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Posted 19 August 2015 - 05:08 AM

With the Rebels/NR you can never go wrong with Assault Frigates and CC-9600 Frigates. Assault Frigates work especially well at close range, where their masses of smaller guns can do decent damage (this will likely change with the next version's weapon/armor changes)

Upgraded Lancers are great against fighter swarms but are fragile.

Strike-Cruisers are a staple of my Imperial Fleets, at higher levels their weapons pack a lot of range and punch for their size. Also they don't have the pathfinding issues as bad as other, larger ships.

For land battle with the Rebels/NR, Freerunners especially upgraded work well. The large artillery type speeders are valuable for their ability to create landing zones. This is, in my opinion, the single best ability of any land unit.

I'll toss out other ideas as they come to me. Also check past threads, you'll find other good info there too


Posted 18 August 2015 - 07:40 PM

Greetings everyone. First time posting on these forums. I've been playing PR for the past few weeks and I love it. In my opinion it's the best mod for EAW. I just have a few questions.


1. SecForce/Army Troopers when fully upgraded are only equal to low level SpecForce/Stormtroopers. Should I just never build or upgrade them and stick with the elite barracks? 


2. Clone Troopers seem to have good stats despite not requiring upgrades. Should I just build them instead of other infantry if I have access to cloning vats?


3. Should I build freighters for credit income or stick to attacking mining planets?


4. Juggernauts seems weak compared to T2 tanks and AT-AT walkers. Am I using them wrong? Their missile attacks seem weak compared to turbolasers. 


5. I never build anything from level two space stations. That's transport and freighter class ships. Should I? It's hard to justify compared to capital ships and fighters but am I missing a hidden tactic? 


6. Should I use capital ships with complements of fighters or just build my own?


7. The high level fighters; Preybirds, E-Wings, K-Wings, and Tie Defenders, seem really OP. Is there a good way to deal with fighter spam that doesn't involve better/more fighters of my own? Most of the corvettes I've tried don't to seem to cut it.



I win on easy and medium difficulty without too much trouble but I get worn down and overwhelmed on hard, especially on the Galaxy Far Far Away map. I was hoping for some tips. In particular when should I wait for upgrades and when should I just build and attack? Any heroes that are "must haves"? Are there any starting forces that I need to hold onto? The manual does a very good job detailing every unit but doesn't have any hints for how to use them or any long term strategy.



As Empire in space, I use Acclamators to push through a lot of pirate and rebel defenses early game. Then change over to Tectors, fully upgraded, and large swarms of advanced fighters with the occasional hero and Praetor. However this takes for ever to research. Is there an alternate way to play? It's far too slow and expensive on hard difficulty.


As Empire on the ground, I use stormtroopers and AT-ATs, that's it. Is there a use for the other units? The AI never seems to be able to deal with the AT-ATs very well if my stormtroopers screen against rebel vanguards. Eventually I build AT-AAs if the rebels start using a bunch of air speeders but other then that I use no other units. Frankly the pathfinding for AT-ATs, especially when several units are on the ground at once, is driving me insane. There must be a better way to fight these battles then a slow grind.

As Rebels in space, I just fumble around. I really have no idea what to do aside from try to build up to high level fighters as quick as possible. Recusants are fun but I don't seem to have the same punch as Acclamators. Really have no idea what to do here. Perhaps I should rush for MCs early?
As Rebels on the ground, I spam T2-B tanks, SpecForce Rangers, SpecForce Vanguards, and every Jedi I can find. A little less homogeneous then Imperials but not by much. 
I would like to that the people who worked on this mod for the effort and time they put in. I especially want to thank you for the unit descriptions and manual. It's so helpful to be able to directly compare units in game and to have an idea of what I could run up against ahead of time. 

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