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#844029 A Closer Look, Part 1: Interview, Review, and Preview

Posted by cheesecake645 on 20 March 2011 - 09:59 PM in Mod Discussion

Well, it's been a few months since the last update, and that's quite too long. I'm happy to report that a good amount of progress has been made, as some of you may have seen in the pictures. The last update was in celebration of reaching 100k hits-and in only a few months after it's already over 140k! This update serves several purposes. It will catch up people who have recently started following the mod, be a refresher for people who have followed for a long time, and let everyone find out new information.


Q. What is "Legacy Era: Second Imperial Civil War"?

A. "Legacy Era: Second Imperial Civil War" is a modification for Star Wars: Empire at War. Its goal is to bring into focus the Legacy Era, but more specifically the Second Imperial Civil War. It originally started out as a small project entitled "Legacy Era Mini-mod," but has since then grown exponentially and undergone a name change. You will play as either the tyrannical Krayt Empire, freedom-seeking Galactic Alliance Remnant (with help from Fel's Empire-in-Exile), or the obscure Confederation Revenant. Each faction will have in-depth coverage in coming news articles.

Q. When will the mod be released-do you have a set date?

A. There is currently no set release date; I do not have even a general month planned out for release. It'll come when it's done, that's all I can say. I rushed the last release and look at how that came out. This time will be different. I've been completely overhauling and revamping things since the end of August-projectiles, ships, hardpoints, graphics, and other things yet to be revealed. I only can say that this mod should be released before 2012 comes around, but even that is indefinite.

Q. Will land be included?

A. Well, yes and no. Yes, because I'm not removing it, but no is the true answer for what the question is really getting at-land is not getting done for the next release. Unfortunately it may never, but I hope that resources will become available afterwards to work towards converting the land portion as well. It'll just be space for now.

Q. What about campaign and galactic conquest?

A. I do have several ideas in mind, and I have a couple people who will be helping me out to code them since it can be very time consuming. I won't reveal details yet, but that will come later on. As for campaign, there will be no new campaign. Those things are seriously a pain to mod, even for the most experienced modders. There will be several unique scenarios for GC, and they should prove to be quite fun and interesting.

Q. Anything special or unique that you plan on doing?

A. Well, I like to think that the mod itself is special and unique :popcorn:, but that's just me. I can tell you that I will be adding multiple space skirmish maps with the mod-they will be made to accommodate the mod's style. But what I'm really excited about is adding a new kind of skirmish map. These several maps will be very different from your normal battle-something I like to refer to as "Survival." The premise is quite simple, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. More details will come as time progresses.

Q. What's with this Confederation Revenant?

A. The Confederation Revenant (also called either the Confederation or CR for short) is the non-canon third faction in the mod, replacing the Zann Consortium. The CR is formed out of several parties. There are complete worlds/systems that are known for having highly independent strides, such as Bothawui, Fondor, Mandalore, and several others which has joined together alongside ex-Imperial and ex-Alliance government officials and military members, and executives or engineers from major corporations such as CEC and KDY that have stolen older or experimental plans for vessels. The reason for them coming together was to reform the Confederation. They view both the Empire and Alliance as incapable, bringing only chaos to the galaxy. To this extent they do not view the force as a light or dark side like the Empire and Alliance, but a means to an end, and not a religion of sorts. They want to bring balance by eliminating all Jedi and Sith. Many members are people who defected because they see the governments as ineffective. Everyone has their own reasons but are all united.

Q. And what about all their strange weaponry?

A. Their weapons definitely are unique. The Confederation is devoting extensive time and research to the development of new and experimental technologies, while increasing the efficiencies of modern tech. The list of new or improved weapons includes plasma weapons, mass drivers, disruptors, and proton cannons. The next article will have more specifics about these things.

One final question

Q. What can we expect in the coming weeks from you?

A. In the coming weeks there will be several articles, explaining things mentioned in this article. There will also be more pictures and info about the CR's ships. Another thing that will be touched upon is the heroes for each faction. Since I have off next week for winter break over here in NY I should have plenty of time to do these things. You can also expect at least one video in the next month as well.

And from the previous update, below is the space unit list for the Confederation Revenant, which replaces the Zann Consortium as the third faction in the mod.

Confederation Revenant


Tech 1
B734 Invader Close Support Starfighter
Besh-class Strike Bomber

Tech 2
TIE Stalker
YT-5100 Shriek-class Bomber

Tech 3
Phoebos-class Interceptor
YT-7200 Shriek-class Bomber

Tech 4
Davaab-type Elite Interceptor
Bes'uliik Heavy Bomber

Tech 5
Eta-7 Elite Assault Craft


Tech 1

Tech 2
Quickfire-class Corvette

Tech 3&4
Iviin'yc-class Gunship


Tech 1
Pulsar-class Escort Frigate
Restrictor-class Interdiction Frigate

Tech 2
Kote-class Destroyer

Tech 3
Sentinel-class Assault Ship
Phantom-class Stealth Cruiser
Vengeance II-class Heavy Cruiser


Tech 1
Defiance-class Battleship

Tech 2
Ara'nov Destroyer

Tech 3
Firestorm-class Missile Cruiser

Tech 4
Duplicity-class Battle Carrier
Vitrification-class Heavy Destroyer

#839541 Pictures and Updates.

Posted by cheesecake645 on 31 January 2011 - 01:42 AM in Mod Discussion

Thanks! Everything is coming together quite nicely so far, and progress is going smoothly.

Another pic:

Posted Image

Pellaeon's waiting to trap their enemies!

#838878 Pictures and Updates.

Posted by cheesecake645 on 26 January 2011 - 12:23 AM in Mod Discussion

Empire over Fondor
Posted Image

#838735 Krayt Empire New Space Units

Posted by cheesecake645 on 25 January 2011 - 03:00 AM in Mod Discussion

It'd be a good idea for you all to get to know what the Legacy Era ships are, wouldn't it? So since I have shown the Alliance's I will show the Empire's.

First up are the fighters and bombers. To avoid an information overload, I will post other ships later.

Predator-class fighter

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: Manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems, the Predator is considered to be a successor to the older TIE/In starfighter, the Predator-class fighter is still highly maneuverable and heavily armed, but unlike most previous TIEs, it was is equipped with hyperdrives and a deflector shield generated through its blade-shaped wings.

Armament: 4 (Medium) Laser Cannons

Role: The Predator is basically an adavancement of the TIE Interceptor, and thus plays the same crucial role. It is the Empire's primary response to the Alliance's fighters such as the Crossfire, and though it may not always best the CF9 one-on-one, in groups they prove to be much deadlier and overwhelm opponents.

Neutralizer-class bomber

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: The Neutralizer is starfighter developed by Sienar Fleet Systems using the designs of the Predator-class fighter. It is a a multi-purpose bomber, and larger, bulkier, and less agile than the Predator. The bomber is equipped with a hyperdrive and navicomputer, and impressive shields, and is considerably nimble for a bomber.

Armament: 2 (Medium) Laser Cannons, 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers (10 Torpedoes each)

Role: The Neutralizer is a multi-purpose bomber, filling a diverse range of roles. Its primary purpose is strafing enemy ground emplacements and attacking large ships or stations in space. It is the Empire's primary bomber, though not as well armed or expensive as the Alliance's BB-2. It is faster though, and more maneuverable.

Fury-class Sith starfighter

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: Produced by the SoroSuub Corporation, its design is based on the Old Republic Cutlass-9 patrol fighter. They have two wings curving out from the main hull, and are powered by three ion drives. It is very fast, when traveling in both hyperspace and realspace.

Armament: 1 Dual Heavy Laser Cannon

Role: The Fury can be considered an advanced interceptor. It is more efficient than the Predator, with greater speed, offensive and defensive systems. They easily outmatch the Crossfire in combat, and are a challenge to the Jedi-flown TwinTails. They are usually piloted by Sith, which increases the craft's abilities.

Reaper-class Assault Fighter

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: The design of these starfighters is similar to both the Predator-class and the Nssis Clawcrafts. It has a central ball-shaped cockpit like nearly all TIE models, but with four crescent-shaped wings around it in a configuration similar to the X-Wing. These structues hold a host of other weapons. It is a highly advanced fighter, with a hyperdrive, shields, and impressive speed. It is one of the most expensive fighters the Empire uses.

Armament: 4 (Medium) Laser Cannons, 2 Light Ion Cannons, 2 Concussion Missile Launchers (7 Missiles each)

Role: The Reaper's main role is to intercept incoming enemy fighters, starting from a distance with its missiles. These highly advanced fighters are more expensive then most, if not all fighters used by the enemy, and can take down nearly all of the Alliance's fighters. They can be bested though when encountering Jedi-flown TwinTails; if the pilots of a X-83 is not force-sensitive then the Reaper could outmatch it.

Blitz-class Assault Bomber

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: The Blitz is a large bomber. It carries powerful missile launchers on either side of the cockpit, and beneath it is a bomb bay. It has heavy armor and shields, and is extremely dangerous. Torpedo launchers launch 11 each at a time, for a total of 22 torpedoes fired. The bomb bay drops a payload of 12 proton bombs. So it's more powerful than the Galactic Alliance's BB-2, and available at tech 4. It also has the full salvo ability to give eveyrthing it's got at once.

Armament: 2 Heavy laser cannons, 2 Heavy proton torpedo launchers, 1 Proton bomb bay

Role: The Blitz plays a crucial heavy bomber/gunship role for the Empire. It is more dangerous than the Alliance's BB-2. These craft can wreak havoc on unprotected frigates and are a major threat.

So those are the new fighters and bombers for the Krayt Empire.

Next come the frigates.

Apprehender-class Frigate

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: Unorthodox in shape, the Apprehendor is a very unusual design produced by Kuat Drive Yards. It is tall and narrow, with a thin command bridge located right at the back. This frigate has a respectable amount of weaponry and hull strength, though is not as tough as the Alliance's ShaShore. It has a number of weapon emplacements on either of its sloping sides, and can efficiently divert power to engines or shields. It also carries a small complement of fighters in its ventral/internal hangar, to take care of any fighters or bombers encountered.

Armament: 4 Enhanced Medium Turbolaser Batteries, 2 Medium Ion Cannon Batteries, 2 Point-defense Batteries, 2 Concussion Missile Launchers (60 missiles total), Tractor beam emitters

Role: The ship is mainly tasked with engaging, capturing and destroying smaller vessels such as corvettes and light frigates (hence its name). As such, it utilizes its tractor beams and weapons to capture weaker vessels, or its relatively high speed to escape stronger ones such as the Tri-Scythe Frigate. It is not deployed alone to worlds vulnerable to large attacks, but instead patrols in groups worlds susceptible to small-scale attacks.

Complement: 12 Predator-class Fighters, 4 Neutralizer-class Bombers

Ardent-class Fast Frigate

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: Also built and sold by KDY, the arrowhead-shaped vessels, these are larger and more powerful than the Apprehendor-class. They are designed for rapid responses and sacrifice both shielding and armor to increase their speeds and weaponry. In overall appearance, they are reminiscent of the century-old Acclamator-class. The frigate's weapons emplacements are reminiscent of past designs, with turbolaser batteries flanking the raised section on each side.

Armament: 2 Dual Heavy Turbolaser Turrets, 8 Dual Medium Turbolaser Turrets, 2 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, 4 Point-defense Batteries, Tractor Beam emitters

Role: The fast frigates are used as quick-strike vehicles. A common Imperial tactic is to send several Ardent-class frigates into enemy picket lines to exploit weaknesses and open gaps for other warships. Power would temporarily be transferred to the shields or engines when escaping the enemy line after breaking through, but they still suffer more damage than most ships in the fleet due to their aggressive tactics.

Complement: 18 Predator-class Fighters, 8 Neutralizer-class Bombers

Main Capital ships:

Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: The Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer is a warship design produced by Kuat Drive Yards, named in honor of former Imperial Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, and draws upon the distinctive and classic wedge-shape of earlier times. The Pellaeon-class is considered one of the most powerful warships in the galaxy and is noted as having unmatched weapon systems and starfighter components. With its sleek outline, it's presented as less of a target to potential enemies, while at the same time optimizing its shield protection. The forward-sloping superstructure also gives excellent vantage points for the Pellaeon's main gun batteries, more so than on the Star Destroyers of the previous centuries. The class has slightly more armament than the older Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, and possesses an interdiction field, capable of pulling ships out of hyperspace.

Armament: 4 Heavy Quad Turbolaser Turrets, 4 Ion Cannon Batteries, 3 Proton Torpedo Launchers (200 Torpedoes total), 11 Medium Turbolaser Turrets, Tractor beam emitter, Gravity well generator

Role: The Pellaeon is the preferred battleship of the Imperials, due to its highly advanced systems and capabilities. Many times they serve as command ships for fleets. They are the primary response to the Alliance's Scythe battlecruisers and other warships, using its wide slopes to focues firepower on one or several targets. It can take on nearly any other ship and come out victorious, and keep enemy vessels from escaping by using its interdiction field.

Complement: 48 Predator-class Fighters, 16 Neutralizer-class Bombers

Nemesis-class Star Dreadnaught

Posted Image

Physical Characteristics: The shape of the Nemesis harkens back to that of Jerec's Super Star Destroyer Vengeance with its sword-like appearance. It slopes in a fashion similar to that of the Pellaeon, and has a bridge that looks nearly the same. It is more compact than the old Executor class, but cheaper to produce and more efficient. Its impressive shields, armor, and weaponry earn it the same fame and reputation the former Star Dreadnaughts achieved in previous wars, and strikes fear in the heart of the Alliance Remnant. Aside from boasting a powerful armament, it also carries a large amount of fighters and bombers. Like the Pellaeon it is capable of creating an interdiction field to keep the enemy constrained to realspace. This incredible package of a ship is the result of the refinement of Imperial technology over the years, and the crowning achievement of modern ship-building.

Armament: 14 Advanced Heavy Dual Turbolaser Batteries, 6 Advanced Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries, 4 Heavy Sonic Missile Launchers, Tractor beam emitter, Gravity well generator

Role: The Nemesis maintains the same basic role as preceding Super Star Destroyers. They often used as command ships and flagships in the Imperial Navy, and are many consider them to bealmost invincible in combat, although costly to operate. This slow moving vessel is used to pummel entire enemy fleets and leave nothing more than scrap behind; only when a large fleet or one which is comprised of the heaviest warships assaults it can it be defeated.Complement: 360 Predator-class Fighters, 120 Neutralizer-class Bombers, 75 Fury-class Sith starfighters, 90 Reaper-class Assault Fighters

There are other ships as well, they will be added to other threads.

#838730 Pictures and Updates.

Posted by cheesecake645 on 25 January 2011 - 02:26 AM in Mod Discussion

From now on, since I plan on "reviving" my forums here which have been forgetten by myself unforunately, I will be posting small day-to-day updates here. The large updates will get their own entire threads. Acompanying many of the updates will be pictures and such.

Here is a recent picture of the mod in its current state:

Posted Image

I will try to catch up the community here on the progress made.

#820461 GA Remnant Update

Posted by cheesecake645 on 08 September 2010 - 10:11 PM in Mod Discussion

This is an update is focusing on the Galacic Alliance Remnant's Modern Naval Forces.

Basically this covers their ships and details about them.

These ships are only available at tech level 3 and higher. Other out-of-date ships are the only ones you can buy at levels 1 and 2.

Starting from the bottom up, the first ships are the fighters and bombers.




Physical Characteristics: The CF9 is produced by Incom Corporation. It is slightly shorter than the X-Wing, though it is bulky. A major difference is its S-Foil configuration. The back S-foil can rotate, folding away for landing and dropping down for combat to form a cross-shaped configuration. In attack position, the wing mounted laser cannons fire in an intersecting cross pattern, giving them longer reach than most starfighter based weapons. It is shielded and hyperspace-capable.

Armament: 4 Laser cannons, 1 Proton torpedo launcher (6 proton torpedoes)

Role: Incom designed it to be being perfectly balanced between speed, maneuverability, durability and firepower, though it is not exactly the apex of their designs. It is not as maneuverable as the Predator Starfighter, but has better shields and armor. This fighter is tough and can take a punch.

X-83 TwinTail


Physical Characteristics: It is also produced by Incom. The Krayt Empire actually banned the sale of such fighters, but they were still produced anyway. It looks much more like the X-Wing than the Crossfire does, and has the familiar X-shape. The X-83 is one of the most cutting-edge starfighters of its time, made with superior components. The fighter's shields are comparable to those of a transport or light frigate, able to absorb a good deal of fire before they fail. Its hull is also stronger than those of most shuttles. It also comes with a hyperdrive. In one-on-one combat, the X-83 is easily superior to most contemporary fighters, and even when outnumbered is capable of inflicting heavy damage on the enemy.

Armament: 4 Enhanced heavy laser cannons, 2 Proton torpedo launchers (8 proton torpedoes each=16)

Role: Before the fall of the Jedi Order, the X-83 was used by that organization. They have a reputation for durability, and are well suited to front-line service. They are elite fighters, a superior marriage of offense, defense, and maneuverability. They excel as interceptors and attacking capital ships as well. This fighter bests other designs such as the Crossfire and Predator.

BB-2 Starfire Fighter-Bomber


Physical Characteristics: The BB-2 is a sleek, gently curved starfighter made by SoroSuub Corporation. Though not as maneuverable as the Alliance's Crossfire, the Starfire's pair of massive engines provides it with the same speed. It has a dual shield generator, and a 3 man crew. This bomber is extremely well armed, comparable to the K-Wing, and has a massive amount of warheads.

Armament: 2 laser cannons, 2 turreted laser cannons, 6 Proton torpedo launchers (6 proton torpedoes each=36), 3 Ion bombs

Role: The BB-2 is an incredibly well armed bomber, with a massive weapons load out. Its primary role is to barrage missile/torpedo attacks on capital ships and stations.

Jumpstar HPF


Physical Characteristics: The Jumpstar HPF (hyperspace pursuit fighter) looks nearly identical to the A-9 Interceptor produced by KDY. Its pair of advanced engines and specialized regenerating shields allow the Jumpstar to match many other starfighters of the time, though it is outpaced by the best interceptors. It comes equipped with advanced systems to pursue craft (and obviously has a hyperdrive).

Armament: 2 Laser cannons, 8 Marker missiles (yet to determine how to work these in)

Role: The Jumpstar can serve as a standard starfighter, though its specialized role is as a tracking vessel. Its missiles are not designed to destroy an enemy craft, but rather attach a homing beacon that allows a Jumpstar to track its target.



YZ-2500 Heavy Transport Corvette Variant

Physical Characteristics: The 2500 is a design reminiscent of previous eras of Corellian shipbuilding, with elements similar to the Consular-class and DP20 frigate. It is one of the largest space transports available on the market; some of those bought by the Alliance have been upgraded to a corvette.

Armament: 2 Medium turbo-lasers with increased point-defense accuracy, 2 Dual heavy point-defense laser cannons, 4 Point-defense laser cannons

Role: Like the usual corvette, it serves to destroy incoming fighters and bombers to protect larger capital ships. It can also engage in combat with other corvettes with its larger weaponry.


Sabertooth-class assault/rescue vessel


Physical Characteristics: Produced by the Mon Calamari, the Sabertooth-class assault/rescue vessel is equipped with two large and flexible grapple-"teeth", which are heavily reinforced and adjust to almost any damage. The ship is equipped with powerful engines, and reinforced with a superstructure that absorbs enemy fire and allows the ship to survive collisions with little to no damage.

Armament: 4 Turbolaser batteries, 2 Point-defense laser cannon batteries, Tractor beam emitters

Role: Its close-range grappling systems enable the Sabertooth to latch onto enemy ships, dislodging Venom assault squads which are used to take over the ship. It is also a capable combatant and can perform well in groups.

ShaShore-class Frigate


Physical Characteristics: Produced by the Mon Calamari, the ShaShore-class is designed with a large, blade-like structure centered on the ventral section of the ship's bow. In its standard armament configuration, the ShaShore is equipped with multiple turbolaser batteries, point-defense laser cannons, and a pair of proton torpedo batteries. It also has port and starboard hangars which can carry fighters and shuttles. A smaller blade positioned directly in front of the main blade is designed to carry one of several specialized modules, ranging from barrage-style concussion missile launchers, to an advanced sensor suite or communication jammers (yet to be implemented in the mod due to the lack of such models).

Armament: (Standard) 6 Turbolaser batteries, 2 Point-defense laser cannon batteries, 2 Proton torpedo tubes (80 torpedoes total), and Tractor beam emitters

Role: The ShaShore-class frigate is designed for greater speeds and maneuverability, at the cost of less armor. It is more powerful than the Sabertooth-class. ShaShore frigates often are deployed as escorts for Scythe-class battle cruisers. It is capable of being augmented to numerous other secondary roles.

Complement: 24 CF9 Crossfires

Tri-Scythe-class Frigate


Physical Characteristics: Produced by the Mon Calamari, the Tri-Scythe-class is based on the Scythe-class, but has three blade-like structures instead of the single one featured on regular battle cruisers of the line. It is also larger and bulkier than contemporary Alliance frigates like the ShaShore-class, due to the increased amount of reactors and power generators needed to feed the weapons-batteries on the three forward blade-structures. The ship is less maneuverable than the other frigates, and the Tri-Scythe can be outflanked by enemy ships targeting its sides and rear. It has fewer weapons than the Scythe-class, but more than the ShaShore-class.

Armament: 10 Turbolaser batteries, 2 Point-defense laser cannon batteries, 4 Proton torpedo batteries (160 torpedoes total), and Tractor beam emitter

Role: The Tri-Scythe serves as a heavy frigate. It makes for a less expensive version of the Scythe, though less powerful.

Main Capital Ships:

Scythe-class Main Battle Cruiser


Physical Characteristics: The Scythe-class is a mass-produced, standardized design, unlike prior generations of the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. The name comes from the massive vertical blade centered on the bow of the warship. The Scythe-class is heavily armed with advanced weaponry; the majority of the weapon batteries are mounted on the forward blade. This configuration is referred to as the "cross of fire" which proves to be deadly to almost any warship that falls into its crosshairs, although this provides some drawbacks. The heavy concentration of weapons batteries on the forward hull means that there is limited weaponry on the ship's broadsides and stern, which are susceptible to enemy fire. Several hangars are located in the forward blade.

Armament: 6 Heavy turbolaser batteries, 12 Turbolaser batteries, 4 Ion cannon batteries, 4 Proton torpedo batteries (160 warheads total), Tractor beam emitter

Role: The Scythe-class is capable of engaging Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer in direct combat and winning. The Scythe-class utilizes its powerful engines to maneuver into a position where it could bring the "cross of fire" weapons batteries to bear on an enemy vessel. This massive barrage of turbolaser, ion cannon, and torpedo fire is capable of destroying larger vessels.

Complement: 36 Crossfires, 12 BB-2's

MC99 Heavy Star Cruiser


Physical Characteristics: The MC99 follows design patterns similar to those of the earlier cruisers of the Mon Calamari line. It is very organic and bulbous in shape, with its hangars located next to its array of engines and a pair on its port and starboard sides. It is very well shielded and armored, able to withstand many attacks and is exceptionally armed. This ship is larger than the Pellaeon and Scythe and considerably more powerful than both as well.

Armament: 5 Heavy turbolaser batteries (15 actual heavy turbolasers), 7 Heavy turbolaser cannons, 3 Heavy ion cannons, 2 Heavy proton torpedo batteries (120 torpedoes), Tractor beam emitter

Role: The MC99 fulfills a role similar to that of the Mediator from the age of the New Republic. Essentially it is a battleship capable of taking on a whole small fleet of several frigates or a few Star Destroyers on its own, along with its fighter complement. It can fire in a complete circle around itself and does not have much in the way of a blind spot. This heavy-hitter is a great asset to the Alliance Remnant.

Complement: 48 Crossfires, 12 TwinTails, 21 BB-2's