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2 questions about texture and hero swapping

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#1 kryptonite

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Posted 21 January 2016 - 11:36 PM

hello everyone,




I made a new balrog skin. I made an asset dat and i use -mod command. The texture is in a folder called DR.

But it doesnt change in game. what am i doing wrong?

ModelConditionState = NONE ; Not DefaultConditionState, because that keyword copies anything in here to every other state
Model = MUBalLIT_SKN ;MUBalrog_SKN
; ParticleSysBone = SWORD BalrogSwordFlare FollowBone:yes ; Not SWORDBONE, because SWORD is the bone that gets art-hidden mid animation in WIPX
; ParticleSysBone = SWORD BalrogSwordEmbers FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = MANEBONE BalrogManeFlare FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = MANEBONE BalrogManeEmbers FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = MANEBONE BalrogManeFire FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = RTWINGBONE BalrogWingSmokeLite FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = LFWINGBONE BalrogWingSmokeLite FollowBone:yes

Texture = DreadBalrog.tga 



A new hero in my mod can transform into a balrog. They level up together. when the balrog is level 7 if i switch to my hero it is level 7 as well.

But whenever i switch it resets the cooldowns of skills. And if i die as balrog i cant summon my hero.


I use below code for transforming

  Behavior = SpecialPowerModule ModuleTag_HorseToggleStarter                      
  SpecialPowerTemplate = SpecialAbilityKaryanBalrogMounted
  UpdateModuleStartsAttack = Yes
  StartsPaused = No
;InitiateSound = FellBeastVoiceMove

Behavior = ToggleMountedSpecialAbilityUpdate ModuleTag_HorseToggle
  SpecialPowerTemplate    = SpecialAbilityKaryanBalrogMounted
  MountedTemplate = FireForm
  SynchronizeTimerOnSpecialPower = SpecialAbilityCurseEnemy SpecialAbilityScreech
  UnpackTime              = 1
  PreparationTime         = 0 ; none, cause we hop onto our mount in no time at all :)
  PackTime                = 0  ; none, cause we hop onto our mount in no time at all :)
  OpacityTarget = .0 ; How see-thru to be at peak of change
  AwardXPForTriggering    = 0
  IgnoreFacingCheck = Yes
;TriggerSound = FellBeastVoiceMove

#2 Ridder Geel

Ridder Geel

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Posted 03 February 2016 - 06:14 PM

Q1: you probably did not make an asset.dat?

Also if im not mistaken you are using the command wrong, if it is even allowed in that location... You need to either do:

Texture = old new


Texture = new old

I don't have my modding files here, so you will have to test which one...

I advise testing by using a random already ingame texture, that way you know that it is not due to you having an incorrect asset.dat or such :)



SynchronizeTimerOnSpecialPower = SpecialAbilityCurseEnemy SpecialAbilityScreech

Well then are all your abilities on there as well?

That makes sure that they stay with cooldown, if i'm not mistaken.

Also check the witchking's files, either the mounted or the unmounted one has code in his revive module that points to the other object, which is how that one gets revived if i remember correctly.

Ridder Geel

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