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#950325 Opening of the Mod

Posted by SSTG on 03 March 2014 - 12:45 PM in Command and Conquer Dark Rising

Hey I've been informed by apollo about this so I be best to explain the situation on the mod since its been quite long since any updates


Well Due to some technical and real life stuff I haven't been on the mod much I've been keeping up with some mods but so far I've not gotten far with DR


considering how things have progressed with voxels ares etc is making me want start back up but I will have to restart


As for this mod topic I figured at one point it'll be sent to the archives revora had before at this point I can't say if or when DR will restart if I do start back up I want to take it slow by experimenting so I'll try to be in contact about this


My old stuff is still backed up I'll try at some point to make some unused stuff to be released in public once I find time


Sorry for the delay but I will try and find the chance to bring back DR with a refreshed reboot sometime soon