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General release 7 changes

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Posted 04 August 2015 - 11:37 PM



Changes that effect the games system eg tiberium changes, or changes that effect more than one side. Can include balance changes.

  • GDI and Nod Harvesters now spawn instantly from a newly placed refinery. It now matches the Scrin's Harvester spawn.
  • All expansion vehicles speed increased to 60 (was 50). A Kane's Wrath change.
  • All expansion vehicles armour vs 'GUN' damage increased to 75% (was 100%). Number is percentage of damage taken, lower is better. This is a Kane's Wrath change.
  • Changed the way that the AI uses the 'Seed tiberium' type powers. Only a slight improvement!
  • Mutant Marauders weapon range increased to 275 (was 200), squad range finder adjusted so the squad can use the extra range. This merely moves the Mutant Marauders weapon range to match the Rifleman! yes they were that bad that the Rifleman out ranged them easily!



The most important thing with the crates is that they now have some sort of probability, which simply means that better crates should show up less, and also the more dangerous negative crates will also show up less.

  • Removed Visceroid spawn crate. It was rubbish!
  • Removed Steel Talon Mammoth spawn crate. I never got it to work has I would have liked.
  • Re-added the Negative Nuke crate! This is the instant Nuke blast, the worst crate you can get! Very rare.
  • New offensive units:  Blackhand Blackhand(!) with purifying flame upgrade and 'VETERAN' rank, Steel Talons Repair APC, Steel Talons Wolverine, and Zocom Zone Shatterer.
  • New single use support powers: Napalm strike, Rift, Ion cannon, and Nuclear missile! Please note that you can hold a maximum of one of each single use power in addition to your regular structure based Super weapons. Collecting for example 2 single use Ion cannon crates will still leave you with only 1 single use Ion cannon.
    Has in previous C&C, the single use powers require time to charge up, and once you use them, they are deleted from you side bar.
    Please note that all players will be able to see the timer has normal if you pick up one of the major single use super weapons (but not the Napalm strike). Please also note that there is no visible structure that you can target if an enemy has a single use weapon. The only way to prevent it being fired is to completely destroy them! It goes without saying that these are rare.


Mostly fixes and other general changes that do not qualify has balance changes, which will be done in a separate list.

  • New reinforcement power: Ravager Pods. Spawns 3 squads of Ravagers.
  • Removed Mastermind. Has been replaced.
  • New unit: Prodigy. From Kane's Wrath.
  • New structure: Warp Chasm. From Kane's Wrath.
  • New unit: Eradicator Hexapod. From Kane's Wrath.
  • Added more FX to the really damaged Scrin Ship.
  • Added more FX on Scrin lightening hits for 'ULTRA_HIGH' users.
  • Added the RA3 Tesla death for humanoid infantry that die to a Scrin lightening hit.
  • Optimised Scrin ship textures to be more efficient with DXT usage.
  • Reduced resolution of Scrin ship diffuse and specular textures.
  • Added a blue 'HEROIC' stream weapon for the Corrupter. Visual FX change only.


Mostly fixes and other general changes that do not qualify has balance changes, which will be done in a separate list.

  • Chemical Warrior now has a 'HEROIC' blue stream weapon. Visual FX only.
  • Removed Linebacker support power. I could never get the Linebacker to work how I wanted, and I have finally tired of it.
  • New attack animations for the Nod Light infantry. By Black_Drakon.
  • Heroic Apache no longer uses a Stealth model. If you had a Stealth Generator, the Stealth Apache model would show, which is just confusing (especially due to the fact that it visibly has extra weapons).
  • SSM is now tier 4. Requires Missile Silo. Now that Nod's Artillery is tier 3, I did not want two artilleries on the same tier.
  • Nod AI is back to using the EMP ability on the Buggy. It has been extensively fixed up from the Release 6 effort!
  • New support aircraft: YF-22. Replaces Mine drop aircraft.
  • Removed Tiberian Dawn artillery.
  • New unit: Artillery. From Tiberian Sun. This is a tier 3 artillery (so Nod no longer have a tier 2 artillery piece!).
  • Removed Tiberium wars Power plant. Has been replaced.
  • New structure: Power plant. From Tiberian Sun.
  • Removed Tiberium Chemical Plant. Has been replaced.
  • New structure: Missile Silo. From Tiberian Sun.
  • Removed Decoy support power. Nod are gaining 3 support powers, so I am making room.
  • Removed Tiberium Vapour bomb support power. All 3 of the new support powers are unstoppable attack powers, I do not want the mod to become another Kane's Warth, so I am removing this power.
  • Re-added the Catalyst missile. Launched from the Missile Silo.
  • New support power: Multi missile. Launched from the Missile Silo.
  • New support power: Chemical missile. Launched from the Missile Silo.
  • Moved the Temple of Nod 'Countermeasures' power to be a standard support power. Easier access.
  • New Vertigo bomb hit FX.
  • All 'HEROIC' flame FX now use the Kane's Wrath Purifying flame FX.
  • Heroic Blackhands now have a blue flame like other Nod flame weapon units.
  • New model and reworked abilities for the Nod APC. Read about it in the Nod APC 'Hints & Tips' section!
  • Nod AI will now use the Vertigo again! Finally!
  • Nod AI will occasionally build the Stealth Generator now!
  • Reduced draw call (game engine load) and texture usage of Nod Harvester. Now has a lower resolution, but better performance.
  • Improved Harvester house colour. More noticeable.
  • Added more house colour to the Light tank.
  • Various texture optimisation changes.
  • Nod Commando now has a visible decal. Just like Umagon!


Mostly fixes and other general changes that do not qualify has balance changes, which will be done in a separate list.

  • Removed Hummer sensor deploy ability. Served its purpose.
  • Redid Hover MLRS hover animation. Still not great, but better than before.
  • 'HEROIC' Orca Bomber now drops its bombs in 2 passes instead of 1. This does slightly effect the balance of a Heroic Orca bomber, however I did this for visual reason, and not to change the balance, hence why it is in this list!
  • Disruptor firing FX now matches the colour of the beam that it is firing! Finally!
  • GDI no longer use explosive mines! they have been replaced with PR friendly EMP mines. Simply put the GDI APC will now drop EMP mines instead of explosive mines. This will only effect vehicles, but cost a lot less to use.
  • GDI barracks is now selectable during its build up.
  • Umagon now has the Orca bombing run ability! Read Umagon's 'hints & tips' for more info.
  • Umagon's aim is now less twitchy when she is aiming at infantry who are close to her.
  • Fixed Umagon being revealed while attacking on tiberium. She was supposed to stay steathed, unless a enemy stealth detector reveals her.
  • Removed Firehawk. Has been replaced.
  • New unit: Warhawk. From Tiberian dawm FMV.
  • New support aircraft: F-18 Hornet.
  • Removed Orca bombing run support power. Now given to Umagon!
  • New support power: Bombing run. Uses Hornets has the delivery craft.
  • New support power: EMP mine drop. Uses a Hornet has the delivery craft.
  • New support aircraft: A10.
  • New support power: Napalm strike.
  • Renamed Medic upgrade to 'Squad leader'. It will now provide unique banner carrier depending on the squad type.
  • New banner carrier unit: Officer from Renegade. For Minigunner squads only, gained via Squad leader upgrade.
  • New banner carrier unit: grenade soldier from Renegade. For Grenadier squads only, gained via Squad leader upgrade.
  • Fixed AGT upgrade radar lights. A code error meant that they never showed up!
  • Moved 'Orca Sensor Pod' upgrade to the Command post.
  • New upgrade: Hardpoints! From Kane's Wrath. Available at Tech centre, effects Orcas and Warhawks.
  • Individual Orcas can now be upgraded to the Zocom Orca once the Space Command Uplink has been built. This is obviously in a similar style to the Mammoths individual Sonic upgrade. This changes the Orcas weapon, appearance and improves its armour.
  • Increased the brightness of AGT flashing lights.
  • AGT and Jackhammer no longer have 'luxury' non DXTn textures. All the new FX and structural textures mean that I need some VRAM space!
  • Abram texture resolution halved.
  • Hummer texture resolution halved.
  • Various texture optimisation changes.


Blue = My comments
Orange = Affects AI only

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Posted 05 August 2015 - 10:29 PM

That's quite a list! Glad to see you're still going strong.

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Posted 05 August 2015 - 11:22 PM

That's quite a list! Glad to see you're still going strong.


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