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#23931 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 18 June 2004 - 03:57 PM in Games Modding

Greetings everyone!

This week, I've got a rather significant update for you guys, including some big progress in every department. I've brought along a good schwack of screenshots from our never-before-seen maps Vierville and Le Bocage. We've also added a few new members to the team, continued to work on new models, inserted more ground-breaking coding, started work on the new list of voice commands, completed more music and in-game sounds, as well as continued our quest for world domination... Err, I mean continued our quest to make one hell of a game!

I'll start with the eye candy portion of the update, as it is usually the most popular. Here are 13 of the first publicly seen screenshots from our maps Vierville and Le Bocage.

The first 6 images come from the map Vierville, which is being created by Th0rr and Disgruntled Goat.The other 7 never-before-seen pictures show off Le Bocage, which is still being worked on by HawkeyE and Disgruntled Goat.In the past week or so, the team has filled our much-needed UVmapper/skinner with the return of Jadams.

We have also have hired unique1 as a coder, who has already started work on some secret projects that I'd love to tell you about, but simply can't just yet.

Lastly, we have our newest addition with the talented mapper (or "level designer" as he likes to be called) BXpress from Germany. He is best known for working on the "Bridge of Remagen" map, which can be found here.

Our modelling department worked hard at getting the final small arms models ready for the first release. With these models out of the way, most of them have moved on to smaller models such as lightbulbs, chairs, and other miscellaneous items. Guga-Nought, however, has been hard at work completing some rather large models including the Flak-88, Kubelwagen, German Half-track, the three of which can be viewed below. To top all these excellent larger models off Guga-Nought, and green1152 have completed the M1 Carbine model which nearly completes our list of small arms for the first release of The Price of Peace. Skinning is ongoing.DrGuppy (I'm not just the PR guy!) has also started to redo the ET voice commands completely to make them sound more realistic. I'll be adding probably 4 times as many sounds to the list. Administrating the voice acting will be done by the sound guys who will recruit American and German voice actors. These actors will go to the recording studios, which are located in Nova Scotia for the American voice actors (Sonic Valley Productions), and Hungary for the German voice actors (roland's studio). We know some of the ET German commands can be funny at times but we're going for a more realistic feel to the game. The German voice commands will be done in the German language. Taunts are currently being discussed, but that's all I'll tell you for now!

Our sound department is slaving away as usual with roland still pumping out menu and PoP Theme music while Sonic and his crew have completed 80% of the Higgins Boat (LCVP) audio package. They have also finished the audio for the M3A1 (Grease Gun), G-43, and the MG34. On top of all this, they have a growing array of whizzby and ricochet sounds.

I know you guys are itching for a release, and quite frankly the whole PoP team is as well. We're pushing forward faster than ever to get that first release out the door, but still have little ways to go. More exciting progress to come in the near future, and it just might include information on some of our secret projects.

The Price of Peace Public Relations
Rapidfire Entertainment

#22823 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 06 June 2004 - 06:30 PM in Games Modding

The Price of Peace, June 6th 1944-June 6th 2004

Now it was the 29th Division's turn.  The men in Company A had it worst.  German artillery was falling near their boats with alarming frequency, but the enemy's fireworks had just begun.

A few bullets pinged sharply off the landing craft.  At that moment, the Stonewallers knew that the beach would be hell.  The Germans seemed to be taunting the Yanks, zeroing their machine guns on the boats as if they were test-firing on a range.  Their deadly work would begin in earnest when the men of Company A disembarked and raced across the wide tidal flat.  The last fifteen seconds in the boats were the worst fifteen seconds of the men's lives.

Only thirty more yards to the beach.  Three and a half years of training had come to this.  The men pondered glumly the irony of practicing for the invasion for so long only to be killed during their first seconds on Omaha Beach.

Some men shut their eyes and prayed; others cursed.  A few joked half-heartedly about army life insurance.  But most were too frightened and miserable to do or say anything at all.  Anyway, there was no more time for words.  With a jolt, the boats hit bottom and crunched forward on the sand.  Then the ramps went down.

Beyond the Beachhead
Joseph Balkoski

60 years ago, June 6th, 1944, the Allied Expeditionary Force hit the beaches of Normandy in their continuing efforts to liberate Europe. It was important to the world of relative freedom as we know it on levels larger than we can even fathom, and the effort took the bravery and fortitude of thousands of men and women from the free nations.

Today, June 6th, 2004, with an eye towards the great sacrifice and heroism of that time, in our own form of tribute to the trials of the Second Great War, The Price of Peace design team would like to update everyone significantly on our progress, particularly of the last month, in our attempts to build our planned Realistic, Historically Accurate, Interesting, New, Different, Customisable, First Person Shooter. To that end, we would like to present you with the following list of accomplishments so far, and bring you somewhat up to date on our progress.

Today we will be starting a series (more or less) of technical demonstration videos, which will cover a wide variety of subjects from runthroughs of maps to weapon animation and integration movies to videos of various parts of anything we feel are significant enough to warrant special note. The first two of these are:Again, a series of tech demos will enlighten you further on these and other subjects as a little more time progresses.

More images of Omaha Beach, Dog Green Sector, Dog One Draw have been compiled by dime1622. This map has been steadily built by Th0rr and dime1622. Links directly to each image are listed below.Next, additional images of Isigny have also been made available. Links directly to each image are listed below.Further, we have several new models, including:All weapons are working in our internal builds, not necessarily fully functionally, but all have technical issues that prevent us from showing them to you at this point. Several of them await skins and animations, and the ones that are animated require some tweaking. Again, stay tuned for more "tech demos" for information on these.

We are also looking for a few more persons to fill our team. First, we are in need of a talented UVmapper/skinner. We have many models ready to go that need UVmapping so they can be skinned. Person must be able to UVmap but skinning is not a required skill. In addition, we are looking for an animator with Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory animating experience to deal with creating new animations and exporting them. For either position, please contact dime1622 on the forums, on MSN Messenger at erkoman22@cfu.net, or e-mail him at the aforementioned address.

Our coding team is also phenomenal. Great leaps and bounds have been made in the following areas:
  • Our 6 Classes have gone in smoothly.
  • Our entire weapons loadout is coded in and awaiting models and animations and inevitable troubleshooting, as well as a few weapon-specific features not to be mentioned yet. Two and a half (more or less) primary weapons have actually been added and animated in one fashion or other, but technical problems prevent their display here. Our Lead Coder, Fred, is currently working on extracting all weapon code from the game itself and building up a small scripting system to make it that much easier to add weapons, specify animations, and change statistics like rate of fire and damage.
  • Our planned objective system is in the test map phase with bug fixes and full implementation to happen before we show it in action (watch for a tech demo, unless we skip right to showing it in Omaha Beach).
  • Several small minor features have been made by our fun-loving coders who play around with this stuff constantly (phosphorous grenades, "shell-shock" effect, etc.).
  • Our HUD development moves forward with 2 available mockups of the final version of one of our planned TWO HUDs, since we intend to cater to regular and competition players alike. The so called "fancy" HUD is displayed in two scenarios in Image 1 and Image 2 on our GUI images gallery. The little man in the far left corner is our favourite (he's YOU).
All in all: Moving forward!

Thanks for your continued interest,

The Price of Peace development team
Rapidfire Entertainment

#22073 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 30 May 2004 - 05:18 PM in Games Modding

Hello again everyone! Ok enough small talk it’s time for some screens!

I’m able to show you 10 new WIP screenshots from our Isigny map today. This map is being worked on by Disgruntled Goat with help from MotoMn121 and Th0rr. Although this map appears to be very close to completion it still has to undergo extensive "rubbling" which is the process of adding realistic rubble to the map where it is required to truly create a war-torn atmosphere.

To view the screenshots simply go to our map image section located here for the complete thumbnail list or view them individually from the links below. Enjoy!

-Isigny Sur Mer 1
-Isigny Sur Mer 2
-Isigny Sur Mer 3
-Isigny Sur Mer 4
-Isigny Sur Mer 5
-Isigny Sur Mer 6
-Isigny Sur Mer 7
-Isigny Sur Mer 8
-Isigny Sur Mer 9
-Isigny Sur Mer 10

SubWolfer from The Price of Peace team has also set up our Official Server! This server is currently running ET but will be the first one to host The Price of Peace modification/game. Feel free to jump in and perhaps play with some of the PoP Devs! Server statistics can be viewed here.

The team has also expanded to a grand total of 33 members which includes the 5 people from Sonic Valley Productions that are working on sound design.

This number has increased in the last few weeks because of 3 new members to the team.

We’ve doubled the number of coders on the team with the addition of hollowgrave and Drevnij. Hollowgrave has a BS in Computer Science and is very eager to help us out, he is also a member of the Kaos clan which has generously let us use their servers while we develop this game. Drevnij is a 2D graphics coder who has started work on the HUD and various PoP menus. He is new to Q3 coding but is very skilled in C coding and is also eager to get things underway.

To top it all off we have Larsal who is a long-time friend of ipox. Larsal will be helping with Editing and Logistics, this includes high level details such as branding and marketing, not to mention general assistance with documents and other things.

Lastly our Skinner/UV mapper position is still open. If you have skills in this area or know someone who does feel free to contact me at DrGuppy@RapidfireEntertainment.net or send me a PM on our forums.

With each new update we get that much closer to a release, can’t wait until you guys step off the landing craft for the first time! I’ll be back soon to keep you guys informed.

Thanks for your time,

The Price of Peace Public Relations
Rapidfire Entertainment

#21338 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 21 May 2004 - 08:03 AM in Games Modding

Hey everyone, its been a while since an update and it'll have to be a little more unfortunately. The team is working on some material that I can't release to the public, yet. In the meantime our team is ever-expanding as we include more content so I have a request for a new member.

The Price of Peace is in moderately desperate need of a 2D GFC artist of considerable skill able to work with PhotoShop graphics like

This request is of some urgency for an upcoming previously-unmentioned project whose release is set for the near future. Please head over to our Forums at http://pop.rtcwfiles.com/forums and make an account. Then PM me, DrGuppy, or ipox (Leader) to find out how you can help us.

Thanks for your time,

The Price of Peace Public Relations
Rapidfire Entertainment

#19467 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 29 April 2004 - 03:51 PM in Games Modding

Nope, this is a very common misconception though!

ET is a 100% FREE STANDALONE GAME! :w00t0: , all you need to do is download it. (link is above)

#19373 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 28 April 2004 - 02:41 PM in Games Modding

Makes me want to go out and buy Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory just for your mod. perhaps someday.

Buy??? Who told you that? ET is a 100% FREE DOWNLOADABLE game! The link is on our website and will be included when we have the first release.

Here's a link to a bunch of mirrors we have listed in our downloads page:


Please understand that we are completely changing ET and are basically making an entirely new game, so if you download ET and hate it don't worry! PoP will be quite a refreshing change for you.

#19290 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 27 April 2004 - 05:12 PM in Games Modding

Hey guys, this week I've got another update from The Price of Peace team, and it's quite a big one! We've got new members, new map screenshots, a newly finished campaign page, new skins, GUI screenshots (Graphical User Interface), and PoP wallpapers in various sizes for your viewing pleasure (technical hiccups prevent section-linkage at this time... see below).

I'll start off with the new additions to the team. Our newest addition to the team is not one person but actually a professional team. This team is led by Sonic, who runs Sonic Valley Productions, an experienced sound editing and recording company. Having worked on sounds for some maps before, which you can see at their game-specific section, Sonic and his team will be starting off with ambiance sounds for each of the maps to create a truly realistic sounding environment specifically designed to complement our map-makers and they will also be working on weapon sounds, which were begun by roland just a week or two ago (roland is working on some theme and other music for us right now).

Next, we also have acquired Nixxon who is an experienced artist who is working on the menu screens and wherever else the PoP team needs some good looking artwork.

Lastly we have --[jelmertjuh]--, a modeller, who has already completed some BAR models, nearly finished the Springfield models, and is currently starting work on the .30 cal machineguns. They will all be skinned and appear in a future update.

To show some of our progress in the mapping department, I give you 12 new map screenshots of Omaha which is still a work in progress despite how impressive it looks. The full, thumbnailed list is available, or select the pictures individually below.

-Omaha 12
-Omaha 11
-Omaha 10
-Omaha 9
-Omaha 8
-Omaha 7
-Omaha 6
-Omaha 5
-Omaha 4
-Omaha 3
-Omaha 2
-Omaha 1

This week I would also like to showcase our new M1A1 Thompson WIP model that will be included into the first release.

M1A1 Thompson (Work in Progress) (1st Person)
Model by No1_sonuk
This model was made as component parts, partially based on machining drawings. For game use, it will be edited to reduce the poly count (currently around 2300). The large rear sight hole will be adjusted once we get it in game, or might be replaced by a notch.

We also have many small updates from various team members. This is ongoing proof that with each update we become increasingly closer to a first release! Here is a short list of some progress made by team members recently.

The Campaign Page is up and details how the maps will be played out in The Price of Peace. This page is fairly self explanatory and will undergo changes as more information and campaigns develop.

It is only shortly after Nixxon has joined the team, and he has already produced some early (yet still very good) constructions of the PoP GUI (Graphical User Interface/Menu). We will also be adding a few special effects to these menu screens to enhance the look and feel of our menu/option screens. More info on this in the coming weeks.

G-Banger has also been working quite hard to prepare a full set of realistic skins for the US Army's 29th Infantry Division. These are character model reskins, awaiting our ability to spend more time remodelling and redoing the animations in a future release.

roland, one of the team's sound/editing guys has been working to produce realistic weapon sounds and has begun composing music for a PoP theme. Unfortunately because of the risk of these sounds being stolen/copied/reproduced I am unable to show them off until they are integrated into another larger structure, and for this I apologize.

Jomama, one of our 2D artists has completed some Price of Peace wallpapers for everyone to use. These come in 4 different sizes located below, enjoy!


As always I will have another update in the coming weeks as we get closer to our first release. Questions/Comments are what I'm here for, so post away. Also, to catch the newest info on The Price of Peace, stop by the website at http://pop.rtcwfiles.com

Thanks to the PoP team for giving me loads of stuff to work with, and thanks to everyone for their time!

The Price of Peace Public Relations
Rapidfire Entertainment

#18411 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 17 April 2004 - 07:29 AM in Games Modding

Hey guys just wanted to stop by and make a request for an experienced skinner. UV mapping skills are not required but are considered a plus. If you are a skinner or feel you could be of use to The Price of Peace team please contact me through private message on this site, e-mail me at DrGuppy@hotmail.com, or private message me on The Price of Peace forums. (http://pop.rtcwfiles.com)

While I'm here I'd also like to inform everyone that I'll be updating this site with a fairly large update in the next few days. In the meantime please post some questions you'd like answered about the modification/game. Thanks for your time everyone.

#17814 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 08 April 2004 - 09:44 AM in Games Modding

Hello everyone, today I bring to you the first update, in a rather long while, of many updates for The Price of Peace (http://pop.rtcwfiles.com). The following is some proof of how well this modification/game is progressing since we moved from Call of Duty to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

To start off, I would like to welcome HawkeyE, Th0rr, and Roland to The Price of Peace team. HawkeyE and Th0rr both have countless hours of Enemy Territory mapping under their belts and are ready to use this experience to create the most historically accurate maps in a FPS game to date. HawkeyE has started detail work on Isigny just today, in fact, and Th0rr has made leaps and bounds with Omaha Beach, Dog Green Sector, Dog One (Vierville) Draw in just a few short days. Roland, our new sound engineer, has his own personal recording studio at home and is ready get things done.

Also, within days of joining the mod team, HawkeyE set up an IRC channel for The Price of Peace, which will be used for fans and team members to converse together. To get the free software to join IRC (Internet Relay Chat), visit our Downloads page. To connect to our server type "/server irc.gamesurge.net", and when it is done connecting type in "/join #priceofpeace" (without the quotations) and you are set! If you already have mIRC, just click here to automatically connect and join.

Some changes have occurred in our team, as well, as dime1622 has handed over Lead Mapper-ship to [MC] Disgruntled Goat who has succeeded brilliantly in continuing the organization of the team, especially with a loss to the mapping team. dime1622 will not be working on a whole map anymore, as he has picked up an assisting role of Deputy Mod Leader to help ipox with keeping the team focused (dime’s secondary role is that of Team Ass-Kicker).

Unfortunately, though, we have some bad news. Three members have left the team for various reasons.

Our former sound engineer, Det Pak, has left because of his views toward our move to the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory engine and his views about the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory/Return to Castle Wolfenstein communities. We maintain that in the single month of working with ET, we have done more then we ever were able to do with Call of Duty.

We have also lost TheGargoyle, who was one of our mappers. He decided that the FarCry game engine was more suited to his mapping, and that he was unable to work with ET’s version of Radiant. We wish him the best of luck with his decision, and we remain friends.

Finally, Jadams, an excellent skinner, has left the team suddenly with nearly no explanation given to us.

A quick status report lists that:
  • Coding has commenced on many weapons details such as Deploying, Reloading, Firing, Melee Attacks, Aiming Down the Iron Sights on the approximately 30 weapons we plan on including in our first release.
  • Mapping continues on the 4 maps: Omaha Beach (Dog Green Sector, Dog One Draw), Vierville-Sur-Mer, The Bocage, and Isigny. Omaha Beach is entering second stage work with Th0rr adding some detail to bunkers and the terrain, and finalizing the structure to adapt to the planned objectives. Vierville-Sur-Mer is still in MotoMn121’s capable hands, and he is also in the second stages, but arguably further along at this point, since the map has been in fewer hands so far (though, ironically, this map plan has been in 4 mappers’ hands up to this point, just never completed). The Bocage has moved from basic terrain to building the layout for the hedgerows; [MC] Disgruntled Goat worked first on Isigny, and the loss of TheGargoyle recently has crippled this map, though it is getting back on its feet very quickly thanks to our new Lead Mapper’s incredible efforts. Isigny, finally, is our furthest-forward map, and you can see the first few images we are willing to show of its bridge and riverfront buildings with some of our new PoP detailed texture pack v1.1 that has been brought together by mappers and graphic artists and grows by the day.
  • Modelling is in full force with several model images released in the last few days, and more today. Skins continue, of course, and animations have started to take off (it is a rather large learning curve, so forgive us). The first fully animated model is ready for release to the coders to implement as a proof of weapon concept with all its reloading and aiming animations intact. We hope to be able to give some sign of our M3A1 Grease Gun’s life shortly. Thanks to Xeno for the model, Jadams for the skin, and Guga-Nought for the animations.
  • Planning, the department of ipox, our Mod Leader, has taken root in the first issuing of a description of PoP’s major plans. "Incomplete and imperfect," as ipox would say, it is still monumental in size and scope. Expansion of its contents continues.
With all that text out of the way we now come to the massive images section of the update!
[note] to view the 3D models (which you can rotate freely) you must be using Internet Explorer 6.1 or higher and this small/free download - Viewpoint Media Player Plugin

Without further ado I give you the new models, starting with the new weapons:We also have a few miscellaneous pictures to show off:We have some images of the map "Isigny" to release to the public, they are all work in progress pics but give you a glimpse of what our Lead Mapper, [MC] Disgruntled Goat, has been working on, since before he took the lead. Note that HawkeyE is now handling further detail work on this map, with more pics to follow in future updates.
(please note all are WIP screenshots)Go to our images section to see our other previous work, including several models not listed here.

On a final note, we have a serious need for an experienced skinner and UV mapper to add to our team of highly skilled members. We also may be looking for a model animator. If you think you can help us in these areas, please contact either myself or ipox (Mod Leader) on The Price of Peace Forums with a private message to either of us, or talk to me on MSN or e-mail at DrGuppy@hotmail.com

Thank you, everyone, for your time and, as always, comments, questions, and speaking your mind are welcome. For the latest on The Price of Peace modification/game visit our newly updated website at http://pop.rtcwfiles.com.

#15336 Official Price of Peace Thread

Posted by DrGuppy on 11 March 2004 - 01:40 AM in Games Modding

The Rapidfire Entertainment team would like to introduce the upcoming modification called The Price of Peace. The Price of Peace is an extensive Total Conversion modification of the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game engine. The resulting game will span multiple multiplayer campaigns in which the flow of real war will be modelled in detailed realistic yet playable manners. Multiple accurate weapons and maps will be made available for strong team-based play. The goal of The Price of Peace modification is to deliver a game that gives top priority to balance, fun, and realism. The first release (version 0.1) is scheduled to be released around the first week of April, please note that this is just the first release and we will be updating the modification on a regular basis.

Here is a short list of some current features planned for The Price of Peace:
(Many more can be located at our website)

Campaign Mode:
The Price of Peace will focus on two separate campaigns, the first is called Blood in the Sand: The Road to St. Lô, and the second is Whatever Men Dare: For the King. Unlike the current Enemy Territory campaign gametype, The Price of Peace will have its own structure and new style of objectives and spawn locations to ensure the height of realism and playability. Each separate campaign will have a list of maps that will flow from one to the other in a realistic tug-of-war. For example, if you start the campaign on Omaha Beach as the Americans and defeat the Germans you will move on to Vierville. However, if the Germans are able to mount a successful counterattack, they could push you back to Omaha beach and fighting will continue in the fields overlooking the beach, to the point where you may be pushed off the beach and lose the campaign.

Maps will include many objectives, some will be essential to your team’s victory and some will be purely optional. For example on Omaha Beach the first essential goal for the Americans is to blow a section of the barbed wire to continue their advance. A secondary (optional) objective would be to destroy a German-held Church in the town of Vierville containing many MG positions and snipers. Once a Lieutenant is within sight of the church he can use his binoculars and field radio to call in artillery to take out the entrenched Germans. Doing this is completely optional but would give the Americans a better chance of capturing the church with fewer casualties.

Classes will be revamped and restructured to allow for more realistic play, with emphasis on rifles and team-oriented machine guns. Many new features like a floating cone of fire, ammunition stored in clips, realistic equipment, and a completely new damage system will force a mode of play that will mesh carefully with historically accurate maps not yet seen in a World War II first person shooter game. Each class (except the standard Rifleman/G.I.) will be limited on each team to simulate real life squads and to enable each soldier to perform his assigned task with the help of his team.

The maps in The Price of Peace will be some of the most realistic and historically correct maps seen in a first person shooter. Here is a list of the current two campaigns scheduled for the modification including:

US Army 116th/175th of the 29th vs. German 352nd Wehrmacht:

Omaha Beach, Dog Green Sector, Dog One Draw
The Bocage
Hill 108
Bayeux Highway
St. Lô

Canadian Armed Forces North Shore Regiment vs. German 716th Wehrmacht:

Juno Beach, Nan Red, Ste. Aubin sector
The Bocage, Carpiquet
The Abbey D'Ardenne, Northwest of Caen
Verriere Ridge, Fontenay de Marmion

Weapons and Equipment:
The weapons will be as realistic and aesthetically-pleasing as they come. Each weapon will be limited and distributed amongst the soldiers depending on which class they choose. New weapons include many rifles, the MG34, Bren LMG, Grease Gun, bayonets, .30 and .50 caliber MGs, and many more, all researched to a detail to provide accurate realism in their appearance, sound, and function.

Server-Defined Options:
The Price of Peace team is making a serious effort to convert everything they can into server-defined options. This means that if you (server admin) dislike/like any setting you can add/remove it whenever you wish. On top of this, server admins will have the option to choose arcade, realistic, and simulation (to be discussed and defined for 0.2/0.3) as their base type of play and can further tweak their server to suit their style of play. This will allow for "vanilla PoP" with all the defaults to have a fun and medium-paced game, and yet the option will exist differ vastly and make a near-simulation simply by defining different settings like whether or not players will have a crosshair on-screen, whether or not the cone of fire will float much and to what degree, etc.

As The Price of Peace public relation guys, Jomama and myself (DrGuppy) will be dropping by these forums once every few days to answer questions and post updates on The Price of Peace modification, if available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! For more details, please check out our website at http://pop.rtcwfiles.com and please also stop by our Forums and say hello! Asking questions on our Forums will give the quickest response from more knowledgeable mod team members. We hope you will be as excited about The Price of Peace as we are.