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#641479 Erebor (Dwarven) faction

Posted by Onicrom on 18 October 2008 - 05:53 AM in Erebor faction

@ gfire dude firstly Gimli was being sarcastic. It's one of the cock ups of the film making dwarves silly. A dwarf would of had more stamina than a man or an elf
-Anarion son of Eldarion.

Not that this is particularly relevant anymore, but that's actually not true. The movies took that line straight from the books, in fact, while Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas are running to try to catch up to the uruk-hai that captured Mary and Pippin, Gimli actually asks Aragorn and Legolas to stop to rest for a while or to eat atleast like three times. I would have thought what you said too but its right there in the beginning of the first book of Two Towers.

#641477 THE BUG HUNT - for Beta 4.6!

Posted by Onicrom on 18 October 2008 - 05:41 AM in SEE Bugs

Whenever the AI kills Gollum and gets ahold of the Ring, whatever unit captured just sits there and waits untill some enemy unit comes along and kills it, takes the Ring, and then that unit waits patiently for some other unit or whatever to come along and kill it.

This one I have observed on every map, it seems to be a permanent trail effect from flaming arrows shot from defensive towers, you can see it in the picture I uploaded.

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#641471 "SGC" - Saved Games Crash!

Posted by Onicrom on 18 October 2008 - 05:24 AM in SEE Archive

Well, I tried a 8 player free for al game on Tournament Hills with CaHs Turned off and the Ai factions set to random and me playing as Mordor. About 1 hour or so into the game I saved and quite, when I reloaded I encountered the crash. So, I tried it again with all the factions and settings set to as it was before and on the same map and I encountered the crash once more. I tried it again a third time, again exactly the same as before, except this time i saved and loaded immediatly upon starting the game and it worked fine. Just to satisfy my own cureosity I went ahead and ran the exact same map, settings, etc. except with CaH turned on and then I build one immediately and saved then loaded and unsurprisingly I got the crash as I expected. I cannot provide any explanation as to the reason for the crash except, and this is only me thowing things out there, for maybe the Balrog's presence. I only suggest this because it seems to be suffering from a few problems by itself and one was present during both of the first two crashes I talked about in this post.

#640666 Gondor (MotW) faction

Posted by Onicrom on 15 October 2008 - 02:52 PM in Gondor Faction

Would it be possible to make the Gondor Trebuchet's projectiles bounce, if any faction should have it I think it should be Gondor considering that the building debrees bounced in the movies.

#640664 Comments & Suggestions for Beta V!

Posted by Onicrom on 15 October 2008 - 02:42 PM in SEE Development

This is kind of a personal opinion but I think that there is too much Fx in the game and I think that all the different colored mists takes away from the game. For instance the purple fear Fx i think can be disposed of considering the fear animation of people cowering down on their knees is enough to tell you that they're in a state of fear. Things like Forged blades and Leadership i think are fine because the Fx is the only way to know that those bonuses apply but all the un-necissisary Fx I think should be disposed of if possible.

Also, is there anyway to have two different sized walls so that you can have lower outer walls and higher inner walls around the fortress. I dont mean anything special though, just the normal walls scaled up.

#640555 "SGC" - Saved Games Crash!

Posted by Onicrom on 15 October 2008 - 01:52 AM in SEE Archive

what I was trying to say origninally is why its saving, or atleast trying to load from a directory that seems to not exist when the CaH is present but it does not do so when its not present. I thought that saying the specific directory might help because as I recall Naz is still using XP, unless he changed during my absence, and Sul said he wasn't having any of the crashes, since he always plays with CaH turned off. So I kinda guessed that maybe running a game on Vista when it wasn't meant to might somehow be contributing to the problem. Then Naz thought that I meant the loading crash was random so I restated everything in a kind of all around/full circle kind of way. But anyway, my orignial point was why is it saving, or loading from, this seemingly non-existant folder directory (by the way just to be sure I opened up every single folder in my computer and I still cant find that directory).

#640182 "SGC" - Saved Games Crash!

Posted by Onicrom on 13 October 2008 - 03:49 PM in SEE Archive

What I'm trying to say, and I'm sorry if I'm not being clear enough, is that If you have CaHs turned off or if you have it enabled but you have not actually built one yet then you can save and load skirmish maps just fine at any point in time. I'm not sure what happens if the AI builds a CaH but you do not though. If you do build a CaH and save then quite the game then re-load it at any point in time after saving then when the load screen gets to 97% the game will crash and give you the message:

Error in loading file 'C:\Users\Chris\AppData\ Roaming\My BAttle for Middle-Earth ™ II Files\Save\Saved Game 1. BFME2 Skirmish'
For a vista user anyway, I have no Idea what it says if you use XP on your computer.

This, of course, is all with the latest version of SEE and a fully updated game.
So in short, if you use CaH then you cant load your saved games but if you have them disabled then everything works just fine. I tried it out and I found this to be true on every map with every faction regardless of how much time has elapsed in game.

#640088 THE BUG HUNT - for Beta 4.6!

Posted by Onicrom on 13 October 2008 - 02:56 AM in SEE Bugs

I noticed a few things with the AI that are not pertinent to any specific faction

this was on Tower Hills map
Mordor (me) + Isnegard vs. MoTW and Elves <- all AI on hard (the factions dont matter in this case because All of them displayed this bug)
The AI does not build Siege machines or the buildings associated with them on Hard difficulty, I'm not sure but I think that this can be extended to any map and any diffidulty other than Brutal. (I only played on hard once because i noticed this and I only wanted to play against opponents that can actually win)

Also on Tower Hills
and specifically the goblins as AI in this case (but i dont think that matters)
when the AI controlls a Balrog and decides to make him use his flight ability, he tends to fly backwards rather than turning around and then flying forwards.

This is on any map with the Elven faction as the AI- this is also an old one i remember from the last version, maybe even way back to vanille, but I dont ever remember any one bringing it up before so just in case I'm going to now.
when Gwahir comes under attack he tends to disappear from the game entirely and then reappear not to much later at full health.

This isn't quite a bug but I noticed that if you play on teams, atleast on Brutal difficulty, All opposing AI factions will focus almost entirely on you and completely ignore any team-mnates you have. Also your team-mate AI (on Brutal) does not actually do anything, it just kinda sits there a builds a few heroes ocassionally. So basically a 2x2 match is actually a 2x1 match. I'm not really sure if thats intentional as part of the overall difficulty though.

Edit: This isn't really a bug either but I noticed that the AI tends to save up rediculous amounts of resources for no apparent reason. For instance I was playing against the Dwarves and Isengard the other day and when I quite the game, not even at the end of the match when the AI was defeated, after about 40 minutes of game time the Dwarves had saved up 99,000 resources and Isengard saved up about 66,000 resources. This is on Brutal AI by the way.

#640075 "SGC" - Saved Games Crash!

Posted by Onicrom on 13 October 2008 - 01:48 AM in SEE Archive

ya it was 4.5, I dont see how the CaH could affect the saving and loading of games but somehow it does.

#639731 "SGC" - Saved Games Crash!

Posted by Onicrom on 11 October 2008 - 09:34 PM in SEE Archive

Vista does not use the same directory system that microsoft used for XP so there are no "My (whatever) Files" folders anywhere on my computer and nor is there an Application Data folder.

But I tried a game with the CaHs turned off and i managed to save and load just fine so it doesnt really matter.

#639547 "SGC" - Saved Games Crash!

Posted by Onicrom on 11 October 2008 - 02:02 AM in SEE Archive

Hey all, I have read over most of these posts and the CaH's presence causing the save glitch makes sense considering that whenever i have the crash from loading the CaH was present. But one thing bothers me and this is most likely because my new computer has Vista on it.

When i load a game and the error mesage comes up it says

error in loading file (or something like that) 'C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\My Battle for Middle-Earth ™ II Files\Save\Saved Game 1. BFME2 Skirmish'

The problem is that this file directory does not exist (there is no AppData folder and nor is there My Anything Files), which leaves me to wonder what's going on here?

I put the SEE folder just in my C drive and my target for the shortcut reads
"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth ™ II\lotrbfme2.exe" -mod "C:\SEE"
just in case that has anything to do with it.

#639538 Boromir is invincable

Posted by Onicrom on 11 October 2008 - 01:02 AM in SEE Bugs

Hey guys, its been a while but i'm back. I had computer problems :-(

Anyway, i got a new laptop a few months ago and i recently decided to start playing this game again. I figured i'd give MoTW a try since I never really played them before. Once i got Boromir to lvl 8, when he gets his last stand ability, he died and he initiated the ability. The only problem is it doesn't ever stop, so for the entirety of the rest of the skirmish i had a "dead", overpowered Boromir fighting with me that i could not controll. Also because he does not finish the ability he never actually dies so he cannot be revived.

i'm not really sure what happened here because i remember that it worked fine in the previouse versions but for some reason that ability is bugged now.

edit: I was playing again and it turns out that boromir can actually be killed but for some reason only by a Balrog. I'm not sure why but i think its because he might not be immune to fire damage in his last stand state. I also noticed this weird Fx bug when Boromir does his last stand ->

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