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Creeate a broken bridge YR

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Posted 01 March 2015 - 06:34 PM

(Is there a better Forum for this?)


Hi there!


I want to create a map in Yuri's Revenge with broken bridges which can be repaired by engineers in a cabin hut. The bridges I want to create should already have been broken when I started the game. I only found the standard tutorial in the Final Alert 2 editor with an unhurt bridge but that doesn't help me. Google couldn't help me with this but maybe you can.


Thanks a lot!





Edit: Ok, it's very easy to create such a bridge. I'll explain it for everybody here so that you know how to do that too. Just build the bridgemodule (Terrain / Ground --> 0019 (Bridges)) on one side of the cliff and opposite on the other cliff the other piece. Then put the cabin hut near the bridgemodule and there you go. Don't connect the bridgemodules in the editor if you want to have the bridge destroyed. Now you can repair it ingame.

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