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Fear Cast- Season 1 Episode 2

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Posted 01 September 2015 - 05:07 AM

Yes.  I have decided to be inhale a large overdose of fear and report on every episode of Fear the Walking Dead.  I call it Fear Cast.  It's really good.  Because the show is really dumb.  You can get the first episode from my other Necro Blog: Rage Hammer.




This episode's official title is: "So Close, Yet So Far."  Because the first episode was so close to doing something, yet so far from doing anything.  I'm renaming this episode to "Parking Mad."


Travis and his family finally discover that they are cursed to remain ordinary and boring forever.  Let's watch. Shall we?  You know your show is in trouble with the only flashbacks to your series premier was your cast driving around LA and looking worried.  And in this episode, Kirkman put his directing experience into full throttle and decided to show more people driving around and... you guessed it... looking worried.  Repetition?  I think not.  This time, Kirman decided to mix it up by showing people parking as well.  Do you like parking scenes?  Well, here you go Walking Dead fanatics.  Parking.  And lots of it.


Meanwhile, Travis decides to drive around even more and prove to us just how Mexican his ex wife is.  Also, his nosy yet whinny ex son named Chris goes off on a magical adventure and joins a bunch of "dudes" AND "bros" as they fight for their right to see homeless dead guys.  And... people riot because of it.  ... Right?


Meanwhile meanwhile, Travis' wife with the Mike Tyson jaw decides to leave their mentally unstable children alone at home so she can go steal supplies from an inner city high-school with the scabbiest 30 year old 11th grader alive.  It's high time Madison and her family escape from LA before society as they know it collapses.  Well... they did hit a drug dealer with their car the other day.  And they witnessed a traffic block the day before that.  So, it truly is the end times for LA, and their family must escape before another traffic related inconvenience happens.  Madison and the giant scab hit the jackpot and rob a lifetime supply of tomato soup... only to abruptly forget it and leave.  Kirkman did this on purpose, as he wanted to teach us all a valuable lesson on being giant cheapskates and saving 50 bucks by stealing soup from inner city children.  Apparently it's wrong somehow.


Meanwhile once again, Travis' actual children are home alone, and making us watch every unbearable moment of it.  Alicia and Nick hang out and... well... yea.  Hang out.  Nick proves to us that he took acting lessons from a sock puppet, and Alicia verbally abuses her balding brother at every waking moment.  Oh, and make sure not to tell Alicia about anything happening.  The less she knows, the more plot points we have in season 7.


So tune in next week when Travis and his merry gang of Family Circus cosplayers continue their quest to find a firm plot point to anchor their hideous talons into.


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