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#111665 Downloading other's custom mods

Posted by benthemeek on 03 March 2005 - 02:48 PM in BFME1 Modding

I would really like to try the elves faction that was made from that tutorial mentioned earlier as well as some off the units and heros i have read about on this forum and dee's(dragons,goblins etc). Why not make a stickey and support some site out there that allows user uploads like ogresnet Where your readers and users can upload the mods so everyone can try them. Any site would do, i just would like to have a one shop stop where I can go and check out new stuff and play with the creative ideas and models some have had.

Also I had one other question/idea that i think deserves some thought. It is probaly not in any of our hands but perhaps some vb programmer or someone will stumble across this post and catch the vision. I'm sure we are all familure with the windows registry editor that lets you import and export keys etc with ease. I think it would be a huge step for this modding community if a tool was developed that allowed mixing and matching mods and playing with ini settings from an easy to manage registry-like editor. For example I want to alter some aspect of legolas. I click on the hero tab and select his name and all settings pertaining to him are imported onto one page where i can change and then save and they will be saved to their respective files. The same with editing adding factions, a faction tab that lets me choose a faction and then import all settings onto one easy page or section that i can change and then save back. The advantage of a tool like this is that a modder or amateur would only have to deal with pictures, models and sounds. All the inis would be managed through one interface and thus less room for error. I think i will post this in the other forum as well, but i think such a tool would be extremely valuable to the modding community. You could even have it so you that you could save profiles from this tool that could be imported to your friends computers allowing eveyone to have the exact same settings so you could enjoy mutiplayer together. There could be different profiles for different mods you have tried and you could switch between them with ease and in effect uninstall or mix and match the best aspects of both.

#108953 Basic Modding questions(probaly need to be in FAQ)

Posted by benthemeek on 21 February 2005 - 11:06 PM in BFME1 Modding

I read many of the tutorials and I don't think I missed this anywhere. Completly new to modding and wondered how a few things worked.

1) Can mods be used in multiplayer? (as long as both have the files etc).
1a) Changing the game.ini and increasing command points and then hosting, will other players need to alter any files to see and experience the changes i made?

2) Is there a way for me to send all my moded files to another directory and load them that way so I don't screw up the original installation by altering it's files?

3) From what I'm reading alot of players are adding stuff and doing the things you have taught us. Is there some central site somewhere where these factions and heros are saved and we can download them and use them without us redoing all of everyone else's work?

I apologize if they are stupid or already answered somewhere...