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#88344 Welcome

Posted by e-5 on 28 November 2004 - 08:01 PM in Games Modding

hehe thanks

#88103 [FAQ] E-5? What's that?

Posted by e-5 on 27 November 2004 - 05:47 PM in Games Modding

What does "E-5" mean?
E-5 is the title of our Half-Life 2 Mod. It means "The Fifth Element"

Why do you call your Mod E-5, why not The Fifth Element?

Ok, what is E-5?
E-5 is a Multiplayer Mod for HL2. Our target is, to make a mod, where you play in a huuuuuge city, full of smok, dust, flying cars and big buildings!
But we don't follow the storyline of The Fifth Element Movie. The Mod just plays in the Universe of E-5.
There will also be great additions for gameplay. Like a Jetpack, new weapons, special equipement, and more...
We will make Maps for up to 32 People and also 1on1 maps.
Multiplayer Modes will be: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, caputre the stones, maybe one more. (secret)

Where are you from?
We (2 People at the moment) are all from Swtitzerland. The third is from Germany.

How old are you guys?
We're between 23 and 27

Do you have open positions?
Yes, we need:

- 2 Modelers (3dsmax, Maya or Softimage)
- 1 Texture-Man
- 1 Programmer (for Vehicles and general Gameplay, UI)
- 1 Animator

Send us a few Files of your work, if you're interested.

What about your website???
Yes, i'm on it... it just takes a little more time for a cool Flash site...

more updates soon...

#88097 Welcome

Posted by e-5 on 27 November 2004 - 05:14 PM in Games Modding

Hi there!

Welcome to our E-5 Forum

My name is Pascal Zirn aka n3utrino. I'm the big Master Chief/Founder of the E-5 Mod. ;-)
So, if you have questions, feel free to mail me!

At the moment, we're 3 People. A Modeler and one for Sound Editing. My job is making our Website, using the Forums, Modeler, and i also make all the Trailers.

If you're either a good Modeler, Mapper, Texturer, Animator, or Concept Artist... we need you!
Just send me a few Images, Videos of your work. You don't have to be a Master in what you're doing. But you have to be good if possible hehe :p


PS: I'm very sorry for my bad english, but i'm sure you can understand me.
I'm from switzerland, so..... :umad:

#88096 Welcome!

Posted by e-5 on 27 November 2004 - 05:05 PM in Games Modding

Hello and thanks!

We're happy to be here.
If you have questions, feel free, to mail me.

n3utrino@gmx.ch or e-5@gmx.ch