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Solved - Kanes Wrath Connection(Ping) Issues - Version 1.02 - Solved

kanes wrath connection problems ping issues cant connect to players command & conquer kill me solved

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Posted 24 August 2015 - 10:54 PM

Once I sign Into the new Kanes Wrath Revora Server, I cannot connect(No Ping) to 90% of all Players. I do gets games 1v1 the odd time and they run perfectly, but this usually takes ages find someone who I can connect to. It's hopeless finding 4 people to connect to. Theres always one or two I cannot connect to to have to leave. 


I have read every forum !


I have 120Mbs Connection with great connection to Xbox One Games


Opening port 16000(Tried and tested, its open) and adding it into ->Setting->Network->Port Number -It made things worse. As absolutely every single game disconnects on load or just as it finishes loading, meaning I get a player and we both ready up, connection is good, hit start, games loads and disconnects, usually instantly. This then displays the disconnect windows where I can vote to kick other players or chat(Chat doesn't work) . I did maybe(MAYBE) find that I connected to more people after opening it, meaning the ping to people showed yellow more after, but this might not be true. Simple put some people I can always connect to and most I can never no matter what. I did notice one guy when he hosted I got yellow ping but when I hosted I get Zero


I have placed my Personal Laptop IP(Static), in the DMZ zone to try see if that works, Hopeless still


There is IP Filter and Port Filter and Port Triggering which I'm not sure If I can make them help ?


Firewall On router is off


Made exception on my Norton Firewall for both 16000 and Kanes Wrath, also CnC Online, also tried disabled it


I tried Uninstalling Norton 2015 and reverting to the standard Windows Firewall and security(Tried making exception, and disabling)


Whats funny about this is I cannot connect to people in Germany, I can't even connect to my Friend who lives in Ireland with me(We have to play on Himatchi)


I will be trying this entire process on another laptop shortly here in same building. I will use LAN cable. This might diagnose my laptop as been the problem, which it is on Company Of Heroes(New Steam Version), where Games crashes after loading map


Either way I play games with some people no problem. I get games. Some players I can play over and over because I connect to them,other I will never connect no matter what. Tried Refreshing NAT 1 Billion Times


Are Revora ports different to 16000. ?


And then I looked that last part up and found port 1000 was Revora, Now all good, just experienced two full games of 4 people with full connection. Seems all is good now


I am so happy. I should post this anyways 


I have noticed also recently that the I loose connection to the server and get thrown back to main menu regularly. 

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