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Mental Omega Playthrough - Soviet 07, Yuri 07, Allied 08

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Posted 03 September 2015 - 01:37 PM

The next three missions have been tested and recorded - the Developer Playthrough for Mental Omega missions on Mental goes on and things are starting to get tricky.


In Soviet Mission 07: Idle Gossip is a difficult mission to speedrun, because it requires you to destroy both of Radio Towers at once, otherwise you will be overrun by the enemy forces. You need to construct just enough Scud Launchers, Pyros, Tesla Troopers & Wolfhounds and make good use of the several Saboteurs you'll receive to win it fast, otherwise it'll take a while. In the next version it will no longer be possible to freely train spies in the campaign - you'll have to make the best use of the limited amounts of spies provided to you via reinforcements.

Yuri's Epsilon Mission 07: Think Different proves that in the world of MCVs and Engineers, the best solution is always the easiest - sneak up the enemy ConYard and capture it before he can build a full base - the conflict will soon be over! This is the only mission in which you can use the Chinese arsenal from the very beginning in Act One so better make good use of it. There are several methods of completing this mission, this one involves lots and lots of Nuwas.

Allied Mission 08: Wrong Side is the first mission created for Mental Omega 3.0 and I know it all too well by now. The map is not big, however it has many tricky spots and paths that lead to your targets and you have to use your forces carefully as the amount of reinforcements is highly limited. Beware of the Desolators and make sure you don't accidentally go for the Tesla Coils with your Navy SEALs at the beginning!
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Posted 03 September 2015 - 03:28 PM

I've seen one small typo in the Allied 08 mission debriefing:


"Still, this is the first heavy blow we've deald to the Soviets."


deald -> dealt :)

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