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#801160 Zero hour Contra tournament

Posted by C&C-Pickled on 24 April 2010 - 08:06 PM in Contra

Alright the 5 min ceasefire shall be removed, also the map tournament island will be replaced with frontlines (kiwi warrior will add these changes to the main post so keep watching it)

#801009 Zero hour Contra tournament

Posted by C&C-Pickled on 23 April 2010 - 10:00 PM in Contra

Due to popular opinion the tournament will be postponed and a proper set of rules will be put in place.
The new tournament date will be decided after any ideas are posted, the tournament rules are:

Tournament Mode
5 Min Ceasefire
And if any unfair bugs are used then send me the replay and I will decide if it will mean a rematch

The maps will be
Round Robin:Tournament Desert
Quarter Finals: Tournament Island
Semi Finals: Tournament Plains
Finals: Tournament Desert

Any other rules ideas I will consider ;)

#800894 Zero hour Contra tournament

Posted by C&C-Pickled on 23 April 2010 - 04:02 AM in Contra

I have decided that a 2v2 will be unnecessary for the first tournament and unless i can get 10+ people into tournament by tomorrow (I am currently at 8) then it will stick with 1v1. The tournament itself will be sorted out by Kiwiwarrior but i will be partially judging on fair play e.g. Instant rushing is unfair for inexperienced players. Any other questions then feel free to ask but just remember next tournament will be 2v2 and the tournament begins tomorrow.

#800573 Zero hour Contra tournament

Posted by C&C-Pickled on 21 April 2010 - 04:01 AM in Contra

:p I'm sorry people I guess i was a bit ignorant when it came to making the tournament start time and by the way it will be going until it is over and that is by no means one day, on the matter of illegal bugs just try not to use them and if you have any complaints send me the replay and if I decide it to be unfair then I will issue a rematch or if it ridiculous i may issue a disqualification, and i already said that it will just be tournament rules on, for the maps there will be a preselected map for the preliminaries, quarter finals, semi finals, and finals. The new tournament time is 6pm GMT+12. Any questions feel free to ask.

#800391 Zero hour Contra tournament

Posted by C&C-Pickled on 20 April 2010 - 04:11 AM in Contra

O.K I'm making the first tournament official, unfortunately kiwiwarrior posted this on short notice and I will be making the date and time of this tournament to begin at 3pm GMT + 12 Saturday 24th April so if you want in contact me on xfire or my hamachi server which is Zero Hour Epic and it does not have a password the rules are just plain tournament rules and it will be played on any tournament map of your choice for your match, any questions please try to contact me on xfire first. hamachi second, mod db third or if you can't do any of those contact me here but it may not be answered here. Contact me on Hamachi as CC-Pickled 2 and xfire as Pickledo and mod db as C&C-Pickled. I hope to see people joining this tournament and ready to play! :p