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#1105641 War of the Ring - PROBLEMS/BUGS/OBSERVATIONS

Posted by Xingdao Fan on 13 January 2020 - 11:45 PM in Age of the Ring - Support & Bug Reports

More bugs inbound!

  • Lórien build plots do subtract resources when I'm playing as Mordor. However, buildings constructed through plots do not add command points. Buildings constructed with builders do.
  • Ran into the same problem reported in https://forums.revor...ing-witch-king/ . Further info on that to help you track the cause:
    • I accidentally let the witch-king die in a real-time battle. No button appeared to revive him at the Fortress until the end of the real-time match. Surprisingly enough, the button to revive him did appear in the following real-time battles (EDIT: in other territories, not the one he died in), which was sort of creepy. I did not try to actually revive him, as I sensed something awful would happen :p It seems he's trapped in some sort of limbo between being a regular hero and an army leader?
    • The witch-king starts at lvl 1 mounted. If you unmount him, he gains lvl5. If you remount him, he retains his lvl5.
    • I started a new real-time battle on the territory where the witch-king had died, and I immediately forfeited, so that he would be eliminated next turn (no territory to retreat to). However, the button to recruit him in tactical phase remained disabled.
  • Curiously, forfeiting the above match caused the power point garnering to freeze, though I suspect this is not an unique cause of the problem.
  • Darkness advertises debuffs on enemy units, but it still adds a glow sfx under units you own.
  • Rivendell AI does not replace dead builders.
  • AIs do not seem to recruit any heroes, though they will occasionally revive them.
  • On some maps at the end of the game in real time, no faction retains the units created during the game, like Erebor or Edoras

    Happens in Lórien too.

#1105553 War of the Ring - PROBLEMS/BUGS/OBSERVATIONS

Posted by Xingdao Fan on 08 January 2020 - 04:18 PM in Age of the Ring - Support & Bug Reports

Hope the site's policy is okay with multi-posting.

I had written a large post with more bugs, and then Revora did not actually submit it :sad:  Let's see if I can retrace everything...

  • There is a problem with Rohan's Peasants when transitioning between maps. I inspected a unit of a fully upgraded Peasant battalion. It had 170 HP. After I used the Evenstar power to give them swords and shields, it had 210 HP. It had supposedly already been upgraded with this power both from a world map forge and from previous real-time matches.
  • Westold advertises 40% resource multiplier.
  • In the same topic, do resource multipliers actually work? Farms always seem to produce 20 resources a cycle no matter what. 3.7x or so did seem like a lot (my current resource multiplier in the war of the ring match I'm playing).
  • The UI gets very sluggish when I hover my screen over the region of Dol Amroth / Tolfalas / Umbar, and sometimes Rohan too. My hardware is old, but it doesn't seem like that is the problem.
  • In my earlier post, I was actually referring to Rhudaur and not Cardolan. My mistake.
  • Another bug from original BFMEII:RotWK which I forgot to report was power points stop accumulating after you've collected 16, 21 or so. I could never figure out what triggers this. In the screenshot I'll attempt to attach below, I've already reached that point.
  • Here's an illustration of a spot which does not allow building for unclear reasons. This is Belfalas(?), or what used to be it in the original WotR. It's the large territory to the southwest of Minas Tirith.


#1105467 War of the Ring - PROBLEMS/BUGS/OBSERVATIONS

Posted by Xingdao Fan on 04 January 2020 - 03:59 PM in Age of the Ring - Support & Bug Reports

About the build-plot maps. Which maps (WotR or Skirmish), which factions and which buildings. This issue should have been fixed in AotR 4.1.

Sorry for the double-post, but there's a serious bug I found the other day which I forgot to report: the main building in Edoras grants an absurd amount of experience. I destroyed it with Gildor Inglorion, and he leveled from lvl3 to lvl10. War of the Ring mode.

#1105464 War of the Ring - PROBLEMS/BUGS/OBSERVATIONS

Posted by Xingdao Fan on 04 January 2020 - 02:57 PM in Age of the Ring - Support & Bug Reports

I was playing as Rohan in Edoras, on War of the Ring mode. A lot of buildings seem not to deduct resources, but I did not keep a list. I will record it next time I play.



Another problem with the AI is multiple allied AIs attempt to build in the same place. Helms Deep has 2 or 3 spots outside, and many times they will select the same space for building (I suspect this is tied to coming from the same region in WotR). It then happens that only 1 of them will build a Fortress.

#1105443 War of the Ring - PROBLEMS/BUGS/OBSERVATIONS

Posted by Xingdao Fan on 03 January 2020 - 09:21 PM in Age of the Ring - Support & Bug Reports

Hi! Thanks for the extensive list of bugs. You saved me some time, since I was about to post my own :p


I'm afraid a few of those bugs are native to BFME II, and are not a problem of Age of the Ring specifically. For example, the latter you reported, about allied battalions attacking friendly heroes. I can add that this already happened in BFMEII:RotWK. Your battalions will attack ally heroes too. This bad behaviour also happened with Battle Wagons in the original game.

The problem with the AI demolishing its own fortresses to build farms in WotR tactical phase I think I saw happening in the original game as well, but I'm unsure. Alas, if it is, perhaps there is no point to expect seeing it fixed.


For some reason i think you have changed the dynamics of the CPU game especially in WotR because I find it extremely easy to play against 5 players in difficult level, if I decide to play in real time, something that was not so simple playing the original game. It is very uncommon to see improved units, perhaps it also influences that many territories only have 1 space to build, however I observe that they usually destroy even their fortresses to build basic resource structures. I don't know, but after eliminating the initial troops that the enemy hero contains, the CPU doesn't do much.

  • About this, I can confirm the PC acts rather poorly. It seems worse in new AotR maps.
  • Edoras is perhaps the worst case yet: no matter how large the invading enemy forces are, they stop doing anything if you close the gate (this problem partially happens with Helms Deep too, though occasionally the AI will attempt to break through with siege units). Then, they never build anything. My PC was never good enough to open the editor, but is it possible you have to signal the places where the AI should build? Maybe these places are too tight. There was one time in which the AI did build 1 structure to the west of the river, but that spot is so tight! I was surprised it managed to place a building there.
  • Closely related, and perhaps a major underlying cause of these symptoms, many of the new AotR maps have several areas unsuitable for building, but for no apparent reason. They are not elevated, they are plain just like suitable areas, yet for some reason you cannot build there. Perhaps the AI is configured to build in those places and finds itself unable to?
  • As a consequence of its ineptitude, the AI often surrenders real-time battles, even in brutal difficulty. Back in the original game, the brutal AI was always trying, even when it started losing ground and buildings. I remember playing as Men with a medium Dwarves ally against brutal Mordor, in Nurn, and it never surrendered even when my Elven siege ships started tearing through its base. Yet, in AotR, just today, we were playing a real-time battle in Cardolan Rhudaur (a vanilla skirmish map, so unaffected by the problems reported above), and even though the brutal AI (Mordor) was handling me (Lothlórien) and my medium AI (Gondor) ally well, it suddenly surrendered the match.


Another serious bug to report: build plot maps don't actually subtract any resources when you use the build plot to construct something.

#1105256 The Big Reveal: AGE OF THE RING

Posted by Xingdao Fan on 21 December 2019 - 03:33 PM in Age of the Ring - Updates

What ho! I am an old BFME II player. I was a tester for @Nazgûl's SEE and @robnkarla's RJ-RotWK, dunno if anyone remembers anymore. Probably not, since that was loong, long ago. :p (Not even my signature is there anymore xD)


Recently people recommended me this mod, and I got back in touch with this neglected game I loved so much. After some time beating the Brutal AIs from patch 2.02, I tried AotR at last.  I have no words to describe how absolutely baffled I am. After playing through a bit of War of the Ring (my favourite BFME II game mode) as Rohan, I thought well, this is a decent BFME II: RotWK mod.


Then I went to try the campaign, just for the nostalgia. Oh boy, it's been some time since those sessions of long hours playing a game, yet I just kept on pressing "Next Mission" to see what was going to happen next. Weathertop was perhaps a bit dull, and thought my amazement was gonna go down from there. Then came the Rivendell missions, and I was overwhelmed. Then the Fellowship travel mission, with the fight against Celebrimbor and avalanches falling down, then the Moria missions, and my jaw just kept dropping.


My only regret is that I'm still playing on my old computer from the 2000's, and can only run on low-medium graphics. But it was very, very worth it. I've already played a few hours, as I said, and I can still scarcely believe it. The work all of this must have taken. Perhaps you can help me, because I want to go on, but got stuck in Lothlórien; I've destroyed all goblin caves, but waves just keep coming and nothing else happens. :D Nearly all elven heroes are lvl10 with so many goblins they've killed. :smile2ap:


Kudos to everyone involved in this project! :thumbsuphappy:  If I can help in any way, let me know! (Already got a few bugs to report)