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Mental Omega Playthrough - Soviet 01, Yuri 01, Allied 02

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Posted 13 July 2015 - 09:40 AM

The Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental continues. Three videos have been uploaded to our YouTube channel presenting the next missions of Act One. Once I am done with recording all 36 missions I will immediately start previewing the missions of Act Two as well.


The changes to Soviet Mission 01: Bleed Red include removing the possibility of capturing an Allied Barracks way before you receive control over the Soviet base. You will no longer have to send a unit back to the outpost to assume control and you will also receive additional reinforcements in the form of Rhino Tanks for the first objective, making the mission go faster on all difficulties.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 01 Peacekeeper doesn't change much, however there is one important modification which will help you complete the mission on Mental. Capture two Tech Turrets near the Satellite Hack Center so that you can feel safer later in the mission where the Hack Center becomes a target of the Allied forces. Mind control as many Abramses as possible.

Allied Mission 02 Eagle Fly Free has a slightly updated layout as I was never satisfied with the cliff work on this map. They now look better as their shapes have been more randomized and there are less straight lines which never look good for natural cliffs. Misc adjustments were made to the amount and placement of units on the map, additional tips added on how to proceed to achieve the best results.

Not only MOre mission playthroughs will soon be posted on our YouTube channel but also videos which will reveal the Side 4 units, structures, support powers and superweapons, so why not subscribe?




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