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#1079841 'You must run the game from its install directory'

Posted by iaMiro on 12 March 2018 - 05:41 PM in T3A:Online Support and Discussion

I followed the instructions and installed the game fine. I played it once last night, then this morning I tried to boot it up again. A message about an update came up, so I let it update, but now I get this error message when trying to play the game.


My install directory is C:Program Files (x86)/EA Games/The Battle for Middle-Earth ™ where I can launch the application lotrbfme.exe. From this application it lets me try to launch the game the same way I did last time, but is stopped by the above error message.


I have all other BFME files in this directory. The update came with a new file: C:Program Files (x86)/Revora/T3AOnline, which has a different looking application that can try to open BFME1, BFME2, and the expansion ROTWK. Another error message occurs for trying to open BFME1 from this app.


I tried moving the Revora folder into the BFME folder and also moved files from the T3AOnline folder into the BFME folder, replacing existing files with the same names, hoping it could help, no dice. Reinstalling the game now w/o update until I feel comfortable with it working.