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Polish Heavy Tanks

d-day poland tanks

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Posted 12 November 2015 - 03:06 PM


I'm proud to announce with this news post the first of many new Polish units to be added to D-day! They will be available via bonus crates in the next release and in a future version as part of a fully playable side.

Click of the unit names to visit their D-day wiki page for more information & pictures.


In 1936 the Polish army started a design competition for a new medium tank. The KSUS company submitted a design inspired by the multi-turreted British A6 and Soviet T-28 tanks. BBTBr.Panc then submitted a modified version of KSUS's design fitted with a more powerful engine and a Bofors gun. A wooden mock-up of BBTBr.Panc's design was built but the invasion and annexation of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union stopped all work on the project.

During it's development the tank's official name was simply "medium tank" (Czolgi Sredni). The designation 25TP was created by historian Janusz Magunski post-war to help differentiate it from other Polish tank projects.


This tank design was submitted to the Polish army in 1939 by Professor Antoniego Markowskiego. It was quite an advance design with heavily sloped amour and a large 120mm cannon. Not much is know other then the brief design proposal, even if it would have been excepted though Polish industry at that time would have struggled to produced such a large and complex tank.

This tank received no official designation and was was simply called "heavy tank" (Czolg Ciezki). I have used the name 53TP in accordance with Polish armoured nomenclature to help differentiate it.


This monstrous tank equipped with a 155m cannon in it's main turret along with twin 40mm anti-air guns in a secondary turret at the rear was designed by Stanisław Lem the famed science fiction writer. Lem worked as a mechanic in Lwówin for most of the war, during this time he also created several different tank and rocket designs. In October 1944 he submitted them to the Soviet State Defence Committee, in hopes that they may help in liberating Poland from the Nazis. The Soviets had no interest in them though and filed them away in their archives, where they remained forgotten until recently when they were discovered by a Russian historian.

This tank received no official designation and was was simply called "battleship tank" (Czolg Pancernik). I have used the name 220TP in accordance with Polish armoured nomenclature to help differentiate it.

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Posted 12 November 2015 - 03:22 PM

Never even thought of Lem ever designing a tank. Until today.

And it's even a quite cool one.

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