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#340283 AMOS - Advanced Mortar System

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 10 August 2006 - 10:47 AM in Contra News (eng)

Love the idea. If it can carry two infantry, would it be possible that the infantrymen being carried can affect the types of mortar rounds being fired? For example, a missile-armed soldier may cause it to shoot a sort of AP mortar round, and the standard soldier would cause it to fire a better fragmentation round for infantry use.

Model looks nice, too. I wonder how it would look without a turret, if it was just a simple open-topped vehicle? Or half-open, with just the mortar area (presumably on a rotating platform) open and an armoured cab?

#327070 A New Advisor

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 14 July 2006 - 04:16 AM in The Circum-Centro War

Crave will have final say; I am merely an advisor. Any problems with what I say happens should be addressed to him.

But yes, I know that attitudes will come into play. :p

#327068 A New Advisor

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 14 July 2006 - 04:11 AM in The Circum-Centro War

I am going to do my best in remaining totally neutral; events that unfold will be unbiased.

#327060 A New Advisor

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 14 July 2006 - 03:51 AM in The Circum-Centro War


First, let me tell you a bit about my background. I am a student of history at the university near where I live, and I specialize in the history of war. At first, my interest was in the 'laboratory statistics' of weaponry, which then evolved into the scope of interest I find fascinating today - logistics. Anyway, my knowledge of war's history and the weapons involved will allow me to use that perspective in determining what happens during your attacks and what-not, as armies have found what works in theory almost never works in practice.

Thanks, and I hope to have your support for a week to see how this works.

Any questions, comments or concerns, please post them here.

7th_Panzer, crushing your future for over 25 years.

#325530 Clan Wolf

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 10 July 2006 - 05:17 AM in International Database


T.10 Osprey

Possessing a unique engine, the Osprey is designed to lift troops, heavy equipment and supplies directly into a battlezone. The craft is propelled by a pair of turbofans which allow it to travel at speeds far greater than any rotary wing craft yet it can still hover. Osprey possesses a fair degree of armour, capable of sustaining hits from 23mm cannons and yet still fly, and may be fitted with stub wings to carry rockets and missiles in addition to its cannon armament.
Speed: 650km/h
Range: 2,000km
Carrying Capacity: 24 troops or 10t
Armament: 2x 20mm cannon; capable of being fitted with stub wings

#325510 Clan Wolf

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 10 July 2006 - 03:50 AM in International Database

Land Warfare Systems

PzKpfw VII King Tiger
Main battle tank

Very fast and having a low silhouette, the Dragoons' King Tiger tank is a superb main battle tank and is a force not to be taken lightly. Heavily armed, the vehicle has a unique sloped modular armour system that is simply strapped on before combat, so more units can be shipped on a single delivery; this system also allows for custom armour fittings for specific threats. For example, when fighting other tanks, the King Tiger would have much heavier front and side protection, but in an urban environment, the tank's roof would be well protected. The main weapon is a devastating 130mm cannon, which utilizes not only the most potent APFSDS rounds but also the Gerlich squeeze principle, allowing for very high velocities for its HEAT and AP rounds. A disruptive ECM emitter is installed on every unit, designed to disable incoming missiles. Although this will not guarantee that the tank will not be struck, it will defeat the top-attack styles of many anti-tank guided missiles.
Mass: 60 tons
Crew: 4
Max Speed (cross-country): 65 km/h (100km/h without governor)
Armour: 100mm min; 320mm max
Armament: 1x 130mm gun; 3 mg

PzKpfw VIII Badger
Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Skimming between the heavy tanks and field guns of the Dragoon divisions are these fast mechanized infantry carriers. Well protected against shrapnel and near-hits by artillery shells, the Badger is also reasonably well protected against many ATGMs. Reports exist of several of these vehicles surviving even direct hits from anti-tank guns. Their purpose is to deliver infantry to the battlefield who would then support the tanks; their heavy armament would serve to not only protect their dismounted soldiers but also the armoured formations of the Wolves.
Mass: 30 tons
Crew: 3 + 6
Max Speed (cross-country): 72 km/h
Armour: 25mm min; 100mm max
Armament: 1x 40mm gun; 2x 4 round ATGMs; 2x 4 round SAMs; 2 mg

PzKpfw IX Hyena
Tank destroyer

Squat and difficult to see, the Hyena is designed specifically to eat other tanks for breakfast. Its potent gun fires devastating armour-piercing rounds, and it is also equipped with a mounting that can be raised a total of 10 meters to fire guided missiles. When used defensively, these vehicles are capable of stopping even the most determined offensives; when used on the attack, Hyenas punch huge holes in any defending force's armoured units. Its well-sloped frontal armour provides excellent protection against incoming attacks.
Mass: 40 tons
Crew: 4
Max Speed (cross-country): 68 km/h
Armour: 25mm min; 150mm max
Armament: 1x 140mm gun; 1x 8 round ATGM on telescopic mount; 2 mg

BPWS II Raiden
Bipedal weapons system

Although other Dragoon fighting vehicles are deadly, it is their Raidens that give them the crack mercenaries their reputation. Standing just over four meters tall, the Raiden is the world's first 'mech': a roughly humanoid machine carrying a single pilot, capable of great mobility. Capable of running at speeds over 100km/h, the Raiden is also capable of making a 180 degree turn almost instantly due to small rocket motors in its legs and feet. Raiden is even capable of reducing its height by a 40% (the legs constitue 65% of its height) by crouching, enabling movement through tall hallways. Urban combat is the vehicles specialty, as its rockets enable the vehicle to jump 50m vertically and over 300m horizontally; it is also equipped with rappelling gear, enabling it to move up and down sheer obstacles.

Mobility aside, these vehicles possess other advantages. Armour is well distributed and sloped, enabling most missiles and rounds to simply glance off; the advanced mesh absorbs most explosions, and reactive armour adds to its immunity against ATGMs. ECM and ECCM gear confuse infrared tracking systems, and sound suppression systems makes these vehicles' approach very quiet.
Mass: 16t
Crew: 1
Max Speed (cross country): 130km/h max
Armour: classified
Armament: hardpoints for any of the following (three total arm stations, two shoulders): 40mm autocannon, 4 round ATGM, 4 round MPSAM, 88mm recoilless rifle, 40mm grenade launcher, 7.62mm machine gun

#314490 Clan Wolf

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 18 June 2006 - 01:20 PM in Diplomacy

Seeking to bolster your army? Need a clandestine mission accomplished that would either expose your nation, or carries too much risk?

Clan Wolf is now open for signing contracts. Merely post your job here, and the Clan will respond with the price and force decided to undertake the mission. Prices and force size may vary depending on the job or payment!

#314478 Clan Wolf

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 18 June 2006 - 01:10 PM in International Database

'Clan Wolf' had its most apparent beginnings in the Second Great War, although rumour has it that the group has been along for a much greater timespan. Politically and religiously neutral, Clan Wolf is interested in only one thing: currency. With a heavy price tag, anyone who hires this mercenary group gains an army who is extremely loyal - as long as they are being paid - and are noted for tenacity in combat.

In fact, Clan Wolf ironically has state-of-the-art equipment and training services available to their soldiers. This is primarily due to the awesome pricetags of their employ, which may vary due to mission type and length.

Clan Wolf consists of a complete Army Group, comprising about 450,000 front-line soldiers plus support staff. This force also possesses a limited number of advanced fixed wing fighter craft, purchased from nations they have been employed with. Instead of operating offensively, however, these fighters are tasked solely with the defense of Clan Wolf's ground forces. The number of troops they commit to a fight is never close to this number, however, and Clan Wolf typically hires out corps-sized forces to nations who seek their use.

Total Strength
8 Heavy armour divisions
4 light armour divisions
10 infantry divisions
6 Panzergrenadier divisions
2 airborne divisions
2 helicoptor assault divisions
3 artillery divisions
+ attached fixed and rotary winged craft.

A typical corps dispatched on a mission would likely consist of five or so divisions of varying types, but are always balanced. Of course, this may be bolstered due to need and how much the employer seeks to pay. Clan Wolf typically denies missions that have a significant chance for failure, missions in which they may fight each other or missions that they are misused (such as policing actions or as cannon fodder). Clan Wolf is a highly elite force, and their numbers grow steadily as more volunteers join their ranks.

Equipment Clan Wolf utilizes is typical (what we would call) American/Western European. The force is primarily an armoured unit, and contracts typically stipulate that the Clan Wolf corps will be defended by employer air cover (but not necessarily close air support).

#314451 Mercs

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 18 June 2006 - 12:45 PM in Registration

Won't fight each other though.

#314432 Mercs

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 18 June 2006 - 12:32 PM in Registration

Ahh yes. Sadly, not every division has your 14,000. I will happily trim down the numbers if needed.

#314181 Mercs

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 18 June 2006 - 01:15 AM in Registration

Some fight out of duty. Some fight for country, while others fight for religion.

We fight for money.

We are Clan Wolf. Although we are admittedly mercenaries, we are not without honour. For twenty years, my army has served our former country until its dissolution, and now we wander, fighting merely for money to pay for th ehuge expenses running an army commands. Although mercenaries, we are very loyal to our employers as long as we are both being paid and used well; violating either of these renders our contract null and void.

We expect half the payment before the job is done, and the other half after.

Our army consists of: (someone PM me if this is too much or wrong)

8 Heavy armour divisions
4 light armour divisions
10 infantry divisions
6 Panzergrenadier divisions
2 airborne divisions
2 helicoptor assault divisions
3 artillery divisions
+ attached fixed and rotary winged craft.

We hereby offer our services to the highest bidder.

#309571 Wargames Mod

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 10 June 2006 - 04:51 AM in Games Modding

Beer is God's gift to man. Why?

There are no cheat codes in life and women are notoriously difficult to undress. Beer is life's cheat code.

#307140 Wargames Mod

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 05 June 2006 - 09:19 PM in Games Modding

After I spilled my white russian all over my desk, I continued to read this topic. Too bad the spillage was due to an unrelated cat-jumping-to-drink-alcohol event. Should be noted I am drunk whilst writing this.

"Wargames" as Paradox, FS and I know it, would be renamed if I could. The title is so ambiguous and catch-all that it can be applied to nearly everything; that there is a mod coming out entitled 'Wargames' does not concern me.

This game looks like a run-of-the-mill generals mod, to me. So it may have science fiction elements, so what? What mod doesn't, including the original generals itself? It shares a name, nothing more. Kinda like white russians. I love you, Vodka!

However, if that mod has elements from our little RPG, I would invest great concern and would be none the too pleased. Even less pleased that I am now that I have to lick up this alcohol AND make myself another for my cat's offense.

#302604 Moved Forum.

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 29 May 2006 - 11:12 AM in Hosting and Feedback

Some of us 'leaders' did not know about it until it was already done, regardless of our opinions of the subject.

#302500 Moved Forum.

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 29 May 2006 - 05:25 AM in Hosting and Feedback

And that you have, Vanguard.

Next time, make sure you know who your targets are before you start shooting, please? Some of us were as in the dark as you were.

#259537 WW2 discussion

Posted by 7th_Panzer on 05 March 2006 - 12:23 PM in Contra

Actually, creator, check your facts and context:

1. The Germans had used tactical bombers in a strategic role starting with the Battle of Britain. Had they fielded a bomber relatively equivalent to the Lancaster, B-17 or B-24, England would have been worse off and perhaps beaten decisively.

2. The Germans put to sea several small 'pocket battleships' - which in practice were overly armed for their role of merchant hunting. The guns could not train nearly as fast as necessary to hit cruisers, which were used to hunt them.

3. I know a lot about strategy AND tactics. And the blitzkrieg was not broken until the Germans were running, after the abandonment of the plan to rescue the 6th Army at Stalingrad. Again, check your facts.

4. I would explain why Italy lead to the German defeat, but I am afraid you would either a) laugh or b) not understand.