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#994385 Generals and Zero Hour November Ladder Season Closed - Ladders Reset

Posted by dkCrAzY on 10 February 2015 - 11:19 PM in C&C:Online News

What is for example i played lot of hard games  and made my way to the no1. Then Dominator or Size crosses my Way and after 5-10 games with them i loose all Points and are at 1000 again -.-.  So what is when i just dont play them is that allowed or declared as cheat or something (cause they always wanna tell me it is)? I always give them one or two Games cause of some unwritten Gentlemanrules but i dont have the nerves or ambition play them more often.

if u wanna keep ur rank 1 u have to improve. rank one means nothing when u are not even close to a pro player level. 

spam games vs the best and, i really mean that, try to improve ur buildorders too. ive lately seen some other buildorders by u. was nice to watch.