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If I rewrote The Hobbit from the POV of Bilbo and with aspects from the movies (and some aspects altered) would any of you read it?
Dec 15 2014 03:27 AM
  • GhostOfDurin's Photo
    I'm not talking Fanfiction (I hate it) I mean like, true Tolkien stuff, trying to continue what he meant to do with "The Quest for Erebor" in the Unfinished Tales. Well... I suppose that would be considered fanfic but I'm not going to call it fanfic.
    Dec 15 2014 10:02 PM
  • Mathijs's Photo
    Yeah that's exactly what fanfic is. :P
    Dec 15 2014 10:29 PM
  • IrenĂ« Hawnetyne's Photo
    Irenë Hawnetyne
    "from the POV of Bilbo" as opposed to Azog?
    Dec 15 2014 11:17 PM