think this is right forum for this, becuse to make this work, I need both, INI.big and Worldbuilder - I think. But let's get workin'

Okay, so I want to make Armor and Health buff or boost, whatever, to my team, becuse in Worldbuilder, you just cannot add some health to unit, like 500% (I think), so is there any way to do that, like add Upgrade or Buff or something to INI.big, and use that in Worldbuilder, like giving an upgrade when I want to boost someones health, or if this is not the right way to do it, what is?

#780878 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 30 December 2009 - 11:44 PM in Showcase

They are not missing animations, I took that from World Builder, and they look like that in there. And, why it's so small, is becuse I builded it to Eastern Mirror (yes, I changes them to eastern and western), and there was only that much space, and the Gladiator Fights are going to be so fast, that it would be only stupid to have bigger area than that, and every fighting sports in the world are in small areas, and I got that idea from these to have rectangle area... that is like Lord of the Rings Boxing or something :p And everything small is beatiful...

I have not tested fight there yet, becuse fighting itself is not ready over there, but I know, that when you use Wind of Wizard-spell, the people at arena will get hit from that, and I'm not sure, but they may be fall to the water... :p


I made my choice, and user input will be disabled when fight starts, so you will have to only loo, but I am going to make some nice camera movements during the fight, if I just can. This, becuse there is no point why you could have control of your character, and it will be fair that there is no healing during a fight, becuse this kind of sport has it own rules, and healing would be cheating, AND you could make Wind of Wizard, what will blow all spectators to sea, and it looks BAD!


I am so sorry guys that one day was not enough to finish Gladiator Arena, but it's 99% ready, there is only one thing that needs to be fixed, and that is an armor+health upgrade to enemy, becuse now you will kill your enemies from one slash, and after I make them this upgrade (just for this gladiator arena enemies), they will die from like 15-20 slashes, and fight will take about 20 seconds. But Camera Animation looks good, and the Arena looks brilliant, and the fighting itself works great.

#780658 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 30 December 2009 - 02:41 AM in Showcase

^ Too bad... may you should buy BFMEII, but why for just for my mod? :good:

Okay guys, now I have some really big new... SideQuests are ready. That means, that I will start tomorrow to make the remaining parts of this work, but after hard work, that took less than one week, is now ready. I am really proud that I had motivation to do this at this point, and I also made the things that you cannot have more than one sidequests at time, and now you have to restart your quests when you die, so everything is now like ready, expect ending camera-animation and Other Activities, but they are some really fast things. The map will hopefully be ready tomorrow (I have to go job tomorrow, what tooks tomorrow becuse there is a lot of work about 2 hours... I am 14 years old, don't think that I have a "real job") but the grapfical art and english fixing will take some time what belongs about my friend.

But guys, this map is now like 97% ready! I have also to say, that the version I publish for beginning, is 1.0 BETA, becuse I am sure that there is one bug or more, but not much, becuse I have tested everything I have made to map. Other thing is, that you guys have to say what is balanced and what is not, and what I will have to make more better, and I will make what you say (if it's something good and doesn't need many hours). Currently, I think that characters are getting too much experience from quests, but who knows...

I also though, that I will make Oxilian Cave only passable for players over 10 levels, becuse I want to get you guys "addicted", that you have to level up before just going to Oxilian. Also, you will not be able to go inside Oxilian Cave, if you have SideQuest in progress.

But, now I will have some sleep, and you guys will be excited about publishing! Happy waiting!


I dont think I will get this map ready today, becuse I will make Other Activities so good, that you will not just test them one time... you will play them like 20 times! Here is a picture about Gladiator Arena, and I want to ask, does it look pretty good?

Posted Image

#780596 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 29 December 2009 - 05:07 PM in Showcase

I dont need this map for hosted (yet) so let's just talk about the map itself.

Okay, so after long thinking, I decided that you can have only one sidequest at time, becuse I realized that there is a lots of bugs when you can have many sidequests same time, so when you now have sidequest, you cant just take another, so when you go to talk with person who has a quest, he dont say you anything.

Also sidequests are too easy, if you can just continue them when you die, so one new thing is that when you die, you have to start it over. It's may be little bit annoying, but now like the quest where you have to kill corrupted guards in the town, it's so easy becuse when they kill you, you just spawn to Town Center, and they are near to you, and when you just stand at the Town Center, your health look's just getting filled when you die. So, when you die in mission, you will get Introduction Box, what will stay on the screen for 7 seconds, and there is a text "Mission failed". After you get that box, you just can walk again to the person where you got that mission, and you have to complete all again.

Also, I am now thinking is that even possible to have dead bodys on the map, becuse I would need one dead body for SideQuest 9, but if there is no ways to do that, I have planned about when you go to one place, there is a fight just going on, where goblins will kill her hosbend, and after that this goblins will run away, and you will return to woman, and tell about those goblins, and mission is to have revenge for these. Okay... that sounds a lot better than just find hes body... I'll do that.


1lvl Gorkil the Goblin King was too much for even 14 level, so I had to replace him with 5lvl Goblin Spider Rider, and Shelob is little bit too much so it's now just Goblin Giant Spider or whatever it is, but I'm not sure is this even now enough balanced :good:


Uhh, I made some changes to INI.big and lang-files. Now, I added Wizard Blast-skill from Gandalf to Aldoir, so he can now blast hes enemies away, but that skill doesnt have that blue effect, I dont know why, but it looks good by the way. Also, I changed every skill's name, and Aldoir has only 3 skills left, becuse I deleted Elendir and Leadership, and Oathbreakers has been deleted long time ago.

Also, I have started to make two remaining sidequests, and I found some bugs from the maps, what are currently being fixed.


Shit, I haven't even now made those two remaining SideQuests, becuse I have been only fixing other things on maps, and I write all remaining things to map.str. I am going to update this theard's main post, and the percents.


Okay guys, one SideQuest remaining, but I have not tested does the SideQuest 9 even work, but it will be tested same time I test SideQuest 10. Also, I have planned to make Other Activities today, but I'm not sure yet, is there enough time... but tomorrow I am sure that I will! And, I think I will not publish this map tomorrow, becuse map.str has not been fixed yet to better english by my one friend, and this same friend has to make some grapfics for here, to forum, becuse the message where is download link will be awesome and there will be a lot of grapfics, and also he has to make the loading screen two pictures, and may be he makes me avatar image to this forum too.

The last SideQuest is 50% made, so we will see how fast I will complete it :good: I will also take pictures from every SideQuest, and make a little "gallery" or something. Becuse I changed my internet browser, SPOILER-boxes work well, and I am going to take A LOT OF PICTURES.

#780512 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 29 December 2009 - 12:45 AM in Showcase

Hi guys again!

I have been inactive for one day, becuse yesterday and today I was really busy, but I am working this night on my map. And, yesterday, I did make just one sidequest, and today I am making three sidequests. Then, I have completed 8/10 SideQuests, and I have to also say, that I am not making one of those sidequests, becuse I have screwed up some things, and I forgot to completely make one of them, so the number of sidequests has been rounded to 10! I will work on the remaining 2 tomorrow, and after tomorrow, I am going to make ending camera animation and ending dialogs with The Wise man of the Town, and you guys will see this map on this week, as I promised, if everything goes like I have planned.

Then, I am going to make _FEW_ SRPS if you just like this one so much that it you would like another one! And I tell you guys, that to get up to 99 levels it will take 1-2 weeks, but it's not needed, becuse I told you that 18 levels is enough to beat The Thug. Sidequests are really short like everything on this map, becuse if I could make missions what would take 1-2 hours, the making of this map takes one year for just me, if I would have a team working on this, the time could be half year.

And, I gotta to say, that the minium level to start making missions is level 7. That is becuse you guys could get SO EASILY RAPED, if that is under that, becuse if you accidently speak to the farmer, and you get sent to defending, you will so absolutely die, that I cant even imagine how. At level 7 you have even some chances.

I have also tested level 99, and I killed The Thug by two hits, and I lost half percent of my health, so it's possible to get your character so up, that you really feel the power.

In next maps, what I am probably going to make, I am going to use more time and make them better, but this is good map, I am not saying that, but it's may be maded for too little area, and I will need skinner/modeler on my next maps, who can add new units, if that is just possible, but also I want to make it in bigger area, and that will be so unbelieve, that this map is just beginning for that!


I just realized that Wyrm is "little bit" too bad for a boss of Sidequest, and he is going to be replaced with someone else. I will keep you guys up-to-date.


I replaced Wyrm with Shelob, and he is called in the map "Giant Spider". He was really tough, even my 11lvl character didnt beat him. But, now 3 new Sidequests are ready, and two remaining! I have also made every time you get a sidequest text appear for 5sec like when you enter to area, but there is reading the number of quest, and the name, and for extra, there is the level of the quest (very easy->easy->medium->hard->very hard). Here you go:


SideQuest 1: Outsider
There is a man, named Outsider, out of the town. He's friend, who probably had some bussiness - I mean not good bussiness - with him, is worrying about is he okay, and he asks you to check he's status. You will leave the town, and stright forward, you will see a tower, what has been messed up by a troll - there is a lot of things outside, and all kind of shit on the ground. And there is a man, surrounded by the stuff, and he is the Outsider. After you speak him, he says he is okay, and asks you to return to man named Óleander, and you will see, that he is the man who sent you. You will be rewarded with 60 exp.

SideQuest 2: Stolen Money?
Outsider has a mission for you. He has hided a plenty of money to Troll's Fist, and he knows, that it's too dangerous to enter a place like that, and he asks you to do that, and becuse he is a general of Town's Guards, he sends some soldiers with you. It will be great fight against a trolls - and you have to may be kill them all, before you find the right troll, who has the money. Then, you return to Outsider, and be rewarded with 150 exp.

SideQuest 3: Bloodmoney
Outsider said you, that dont speak with woman who is looking for her money, but when you see a woman in middle of town's marketplace, you cant just let her be there. When you talk to her, you may be know, that "Oh! Who is that mysterious town guard, who took her pennies?", and then you get to Outsider, and he has few Tower Shield-equipped soldiers with him. This will get really bad... then you walk to him, and oh shit, they hit you, and again, and Outsider says, that you will get the moneys from he's dead bodys pocket. You will fight against him, and other guards in the town are attacking you too. You will receive mission objective, wich says that you have to kill all corrupted guards in the town. After you do that, and you speak again with the woman, you will be rewarded (if I remember right...) with 300exp. This woman is little bit out of her mind, and she says that if she wouldn't be married, you would get something else for reward, hopefully you know what she means.

SideQuest 4: The Last Stand (not flash game)
You will see really scared man at the farms, and he is one of the Race of the Elves. When you speak to him, you will notice, that this is going to be really bad. You have to go so fast to the town as you can, but there are aggressive goblins on the road, and you have to kill them. After you completed that, you got to go to the Cursed Town, and speak with Elves, who have just came to your Town, and they have been called to the fight. You have to get them to the farms - and then you notice, when a timer will come to your screen, that you will be in this fight. Then, a little horde of 15 goblins come, ah, so easy. But then some archers comes with them and your teammates dont may be even see them. After that, some Goblin Spider Riders come, and then your teammates are in little bit more danger, and after that, they come two times with all upgrades and 5lvl! After that, 3 trolls come, and you are the only one alive, and you see, that the great fight is over, and you will be rewarded with 1000 exp.

SideQuest 5: Death of the Giant Spider
Crazy woman says that hes hsobend wants to proof her hes loyality in their relationship, and this woman has offcourse no loyality, but she doesn't want to lose her hosbend, and she asks you for little help - you gotta kill a Giant Spider, what this hosbend is trying to do. After you kill that monster, you will got objective to get back to this woman, and woman says this time, that he is horny about what you did (it's not suprise from a lunatic woman...) and you will be rewarded with 900 exp (im not sure about any experiences what you receive, becuse it's hard to remember some random numbers you just put there).

SideQuest 6: Goblin Lord
Now this insane woman wants you to kill Goblin Lord, what her hosbend is trying to kill again, becuse her hosbend is may be lunatic too, and he thinks that Giant Spider just ran away from their lands. Then, when you face that Goblin Lord, there is "few more" goblins, and after you beat them, you will get objective about to get back to her, and you will be rewarded with 1337 points of experience, and woman says that they are worth of 1000 kisses.

SideQuest 7: Annoying Troll
This time woman's hosbend is going to kill Annoying Troll, what is may be right name for a troll, eh? But by the way, this troll is Mountain Troll, and it's quite tough to beat, and you will see it when you try to do that. After you do what you have to, you will be rewarded with 2000 experience.

SideQuest 8: Missing a man?
Oh my god, insane sexualfreak'n woman gives you a quest again, this time you have to find her ultimatestupid lunatic hosbend, becuse when her hosbend went to search for Annoying Troll, he never came back! So... you may be can think about, is that man somewhere where this troll was? ...may be. After finding him, and returning to woman, you will receive 2200 experience, and woman says that you will may be never see her again (may be something like suicide?)

SideQuest 9: The End(sorry, if forgot to put this after the last stand but i am too tired to edit!)
The End is just finishing for mission The Last Stand. Farmer asks you to kill all goblins remaining in Gollum's Eye. After doing that (and offcourse returning to farmer), you will be rewarded with... umm... a some-kind-of-something-like-of-what-kind-of-you-know value of experience.

SideQuest 10: Revenge or Not
In this quest, you have two funny ways to complete it. The easier way is to kill that woman, becuse she has may be annoying, or then help this woman and put he's life back to normal by killing The Spider Riders of Little Mirkwood-gang. If you killed her, you will be rewarded with nothing, and if you kill that gang, you will receive 3000 experience, but becuse you now readed it, is that fucking fun anymore? Why I did after all write all this? I dont know. May be I want( and I really want)


#780319 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 27 December 2009 - 02:04 PM in Showcase

Yay, atleast some comments! Okay, so I saw this Knife Throw in Aragorn's file inside INI.big, and I am thinking about overwriting (I dunno is that right word) some other skill with that, becuse Elendil and Leadership both suck on this map, becuse enemies will not flee when you use Elendil, so it's more useless than Leadeship, but may be I am going to copy some other skills from other heroes, I'm not sure. I will make new sidequests today, and update this message.

#779990 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 25 December 2009 - 02:50 AM in Showcase

^ I think sometimes that way too, becuse I am only 14 years old, and I can even program my own games with multiply languages, amazing I think, but we Finlanders are like this, super-smart-alcoholics.

Okay, but back to thread. I have now enough energy to update the main post, and the map is 70% ready, thank's for Crusard for he's help in Aragorn's respawn solution, wich is now solved. Now, I have made so much changes to this, that I cant even remember them all, but here we go...

I have made introduction to the beginning of the map. There is little Camera Animation, what is looking at the statue, and after that camera stops and it's looking straight to the statue, and there comes the story. Here is a picture of that, and there is 7 long texts (what are changing every 25sec).
(When I was uploading this picture, I regonized that Imageshack has been changed today, the uploading is looking different)
Posted Image

Okay. I did make many other changes too, but that was may be the biggest one. One change was, that there is not coming Objective List, becuse it doesn't work, or people said me that it wont work on the theard where I was asking about that. You guys just have to remember your quests! Another thing was, that when you went some places, you are not leaving the fog places where you have went, they will be shrouded. It looks nice, that the map is only showing your location, not the places you have been, and it looks more Diablo.

I did also make that when you go to Town, and enemies are following you, they will stop, and go back to there where they were, and their health will get full. So now, you cant anymore have amazing battles inside the town, becuse Town is like "safe place".

So there is the new things, and I am making this map really carefully, and I am making it perfect, becuse I want comments when I am publishing this, like "I love this map" etc. This map is going to be unique and perfect. I have already hired a 21 years old man, who is going to fix my english in this map to perfect, so there is not going to be my bad english, and you will not laugh to dialogues, becuse they are so wrong.

And, I am now going to reveal the sidequests, what are going to be in this map. Most of them are, that you have to kill somebody, but there is some nice ones too! Do not read these, if you want to keep all sidequests as suprise.
1. Speak with Ólander, who asks you to speak with the Outsider. After doing this, get back to Óldeander.
2. Speak to Outsider, who have came to Cursed Town. He asks you to steal a treasure from Troll's Fist. After this, get back to Outsider.
3. Go to speak with Elv, who is living at the farm. He asks you to kill Goblin Lord at the Southern Mirror, becuse he have been raiding hes farm. After killing Goblin Lord, get back to Elv.
4. Speak again with the Elv, and you will have to defend Elv's farm for 3 minutes against Goblin's attacks. There will spawn few Elven Archers, and if you get killed, you can speak again to Elv to start his mission again. When you defend farm for 3 minutes, you will be automatically rewarded.
5. Speak once more to Elv, and he asks you to kill a Goblin Horde inside the Gollum's Eye, becuse that horde is may be planning to raid hes farm. After that, get back to Elv.
6. Go to the Statue, and talk to a man over there. He asks you to search a Wyrm, who has been killing civilians and razed some buildings. After you find Wyrm, get back to him.
7. Speak a Woman inside Cursed Town, and he asks you to get back she's money, that Town Guards did stole from her. When you kill those guards, get back to that Woman.
8. Speak again with the Woman, and she asks you to kill The Thug's raiders from Little Mirkwood, becuse her hosbend thinks that he can kill them, but Woman thinks it's too dangerous to him. After you killed those raiders, speak again with her.
9. Speak again with the Woman, and she asks you now to kill annoying troll from Gollum's Eye, becuse her hosbend is once more trying to be brave, and go to kill that. After that, get back to Woman.
10. Speak once more to the Woman, and she tells you, that her hosbend is gone. Go to find her hosbend, and you will find him... dead. Get back to her.
11. This will be last time you speak with the Woman, becuse she asks you to have revenge on her hosbend murderers, becuse her hosbend did try to be brave and kill The Raiders, and spider-rider gang from Little Mirkwood. After you kill them, get back to her.

So, there is going to be 11 side-quests! All them has nice and personal dialogues, and most of them as I said are killing someone, but there is going to be 3 minutes defending, yay! If you thinked why I made so much missions to be founded from same person, it's becuse you would get more missions accidently, if there would be one quest with 11 guys. Also, it feels more realistic, that one person has many things he/she needs, and, those quests are making a little sidestory. So, please, comment this updated information, and tell me, are those quests nice, and does this map feel f*****g good! I am the author of this map, but every time I test it, I somehow get addicted an raise my character up to like 12 levels, and it takes time!

Main Quest is now ready. When you enter Oxilia, you will get a notice box about you have new mission objective. Then, when you try to get out of the cave, there is invicible wall, that blocks your way. When you die, you will spawn to Cursed, and you can try again, and you will again see notice box etc. If you kill The Thug inside the cave, you will get new objective, and it's that you have to speak with Healder, Wise man of the Town. After you speak him, there will come the ending, but it's secret. After that, you will see Victory-screen. BUT, you dont have to speak with Healder after you beat The Thug: you can go free and continue making all Side-Quests and have some fun, before you want to end the scenario.

TO-DO List [Updated]
- Make remaining 10 Side-Quests
- Put PvE-fight to S. Mirror and N.Mirror
- Make Random Enemies to areas. They will randomly spawn to random places in map, but they are tough and you will be rewarded with a lot of experience by killing them
- Make Other Activies (Postman and Gladiator)
- Finish the map, like doing some nice effects somewhere, and just making it little bit more better

Other Activities:
- Postman. In this Other Activitie, you will get always RANDOM target, what will be highlighted at the map. When you go to target, you will see man there, who needs he's letter. When you do this kind of unlimited missions, you will be rewarded with extra-exp.
- Gladiator. In this Other Activitie, you can speak to the one guy, who is making fights. Then, you will Spawn to somewhere, I dont know yet, and you will fight against random enemies, or just enemy. When you kill your enemy, you will be rewarded by the experience you get when you kill that enemy, AND with extra-exp. You can Fight in Arena so many times you just want to, so this "Other Activities" are unlimited, and they are made just for getting easily level up.

UPDATE (again in same post...)

Hey, guys, please, send some comments about this map that I can post a message that is not doublepost! But by the way, this map is getting ready really soon. Here is what I've done:

- I updated the introduction at the beginning of the map.
- I have made PvE-fight's to S. Mirror and N. Mirror.
- I have made 3 full SideQuests that are working perfectly. In one of those SQ's, you will even get allies, who will fight on your side, but you can't control those units, becuse the only one you control, is Aldoir.
- If you unselect Aldoir, Aldoir get's selected in one frame, so you have always Aldoir selected.
- Dialogs has been made better.

I have also got new idea to the map, and it's that Aldoir can "recruit" units to fight on he's side, so you will find from random places some units, who will start to follow you when you get close. Off course those units are really bad, and they will be killed, but it looks nice when you attack against The Thug, and you have for example ten units following you, and The Thug will sweep them all in one slash, and the others get killed, but only you will stand again. Off course ranged units are the best ones, becuse they will shoot enemies from far away - but they will start fight's more often, when they just spot enemy, what is not a good thing?

So please guys, tell your ideas or comments about this map. It makes me feel better, and I will work on this with more speed.

75% Update

Hi guys, this is the third update today! I have been making the map now rrrreally much, and I have a picture from 70%-version, where we can see, that 18 level character is enough to beat The Thug:
Posted Image

And, it's not all! I have made little changes to the map, and I did realize, that the character selection thing all the time works bad, so I have to delete that. Also, I did make little changes to INI.big, becuse now the maxium level cap is 99, and also I made it harder to gain experience levels, becuse I made change to my program what calculates the needed experience for each level, and the chance is that every single 10 levels last needed experience will be doubled, that means when you get from under 10 levels up to 10 levels, it will be 2X harded to gain levels than before.

Okay, but next I will work on the other sidequests, so, I will keep this theard alive by updating this post, but I ask you someone to post a comment that I can change the message where I am telling about the updates, becuse this message is too long to read! Uhh!

UPDATE (tomorrow I will make doublepost if you are not going to send a comment...)

Okay guys! It's time to go sleep, but I did make one more SideQuest, and it's the defending quest! For beginning, you speak to the farmer, and after that he asks you to kill some aggressive goblins at the road wich goes from farm to town. Then, you get new objective to recruit Elven Warriors from town. After you go to speak with the Elven Warriors, who came to defend the farms, they start to follow you, and you get new objective to speak with the farmer. After that, a timer comes to screen, and brutal attack of goblins will begin, and I made it to be that you WILL NOT SURVIVE (if you are under like 14lvl) if you dont fight with your own troops, that means you wait they die and you are back of them. You have to fight with them to complete the quest.

I did also take a picture from defending mission:
Posted Image

So, I will go to sleep, and you guys are going to comment, becuse time is here 6am, and it's GMT+02, so I dont know where you guys live, but in US it's like middle of the day. So, may be you comment the progress I have made, and I say that 4/11 SideQuests are now ready, and map will be published at next week, and I am sure about that, but tomorrow is too early, becuse I made 3 SideQuests in one day.

#779946 How to get objectivelist working on skirmish?

Posted by Samppu on 24 December 2009 - 08:42 PM in Worldbuilder

Can you guys tell how I can to convert or something the map to campaign? Becuse I have no idea how to do that, but I saw a tutorial about making custom campaign, but it was one year ago, but I have searched it already, with no result. So guys, can you give me link to that tutorial, or just tell me how to make custom campaign, OR how to edit INI.big to make the "view player" button to open objective list. I have already tried to find the button set-up or whatever from INI.big to make objective list open from other button, but it didn't work. After I solve this problem, my map is like ready to be published :good:

#779945 [BFME2] When hero dies, how I can get him to respawn?

Posted by Samppu on 24 December 2009 - 08:32 PM in Worldbuilder

There is a body behavior that allows a unit to resurrect as soon as it's killed. Maybe you can mix that with a script that checks when he is killed and teleports him away.

Body = FreeLifeBody ModuleTag_FreeLifeBody  ;FreeLifeBody is a variation of RespawnBody
	MaxHealth		= FRODO_HEALTH  ;BALANCE Frodo Health
	FreeLifeHealthPercent	= 50%	  ;percentage of MaxHealth health to recover
	FreeLifeTime		= 600000  ;amount of time until we can rise from the dead again
	FreeLifeInvincible	= Yes	  ;During the RESURRECTED animation
	FreeLifePrerequisiteUpgrade = Upgrade_Chicken	  ;What upgrade is needed before I resurrect?
	FreeLifeAnimAndDuration	= AnimState:RESURRECTED AnimTime:4600;The RESURRECTED animation
	PermanentlyKilledByFilter = NONE  ;Who kills me permanently?
	DodgePercent		= 80%

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I tried your all guys things, but this was the only one what did really work! Crusard, that was really helpful! Now my scenario is working really good! Thanks dude, really.

#779881 [BFME2] When hero dies, how I can get him to respawn?

Posted by Samppu on 24 December 2009 - 12:46 PM in Worldbuilder

Thank you for so much help, but I did know that before, as I said in my previous post. The problem in that is, that only level is set back to normal, but your experience is not, and it needs 50 scripts and little bit more. The easiest way is that tell me is that possible to disable that Aragorn dies, to make him immortal, or put some kind of "godmode" on, but just for aragorn? :good:

#779827 [BFME2] When hero dies, how I can get him to respawn?

Posted by Samppu on 24 December 2009 - 02:43 AM in Worldbuilder

I have not solved this yet. I know there is a way to make new aragorn, and I have to make 50 scripts to make unit to get he's old levels back, but it gives only levels, not exp.

But, I now realized one way to get Aragorn respawning working: guys, tell me what code from INI.big I have to delete, to make Aragorn to immortal, I dunno is that right word, but make Aragorn that he cannot die, understand? Then I can just put that when hes health reaches 0. Please guys, tell me just what I have to delete from INI.big or what script I have to make to have Aragorn immortable. I have searched Aragorn's diething from aragorn.ini, but there is nothing that would help me. If I dont get this thing working, my RolePlaying map cannot be published becuse sometimes, when player got hit that all hp is gone, even my old script what just gives Aragorn health, will not work, so now please help me :good:

#779818 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 24 December 2009 - 01:19 AM in Showcase

Thanks for comments again dudes! There was little bit problems when I converted this to v. 1.06, becuse lang-directory files was little bit strange, but now Aragorn is Aldoir, and everything is working like in 1.00. I am now beginning to convert this to campaign-style, or just somehow get objective list to work. I have also edited map little bit: there is now a bridge going to statue at the southern Mirror, and Corsairs of Umbar are bugging so much that I changed 'em to another, MordorFighters, but they are too easy, so I am may be going to change them again. And, here is big list of screenshots and Spoilers doesn't somehow work for me, so here are the links to those pics (there is so many pictures that I will get banned if I list them all here. There is the cave pictures too, so now you can see what it looks inside the cave. Also there is picture about Aldoir stats)

Killing Archer at the Statue
Aragorn (Aldoir) stats
5lvl fighting against a troll... (I died 5sec after I took the picture)
Inside Gollum's Eye
Hanging around the nothern Mirror
Town's Wise guy will be located here
Inside Oxilian
Just talking to Outsider

#779753 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 23 December 2009 - 06:36 PM in Showcase

^ You dont need to help me with the coding, if I dont ask you to help :p

You said this is original idea of the map, so with my bad english, does that mean that there is like 100 maps like this? Here are btw. all the images I just took (and more is coming):
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

#779730 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 23 December 2009 - 05:07 PM in Showcase

@Masterbadeend, they are "caves", and in game, when you go into one like that, it looks like cave, really much, becuse you cant control camera, and zoom out, and see that the mountain ends little bit further than you can see. I can take you a picture of that. And, thanks for your comments, I have made first sidequest, and now I have to somehow get the objective list working, but that quest works very well, and after it's completed, you will be rewarder with 60 exp.

Levels are now fully coded, but somehow the game doesn't allow more than 40 max lvl, but I will try to somehow fix that, but 40lvl is enough - I think. It takes many hours to raise your character very good. And, now I have maded areas fully working, and now there is enemies in forests and at mountain, and when you enter area, there is reading area name, and what is good level to fight in that area, like now when you enter Town Outskirts, there reads on the top of the screen "Town Outskirts (1-10)", so it's good to be 1-10lvl when wants to fight in there.

One more important thing is, that you dont fight against big hordes in this game, you fight against one units or more, like in MMORPG games, and the units you kill, will respawn again in random time, like in MMORPG games. There is boss units of each unit too, so in one area, there is like goblins, there are few lvl 5 goblins with all upgrades, and you will be rewarded more experience when you kill them. Now I have converted my mod to Middle-Earth v. 1.06 too, so it's up to date. I have also changed Aragorn-unit's name to Aldoir.

Then, one more thing. I have modified Aragorn's stats too, so in the beginning, you will have only less than 100hp and your armor is 15%, and your damage is little, but when you level up, all your stats will get raised (Health Regeneration Speed, Armor percent, Damage, and Health), and when you move your cursor over Aragorn, you will see your Max Health and Max Damage. And I have made little changes to the game too, like now Aragorn cannot change hes formation or battle stance, and he cannot call Oathbreakers, and there is now two empty slots, and I dont know, will I add there some new skills, if you have idea, please tell me that. I have also disabled Aragorn's moving sounds, becuse every time you want to move, Aragorn says like "For Gondor", "Go!", "We will beat the Sauron", and it was really annoying, becuse you are moving him little distances all the time.

About that sidequest, I will just tell, that it's really simple. You will get that mission from one guy from the town, and he is telling about that there is a man living near to Oxilian, and he want's to know is he alive anymore, and everything is told to you in nice dialog. When you go there, you will see the man, and when you talk to him, he tells you that he is moving to city becuse there is not safe to live, and then he starts to move to the Town, and he asks you to bring a message to the man you spoke. After you speak to the man who gave you the quest, you will be rewarded with 60 hp.

TO DO-list
- To change enemies AI little bit, becuse they are following you to the Town
- Add new player, who is your ally, and in some sidequests, they are killing enemies with you, and that player is guarding the Town too.
- To complete every area (add there enemies)
- [not sure] Make a bridge to go to the statue, what is located in southern Mirror of Terror
- All Side-Quests
- Make objectives list working (I may be have to make this scenario to work like campaign to get that working)
- New respawn

Please, comment my new ideas, and after I just take screenshots and add them here, comment them too!

#779459 How to get objectivelist working on skirmish?

Posted by Samppu on 22 December 2009 - 05:02 PM in Worldbuilder


My RP map needs Objectives-list, but I cant open Objectives-list even when I am enabling it with script, so is there any way to see map objectives, even when map is skirmish?

#779403 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 22 December 2009 - 11:55 AM in Showcase

"Comment on what? show us something"

If there is nothing to see in this thread, my first post should be blank. But if you mean you want to see picture of the map, I currently have one, what I just tooked for ya. Here is it:
Posted Image

Now I have started to make scripts, and I have made my own AI for enemies - they will only start to follow and try to kill you when you see them, and they will not stop when they follow you. And I made this more like Role Play, so you cant control the camera, becuse it follows you, and you can only rotate it little bit. The game looks like now Diablo 2, becuse your vision is only 20 (I may be raise it to 50) so everything is black near to you, and this really looks RPG, and I am proud about that. And now, when you enter new area, areas name will come to top of the screen GTA-style, and it will be gone in 5sec. I have also designed all sidequests. I hope that I can publish this in this week, but it needs your help, becuse my Aragorn Dying Problem is not solved yet, and you can see that from Modding-category of the forum, please help :good:

#779367 [BFME2] When hero dies, how I can get him to respawn?

Posted by Samppu on 22 December 2009 - 05:25 AM in Worldbuilder

Mm, okay, I will try that later, but do you have idea about how to make him respawn when he's healht reaches 0? Becuse it's little bit stupid that he cant waste he's all health, he "dumbs" that 10% from hes health :good:

#779280 [BFME2] When hero dies, how I can get him to respawn?

Posted by Samppu on 21 December 2009 - 09:07 PM in Worldbuilder

Hi again, now I CANT solve this problem. I have been trying to solve it for 2 hours, please help!

So, my problem is, that I have hero, Aragorn. He's "unit name" is aragorn1, and he belongs to team "team Player1/aragorn". I have looping script named aragorn_resurrect, and it goes like this:

IF team aragorn heatlh is less or equal to 10%
--> teleport unit aragorn1 to waypoint resurrect_point
--> set "team Player1/aragorn" health 100%

But that doesn't work! Aragorn just dies! I need help with this problem, and please, that what I really wanted was that Aragorn really dies, and then spawns to resurrect_point, but when I did that, Aragorn's health was set to 1, so if there is any way to spawn a hero with he's old levels, please, tell me how to do that, but if there isn't, just tell me how to teleport and heal unit when he's health is under 10%.

If you help me, we will see Samppu's Roleplay Scenario! This is just little request for so unbelievable mod & map!

#779228 SRPS 1: Cursed Town [95% ready][BFME2]

Posted by Samppu on 21 December 2009 - 04:02 PM in Showcase

Samppu's RolePlay Scenario 1:


Information about me
Hello guys! I am really new guy here, just today registered, and I registered becuse I needed help with problem, but I solved it by myself. And, on that topic, I writed a post about this, my first RolePlay Scenario, and I am planning about making many of RP Scenarios. And, then, something about me, so, I live in Finland, it's at nothern-europe, and my english is pretty bad, but please, try to understand my text.

What are RP Scenarios?
RP Scenario is (I think) my own idea. So, in RP Scenario you are moving only one hero, and you can make sidequests on the scenario, and it's open world, and it means you can do everything at any time. The special thing in RP Scenario isn't only that you are roleplaying: you can raise your character's level up to 50. In most of my scenarios, I think you are controlling Aragorn, and he always get somewhere, where he is needed, like now he is in Cursed Town, but I will tell story later.

My RP Scenario is using my selfmade mod, and it needs installing, so when you want to play my RP Scenario, you have to use my INI.big-file, and make a copy of your original INI.big, so it means, when you want to play my scenarios, you have to use my INI.big, and when others, you have to close your game, and change the file, so it's little bit complicated. And why you have to do that is becuse if you are playing some other map, Aragorn can level up there 50 too, and he's health and other attributes are too low. I call my INI.big-file "RP Scenario Engine", becuse my all RP Scenarios will work with same INI.big-file, so it's like "game-engine".

So, the story will be in the Scenario itself too, but Aragorn did go to this Cursed Town, and the villagers and normal people has much problems, like Goblins are burning their farms, or orcs are raiding their homes. They are the sidequests, what can be made for extra-experience. The main quest is to beat The Thug, big troll, and he is living in he's cave, near to the Town. That guy is avaible to be beaten whenever player just wants - but it won't be easy. When player dies (like when he is trying to kill that troll), he will be spawned to Town Center, and he is again avaible to do anything he wants again. This means, that the scenario cannot be losed, so you can die so many times you just want.

Map Size
This is my first roleplay scenario (I have made one big one year ago, but it did get deleted), so I want to make it small. Map Size will be 200x200, and 50 of that will be border where both players citadel's are. In this scenario, there will be only 5-15 sidequests, 1-5 other activities (like Arena and other games), may be jail, where you will get when you do crime, and the main quest.

4PM, 21.12.2009:
--Engine Coding: 100%
----Level Up: 100%
----Skills and attributes: 100%
--Map Designing: 0%
----Terrain: 0%
----Objects: 0%
--Map Scripting: 0%
----NPC: 0%
----Sidequests: 0%
----Mainquest: 0%
----Other: 0%
--MAP.STR: 0%
----Texts: 0%
----Mission Objectives: 0%

9PM, 21.12.2009:
--Engine Coding: 100%
----Level Up: 100%
----Skills and attributes: 100%
--Map Designing: 100%
----Terrain: 100%
----Objects: 100%
--Map Scripting: 0%
----NPC: 0%
----Sidequests: 0%
----Mainquest: 0%
----Other: 0%
--MAP.STR: 0%
----Texts: 0%
----Mission Objectives: 0%

5am, 25.12.2009:
--Engine Coding: 100%
----Level Up: 100%
----Skills and attributes: 100%
--Map Designing: 100%
----Terrain: 100%
----Objects: 100%
--Map Scripting: 25%
----NPC: 25%
----Sidequests: 5%
----Mainquest: 0%
----Other: 0%
--MAP.STR: 90%
----Texts: 50%
----Mission Objectives: 100%

10pm, 25.12.2009:
--Engine Coding: 100%
----Level Up: 100%
----Skills and attributes: 100%
--Map Designing: 70%
----Terrain: 100%
----Objects: 100%
----Camera Animations: 50%
--Map Scripting: 95%
----NPC: 100%
----Sidequests: 90%
----Mainquest: 100%
----Other: 100%
--MAP.STR: 100%
----Texts: 100%
----Mission Objectives: 100%


UPDATE, 9PM, 21.12.2009
I designed the level whole day! Uhhuh, now I am very tired, but I am sure that now this level
looks like amazing! There is new info about Cursed Town itself, and story has been changed little bit.
The story is now:
"This is the time when Elves, Dwarves and Men (and we dont forget Hobbits!) lives together.
They all are living in same cities, and their all enemies are the Dark Forcer: orcs, goblins and
uruks. This time is called 'The time of Confict'. And there is battles all the time - but they are
not becuse the ring, they are becuse the power and who rule. This time, Side of the Good is
controlling whole Middle-Earth.

But, there is a man, he's name is Aldoir. He is hero, and he's home town, named Cursed Town,
is in a trouble. The Wise Man of the city, did try to destroy The Thug - a troll, who did came to
Oxilia Cave. In Oxilia, there was a little town, like Cursed, but after The Thug came, the whole
town were sweeped away, and only ruins of that remains. And, Wise Man, named Heldaer, was
trying to destroy The Thug, but he failed, and he is still trapped in the ruins - nobody knows
where. But only hero can save him, and Heldaer is important to the town - he is one of the
one hundread men of The Council of the Middle-Earth. People of the Council are leaders of the
Middle-Earth - so that guy is really important to the Town, and to whole Middle-Earth, and for
the Good Side. And Aldoir, who is young, and strong man, wants to save him. He want's to
clean the whole Middle-Earth from the Evil Side. And he will do it!"

So, there is the story! And then, when I was designing maps, I named every place on the map:
there is mountain, what is named Troll's Fist, and there is little cave, it's called Gollum's Eye, and
the town is offcourse Cursed Town, and there is a Well, and area near to that is Town Center, and
the cave, where The Thug is living, is Oxilia Cave, and there is little Elven farm, and that is named
Little Mirkwood, and near to Oxilia, there is two lakes, and they are called "Mirror of Terror". And,
in the map, when you walk from area to another, there will show in top of the screen text, where
is the name of the area you came, like in GTA. The Dialogs, when you talk to someone, are in
message, and you cant choose, do you want to make sidequest or not: when you go to near to
NPC, and if he has quest to you, you will receive it, did you want or not, but you dont have to
complete it. All missions will (hopefully if this works) when you get it go to your Objectives list.


I will update that list, and aswer your posts so good how I just can!

#779210 [BFME2] Aragorn's mxhp raises when lvl up

Posted by Samppu on 21 December 2009 - 03:19 PM in BFME2 & RotWK Modding

I got this solved by my self. I think my SRPS 1: Cursed Town (SRPS = Samppu's Role Play Scenario) will be published on this week, and it will be downloadable on this forum too. So... thanks for nothing (yet) :p

#779197 [BFME2] Aragorn's mxhp raises when lvl up

Posted by Samppu on 21 December 2009 - 02:32 PM in BFME2 & RotWK Modding


I just came to this forums, becuse I have problem with coding. I have been modding BFME2 now for like one year, and what I've done now is one Role Playing Game map, where Aragorn can get to 50lvl, but the problem that I am having is, that I dont know how to code like that when Aragorn gets from lvl 1 to lvl 2, he's health will raise from 2400 to 2500, and from lvl 2 to lvl 3 it raises to like 2650. So, that's my problem. I tried already to make like this:

ExperienceLevel	AragornLevelMP1
	TargetNames				=	ARAGORN	
	RequiredExperience				=	1
	ExperienceAward				=	10 
	Rank					=	1
		Texture					=	decal_hero_good
		OpacityMin					=	50%
		OpacityMax				=	100%
		MinRadius					=	40
		MaxRadius					=	200
		MaxSelectedUnits							=	40

ExperienceLevel	AragornLevelMP2
	TargetNames				=	ARAGORN	
	RequiredExperience				=	25
	ExperienceAward				=	20 
	LevelUpFx					=	FX:GandalfLevelUp1FX
;LevelUpOCL				=	OCL_GandalfLevelUp1OCL
	Rank					=	2
	AttributeModifiers				=	10
	Upgrades					=	Upgrade_AragornBladeMaster
				MaxHealth(this is what I added)								   =			  2500
		Texture					=	decal_hero_good
		OpacityMin					=	50%	
		OpacityMax				=	100%
		MinRadius					=	40
		MaxRadius					=	200
		MaxSelectedUnits							=	40

But that didn't work, and I know that was just random trying. So please, if you know, what I have to add to there, please tell me. And I dont even know, is this, what I am trying, even possible. And my english is may be bad, becuse I am from Finland, so sorry about that. But please, if you want to see my RP map online some day, help me with this issue!

And, my other this I tried, was that I added to AttributeModifier HEALTH 120%, but it didn't work either.