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XO: Allies vs GDI vs Nod vs Soviet in RA1 and more

xo crossover red alert 1 tiberium dawn

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#1 Eisengeist

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Posted 17 September 2015 - 01:43 AM

Hi, I just got hosted by C&C Guild on Revora at http://xo.cncguild.net


I have a variety of map mods for Red Alert 1, the modded game Red Dawn, and also an old RA2 mod&map.


In C&C XO Crossover for regular RA the teams are as follows:

France = Allies with faster Rate of Fire
Greece = Allies with better armor
England (GDI-Eng) = GDI with ships, GPS, Chronosphere, better Armor
Spain (GDI-Esp) = GDI with ships, Airfield, Iron Curtain, better FirePower
Germany (Über Nod)= Nod with subs, GPS, Chronosphere, better FP
Turkey (Noddoman Empire)= Nod with subs, Airfield, Iron Curtain, faster ROF
Russia = Soviet with lower cost
Ukraine = Soviet with faster Groundspeed


In the Red Dawn versions the teams are:

GDI ZOCOM and Nod get the Iron Curtain.
UN-GDI, GDI Steel Talon, and Nod Black Hand get the Chronosphere.
Greece and Spain = Allies
Turkey = Soviets


It's more like 6 teams with varied GDI's and Nod's.  Different maps or rule sets vary the values more towards Tiberium Dawn or Red Alert 1.


My map-mod Crossed Up Vehicles for regular RA takes it further with 8 different teams and makes the TD and RA1 vehicles much more exact and different from each other but with practically none of the tanks.


Almost every map features customized paradrops instead of regular paratroopers.

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#2 Eisengeist

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Posted 19 September 2015 - 03:06 PM

The Crossed Up Vehicles rules xv.txt in xorules.zip was updated and map XV-Czech Mate with it was updated to v2.1.


Added Verses=100%,3%,3%,3%,3% under [HollowPoint]
For some reason if you don't have that or the RA %'s and add Spread=4 so the sniper doesn't suck against moving soldiers, the sniper rifle and colt45 will do heavy damage to vehicles.
I don't know what's increasing it beyond RA's normal Verses=100%,5%,5%,5%,5%.
But having the values in a map fixes or overrides or prevents it.  This happened before while I was working Red Dawn maps even though that uses Organic for the sniper with the low %'s set to zeros.
I see nothing in spawn.xdp or spawnam.xdp (plain txt rules used by CNCnet) in either game that's doing this either.

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