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#921226 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 20 May 2013 - 07:56 PM in Remix Escalation

Hey it's still mostly Pend's mod...well...at least the released version is entirely his.


And I'll be around to give updates on the game I'm working on. Well, actually I'm going to try to get my own forum sect or something for that, as that's more suited. Regardless, we're making progress. I've been building a system to import text files similar to what Generals does, so that the game will be fully (and encouragingly) moddable. We have our plan down of what the game will play like, but I don't want to get into that. Really, just expect updates on it towards the end of Summer (start of September). We're hoping to have a VERY BASIC ALPHA just as a "proof of concept" kinda thing. Then the game gets built.

#919299 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 21 April 2013 - 08:34 PM in Remix Escalation

Hey, now, sticking with this while it wasn't getting any traction would have been worse. It would have been a lot of wheel spinning and power, but no real progress. With the change of pace, stuff should start turning again.

#918906 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 16 April 2013 - 08:59 PM in Remix Escalation

Dunno, but honestly when all the changes I made were really only balancing stuff (and unnoticeable background stuff), it's not that big a difference anyway.

#918882 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 16 April 2013 - 01:44 PM in Remix Escalation

Not at the moment because I don't own the moddb page.

#918374 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 09 April 2013 - 02:25 PM in Remix Escalation

Hey now, Contra is a fantastic mod, and certainly looks spectacular.


I honestly don't know how likely it is that I'll come back to Remix. Part of it depends on how stable a job I can land in a year. Part of it depends what this RTS my friends and I art making turns out as, since I may just use that as my version of remix (would play similarly, just wouldn't be generals).


Oh, and another note about the RTS my friends and I are making, I'm hoping to build it under the hood similar to generals, so that other people can mod it in much the same way. Would also make adding new units and things easier for me, since there's less things to break in a text document. Then it's just building a reliable file parser that gives me helpful error messages (unlike Generals...). I'm excited for this little pet project, and really motivated to make it turn out well. I'll post more news on that over time (kinda hijacking the thread, but I don't think anyone will complain) but the goal is to have a bare bones version by the end of summer.

#918330 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 08 April 2013 - 10:00 PM in Remix Escalation

It wouldn't be done even it I straight tried to continue what Pend had. There was a lot that was out of place, needed cleaning & needed balancing. No it was mainly I didn't have a work ethic for it at the time, and now that I do I don't have the time.

#918237 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 07 April 2013 - 11:59 PM in Remix Escalation

Maybe, and I'm kind of hoping that. But, it'd be better for us to focus on making something completely ours, so we're doing that right now.

#918176 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 07 April 2013 - 01:16 PM in Remix Escalation

Woa now....don't be so dramatic. I'm not fully giving up, but I really do need to put this on the backburner for now. I would like to return to it when I have more time and am in a more stable situation. That may be something like a year, but also by that point I'll have more experience working on things like this, and so may be able to kick up production (may also have some people to help me with it). Think of it as a reorganization of staff that'll take a while. The new office chairs will be sweet though, or so I hear.


Oh, but on another point. I met with a few other students yesterday, and we're all on board for making a real time strategy game over the next 5 or so months. To start, it won't be anything special because we're just trying to make a stupid framework, but from there we can build something actually large and fantastic. Plus since it's our own construction it'll be easier to add things to it. I'll probably keep a lot of the design philosophy of Remix since I love the tech trees and choices and everything. It'll be a while, but I'm assuming we'll get a website up for it too, and I'll link to that so you guys can check it out.

#918091 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 06 April 2013 - 03:14 PM in Remix Escalation

It's...uh...going horribly.


Look, being just over a year from graduating from school, getting a non-student (read: stable) job has been at the forefront of my mind. And I have so much to do for portfolio building. And while having a mod is impressive, I'm not sure it's where my time would be best spent, especially with how finicky moding generals can be. (I have character models to create/rig, animations to do, programming to improve at).


So, while I'd like to continue working on remix, I'm really putting it on hold for the moment until I'm at a more stable point. It is possible that I'll start from scratch using a new, more recent game (but following the same design ideas), but I'll figure that out later. Right now I'm still sorting out what I have, what I can do, what I should do, and so on.


So, I'll keep you guys posted if I pick up something similar to remix in a new game, but expect it to be pretty quiet around here for a while.

#917108 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 24 March 2013 - 10:03 PM in Remix Escalation

So this is embarrassing...I don't remember where I am with this thing. Actually it's really flame general that's going to be the problem since I have to deal with spawning the right fire, and the right effects and whatever. Well, nothing a day of testing won't find.


So! I don't have an exact list of what I'm going to do, because I don't even know that. Not a good place to be, but there's enough to be done that I'ma just start hitting one thing after another and then I'll be somewhere. First thing is getting Superweapons' new superweapon to a good point, which is actually just getting rid of some debugging stuff. It has a glitch that I can't figure out but, ah well. Next is sorting Superweapons' upgrades and buildings so that they're all set under her "offensive" and "defensive" specializations, and have relevant requirements. Then put in pictures for her upgrades. With that, she's effectively done I think, at least for this round.


After superweapons, I'm going back to flame general so that he's mechanically working. That'll be a hassle, but I'll get over it. Mainly that's just getting the various weapons to shoot the right type of fire. After flame will be another round on airforce and tanks, who I think only need pictures for their new upgrade list.


My hope is to get everything to a nice point by the end of this week! I don't think that's attainable in the slightest, but hey, we're gunna be optimistic. The rule is one thing at a time, and everything will work out. Eh? Right? Come on! Where's that blind optimism!?

#916946 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 21 March 2013 - 10:04 PM in Remix Escalation

Okay, I'll try and get at least a basic version of one AI implemented. I wouldn't say that Pend has given up, but he has not had time to do...well...anything. It's less of a "given up" and more of a "handed off" the way I see it.

#916922 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 21 March 2013 - 02:15 PM in Remix Escalation

One more day. One more day. One more day.


So...Friday. I think Friday I'm going to look over like the last page or two of this thread, my to-do list, and a whiteboard, and just jot down what all I want to get done by the end of next week.

#916623 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 16 March 2013 - 09:45 PM in Remix Escalation

No, haven't heard back from him in a long time.

#916463 How to control other fractions in World builder for Remix Escalation?

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 14 March 2013 - 05:17 PM in Remix Escalation

Okay, copy the entirety of the text document doesn't really help me, because that doesn't tell me 1) what you changed, 2) what you want it to do that isn't working.


Also, how are you editing the files? Did you extract everything using FinalBIG into text documents, or are you just making edits in FinalBIG? If the former, you have to be sure to rebuild the big file so it includes your files with your changes, and put it back in your generals folder. Also, make sure the file structure is correct (I can't remember what it's supposed to be off hand....I think data/ini/, and put inside your zero hour folder....you can tell if you open the big files in FinalBIG. Just look at the structure it has on the left for each file. Should say something like data/ini/Science.ini).

#916437 How to control other fractions in World builder for Remix Escalation?

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 14 March 2013 - 06:49 AM in Remix Escalation

You're not able to play the units from multiple different generals simultaneously. Because of a maximum restriction on upgrades, there is a LOT that is reused between different generals, and allowing you to play, say, both laser and superweapons at the same time would cause a lot of havoc. So dozers require that you be playing the correct general to build them.


As for the code, if you don't tell me exactly what you did I can't be of any help. However, assuming you just put the files back into data/ini, or wherever ini files go, the reason it wouldn't do anything, I believe, is because effectively the same information is present in !Remix_INI.big. The purpose of the '!' is so that this file is read first. If the file is read first, that is the information that is used. At least, I think that's how it works.

#916096 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 09 March 2013 - 11:42 PM in Remix Escalation

Wow I'm slow...sorry about that.


Look, it's finals week at college for me, and I just ran through a mental schedule for the next 2 weeks. I'm hard pressed to find spare time to watch a movie let alone get remix planned out. Which is a little depressing.


BUT. 2 weeks. March...24th or something. Spring break, for a whole week. Nothing to do, and I certainly have motivation! Expect some good progress over that week. But until then I'll probably be silent as I get final projects/papers in. And, I will be sure to keep you guys updated. My plan is still to finish off superweapons, airforce and tanks, at least to another iteration. Question for you guys though. How important is the AI? If I weren't to include AI at all in a release would you still play it (among friends or something)?


Also, I still need to talk with Pend about releasing a version. He hasn't gotten back to me and I still don't feel comfortable just opening a new page on ModDB to release an updated version on, since that feels kinda behind his back, but when I get to a good spot I do want to release a new version.

#915410 Bug Reporting for Version 0.90

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 27 February 2013 - 10:43 PM in Remix Escalation

That's odd. I've had the leonidas in multiple games. It may just be because you're so late in the game, it happens to happen at about the same time. I'm not too worried about mismatches at the moment, since I have plenty of things to clean anyway, and all the clean up I've done should make the game run a little more stable. But I'll look at it.

#915409 Change Log from Public Beta 0.90

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 27 February 2013 - 10:41 PM in Remix Escalation

Maybe. I don't know how nice of a thing it is. It's funny, but to pull your superweapon out from under you would be really frustrating as a player with no real way of countering (skynet would literally destroy your base with spawned drones). I'll think about it, but since I plan on reworking a lot of Robots (right now only macro, but might rework micro)...we'll see.

#915408 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 27 February 2013 - 10:40 PM in Remix Escalation



I'm certainly in over my head aren't I. Oh well. Um...progress....so I've been under a mountain of homework for the past, um, while. Thankfully spring break is coming up in just under a month, which'll give me both a week to reset and to work. I'm still trying to figure out how to get started with this again. I think my main hang up is particle effects as I have no real idea how to implement them in generals, but they're kinda necessary. It would probably be good for me to just schedule a day (or half a day) as a remix day to just work on the thing. I don't think I'm doing anything in particular this Saturday, so here's the "plan":


Saturday, I'm going to figure out what I actually need to do. What needs to be made? What about concept drawings? Textures? Models? Particle effects? Code? Button images!? THEN, with that I'm going to look at my week with my trusty (and new...never had one of these before) white board, and write down where I can start working on what. HOPEFULLY with that this stupid block will be lifted and I can make some real progress. My first goal is to take what I have and make it pretty(ish) so that I can "release" something, even though I still don't know how to do that because Pend hasn't given me control of the moddb page, and I don't really want to release anything behind his back. So while I wait to hear from him, I may as well just start implementing more stuff.


I'm thinking of making a topic, if I haven't already, which covers everything I want to add to each general. Basically we can talk about those ideas in the thread, and I'd update the original post with new info or...whatever. I'll do that Saturday, as I'm still playing catchup on homework, plus other obligations, it's kinda a nightmare, but I also feel I'm not actually working very hard...so it's a weird balance. So, we'll see where I am Saturday, and I'll let you lot (the like 5 of you who exist) know.

#913746 Favourite tech tree for airforce

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 11 February 2013 - 12:47 AM in Remix Escalation

I think I use choppers as my second tech the most, because I love the Iroquois gunship (well...mine is different from yours. Has armor piercing cannons instead of missiles). Also the staying power they have is really nice (for securing an area I mean).

#913445 Favourite tech tree for airforce

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 07 February 2013 - 03:29 PM in Remix Escalation

Well...as it is I choose fighters and...something else. Fighters are just so nice to have. The second tree I do is usually either bombers or vtol. However in the version I have, the tech tree is reworked, and in the final iteration of it vtol and bombers will be far more appealing compared to fighters.

#913104 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 03 February 2013 - 11:11 PM in Remix Escalation

I don't care to add traps and the like to superweapons. In fact, I'd almost rather her not have pop-up defenses, in favor of having standard patriots and guns. Also, remix doesn't have infantry heroes at the moment, and I don't care to add them back right now. I like it being more focused on the units, and the "hero" units just being big nasty tanks.


I'd imagine the TNT ability wouldn't be available until Escalation 1. Also, it'd have to be balanced with the missile launcher itself. No point in putting bombs on defenses if missiles will do the trick. It'll be a little rock-paper-scissors shenanigans to get things sorted.


I could make a topic where I list changes, but a lot of it is just balance stuff so wouldn't be worthwhile (and rather boring to read really). I'll try and post in the news thread or something when I have screenshots of in game stuff. Like I mentioned before, I'm a little crushed under school work, but I do want to get back to Remix. Just...bear with me.

#913100 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 03 February 2013 - 10:55 PM in Remix Escalation

Airforce does have point defense lasers (well, eventually; requires an upgrade).


I don't really want to implement the engineer again, especially because it would have so little use. Dozers are perfectly capable of building all manner of defenses.


I am thinking of further increasing the resilience of tank hunters/missile defenders and the like against gattling and explosion damage, and then give them all a form of TNT attack. This way they can be used early game as a way of breaking defenses. They'll remain extremely vulnerable to small arms though, making rangers/red guards an effective and useful unit. I'll need to do more research/planning for that idea though. Wouldn't be hard to implement though.

#912847 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 01 February 2013 - 08:21 AM in Remix Escalation

I could try to implement building defenses groups at a time, but I'm not going to worry about it now.


I already had an idea to have a "spawn defenses" power, but part is I need to make sure defenses spawn right (ie. not on top of existing buildings).


Super unit is a decent idea, and I'll think about it. Might just be I have an upgrade late game that improves all dozer armor.

#912116 Remix Escalation Suggestion

Posted by ApOcOlYpS on 25 January 2013 - 11:22 PM in Remix Escalation

I know they're easier with a group. I think the problem is I'm useless at delegating and like to get my hands on everything.


As for news, I've actually fallen behind again. The new school semester hit me with a lot more work than usual, and I'm still trying to organize everything I want to do so I have time for it all. Also, I haven't heard back from Pend about putting the mod on moddb...so I'm not sure how that's going to work out.