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The concept of a power distribution system.

power distribution system cable cables mode concept

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#1 BlackAbsence



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Posted 30 December 2015 - 01:26 AM

Here's a concept I'd like to throw out: Power distribution.

This system introduces two concepts:

- The concept of Power Mode

- The concept of Cable


Power Mode:

Power Mode is an option much like the repair, or sell mode. It is selected via the tool bar. Once selected, two things happen:

- Your courser turns into a lighting bolt, for which you can use to disable enabled structures or enable (given they have the power for it) disabled structures. A disabled structure will have an icon of a lighting bolt with a prohibited sign, to signify that it was/is intentionally disabled. 

- All Cables of your own will reveal / glow, even if they're under structure(s). This is because Cable can be under structure(s) without you knowing otherwise.



Cable are used to distribute power from power sources (Such as Power Plants) to structures via linking to one other (Like how walls link)

Cable are built from the side bar and placed as an underground structure that can "overlap" (technically underlap) other structures except for other cables or mines. So they can trail through stuff is what I'm saying

Cable takes up one tile of ground on their own, and are transparent to their owner / ally (unless they have their Power Mode selected, in which case they glow) & are invisible to the the owners opposing team.

Cable cannot be destroyed, only sold, and nothing can be built off from them (So you can't invisibly base-crawl). They also don't count as something needed to be destroyed in order to win! :p

Cable must be going into / under a power source(s) in order to be energized. That energy will then energize all connecting Cable with an equal value of power provided by the power source(s)

Cable must be going into / under a structure (That requires power) in order to power it. if the accumulative power value given to the cable system is under the power value the structure(s) need, then it will not be enabled, nor will it be able to be enabled via Power Mode, however, one can disable structure(s) to accumulate the power elsewhere, hence the propose of the Power Mode.

Cable will only contain the amount of energy provided by the connecting power source(s). 



This is just an idea I want to show to you guys to see what you think of it. I'm not suggesting it as a thing for MO (it's probably not even possible, anyway), hence why it's not in the suggestions forum, and separately here.

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#2 DoMiNaNt_HuNtEr


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Posted 10 January 2016 - 05:10 AM

Thats fucking well thought out, but Ares would have to bend over backwards to implement said logic.


I think the power on/off for the sidebar function can be reactivated, but the cable network is like never before done.


When it comes to Power in C&C games.... I always modify the game to have it so that any player only needs a few power plants to power an entire base. Alot less powerplants than normal, and the construction yard provides power output for the bare minimum base. The Construction Yard can power up a barracks, refinery and war factory, plus a couple of tier 1 base defenses. Your base takes less space because there are a lot less power plants, but each power plant becomes alot more valuable/precious. 

#3 Oktavia

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Posted 13 January 2016 - 01:48 PM

- The concept of Power Mode

Defeats the whole purpose of Power management. You can just power off some structures and get rid of low power penalty instantly, whereas in the normal game you are either forced to wait for the building of a power plant or sell other structures, which may require to be rebuilt later on.

- The concept of Cable

Sounds over-complicated for an RTS game. It belongs to the same trash bin as pavements from TS.

but each power plant becomes alot more valuable/precious.

And easier to defend against spies.

#4 lovalmidas


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Posted 14 January 2016 - 04:18 PM

Ares already has the power toggle capability, and AI is somewhat capable of using it. There is no UI control however, only keyboard control.
It changes the game, closes up some possibilities, and opens up new ones. Smaller bases will be affected more.



About overlaying/underlaying


The current engine does not support two buildings overlapping each other (i.e. occupying the same cell). Doing so will result in a crash. 


Using a overlay-building combination will result in the building erasing the overlay (if it can be built on top at all).


The closest working model is the overlay-to-terrain and building combination, seen with the Pavement implementation in Tiberian Sun. It has striking limitations. However, it can work somewhat close to expectations if you only allow buildings to be build on cable-land. Kind of like Dune, but you build your own foundations. Of corse, many things you mentioned can't be applied. :p


I do not think Pavement / Cable pavement is a bad idea, just that it is unlikely to be implemented in MO. But a mod centered around a Dune setting can still find this useful.



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#5 fir3w0rx

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Posted 06 February 2016 - 02:10 PM

This idea is Simcity's and Tiberian Sun's unwanted child.

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