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Fear Cast- Season 1, Episode 4

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#1 Pasidon


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Posted 23 September 2015 - 12:15 AM

This episode is titled: "Not Fade Away."  Ooo... what rung of the ladder will our heroes stove their heads into this time with a majestic title like that?  I mean... without context, it's just a lesson in bad grammar.  But are we surprised that the people that wrote this flopping turd have problems with grammar?  You decide.  I am renaming this episode into "Yawn of the Dead."


The Clark family move on with their lives in their brand new military occupied suburb.  Kirkman finally decided that the show really doesn't need zombies anymore, so we're just watching these people live their slightly adjusted lives.  Oh....  Wait... we need plot points.  Erm... ehh... Oh! What's that?  Daniel sees a blinking light 2 miles away?  Uhh... sure.  Let's make a plot point based around that.  He records his magical flashing light and shows his family all of the good work he's doing.  I mean... it's probably a spoon blowing in the wind.  Or perhaps the cans of soup they left behind are gearing up for revenge.


Madison gets fed up with the realization she now actually has to raise her kids and clean her home, now that the military is watching her.  So why not take the day off and investigate the blinking light that no sane person cares about instead.  Perfect.  She's the only white person in the show, and that's a lot of responsibility.  She sneaks out of a heavily guarded military quarantine zone to check out the light, and ended up getting distracted and decided to do absolutely nothing.  ...


Anyway.  Sex!  Arguments!  Slapping!  This episode had it all, and yet, I can't find a single plot point to mention.  It was absolutely pointless.  It was an exercise in trying to remember which Mexican is which, and who's house we were idling around in.  Captain hairline continues to mutate into some strange creature that was scrapped off the bottom of a high school drama club, Travis is slowly dying since he hasn't been able to show us his basic driving skills for the whole episode, and somehow being a Mexican woman that took care of a gammy leg makes you a qualified medical professional in LA.  And Alicia still has yet to be mentioned in this blog.  FEAR!


#2 Mathijs


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Posted 23 September 2015 - 11:16 AM

This show is so bad that whenever Pasidon and I watch it, we awkwardly log off Skype afterwards, as if we'd just either witnessed or had the worst sex ever.

“The special quality of hell is to see everything clearly down to the last detail.” ~ Yukio Mishima, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

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