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Dark Eldar *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 29 January 2016 - 04:25 PM








Notes: Think almost Igor from the old Frankenstein movies. Fewer lisps but that same servile tone. Add a touch of menace. For the Under Fire scripts remember these guys think they're immortality is a guarantee.

Unit_Complete1: Servants of the Coven, ready to serve

Unit_Complete2: What do you desire Master Haemonculous? [pronounced “Hay-mon-cue-leus”]

Unit_Complete3: Ever ready to do your will

Unit_Complete4: Preparing to acquire subjects

Unit_Complete5: From the depths of Commorragh we come [Pronounced “Com-or-ah”].

Unit_Complete6: We arrive at your beck and call

Unit_Complete7: We bring the carnival of pain

Selection1: Wracks, at your Service Master

Selection2: What specimens do you require?

Selection3: Name it and it shall be yours

Selection4: Your bidding is our only desire

Selection5: Haemonculous what do you need?

Selection6: Ready to unleash our science on the foe

Selection7: The will of the coven is ours

Selection8: The Fleshcorps of the Coven will do as you say

Selection9: The servants of the coven are here

Move1: Moving to the location you requested

Move2: Is that where you wish us to go?

Move3: Our every movement is yours to command

Move4: We will bring the carnival to the new area

Move5: Bringing the laboratory where you require

Move6: We go where you demand Haemonculous

Move7: Fleshcorps unleashed where you wish

Move8: The Coven moves as you direct

Move9: Your servants go to fulfill your will

Attack1: Their organs will fuel our machines

Attack2: We require their blood, take it.

Attack3: Unleash the power of the Covens

Attack4: Yes Master, we will end them.

Attack5: Unleash your training brothers

Attack6: Let me show you the skill of a Covenite

Attack7: Their deaths will please the Masters!

Attack8: Ahhh, their deaths are assured

Attack9: We will sup on their flesh.

Capture1: We will take it as you order!

Capture2: Quickly seize it for the Master

Capture3: If it pleases you, we will do it

Capped1: Your prize has been secured, Master

Capped2: The flag of the Coven flies here

Capped3: Let all know this land belongs to the Covens!

Load_Transport1: Board quickly, brothers the Master needs us elsewhere.

Load_Transport2: Let us soar above the field like carrion birds.

Unload_Transport1: We have arrived where you requested Master.

Unload_Transport2: Back to the ground, feel the earth beneath your feet

Morale_Break1: We cannot take this Master!

Morale_Break2: This area is unsuitable for us!

Morale_Break3: Flee before all our work is lost!

Morale_Restored1: The plan will be done, we swear it.

Morale_Restored2: We return to battle, Coven Master.

Morale_Restored3: We return, once again invincible on the field

Charge1: For the Coven!

Charge2: Harvest them brothers!

Charge3: Their deaths will fuel your design master!

Charge4: Remember to collect their organs, brothers!

Charge5: Feast on pain!

Jump_Teleport1: Wracks leaping at your command lord!

Jump_Teleport2: Wracks, unleashed from the webway.

Deepstrike1: We emerge, ready for orders.

Deepstrike2: From the shadows we come.

Ability1: Feel the power of the Covens!

Ability2: Our power is writ large upon their souls

Ability3: Let this artifact scar their souls

Ability4: Our science shields us from damage

Ability5: A present from our masters

Combat1: Feel the blood flow!

Combat2: Ichor and gore upon the ground

Combat3: The Harvest is upon you

Combat4: Cut, cut, cut

Combat5: Look at the ruin of your flesh

Combat6: Despair fuels us

Combat7: Let us drink of your pain

Combat8: *laughing*

Combat9: *more laughing*

Combat10: *even more laughing*

Under_Fire1: Their bullets do nothing to our hides!

Under_Fire2: Revel in the pain, feel every cut on your body.

Under_Fire3: We are privileged to feel this level of sensation!

Damage1: How could they harm our forms?!?

Damage2: Our bodies were not enhanced enough to endure this.

Damage3: Too..... much....pain...

Death1: It seems we were unworthy of ascension.

Death2: Death comes for us at last...

Death3: The last light we will ever see fades!

Death4: Arrgghhh!!

Death5: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death6: *various other death sounds*


Wrack Champion (Acothyst)

Notes: Wracks are the twisted assistants of the Haemonculi who hope one day to master the arts of torture and body modification to become a Haemonculus themselves. With even more devotion to pain than the average Dark Eldar, they choose this path of their own free will, even though (or perhaps because) they are frequently the subject of bizarre experiments and punishments for the slightest misdemeanour. Fanatically dedicated and fearsomely altered to fight in battle and work in the laboratory, Wracks live to serve. The best apprentices eventually become Acothysts, extreme examples of the Haemonculus’ art. More cocky and strident then his fellows. He knows he isn't as disposable as they are, he knows when he dies his master will get him back up and running. Still keep a touch of the servant talk, but add confidence. This guy knows he's better than the unit. For the death scripts, remember he's going to be back, so he is not afraid of death at all.

Unit_Complete1: This one is ready to serve.

Unit_Complete2: We yearn to bring the gift of suffering.

Unit_Complete3: Your loyal Acothyst is here, Master. [pronounced “Ack-oh-thist”]

Unit_Complete4: Acothyst humbly requesting leave to begin punishment.

Unit_Complete5: Your new creation awaits your bidding.

Unit_Complete6: We are remade in agony, ready to transcend the physical.

Unit_Complete7: Acothyst stands ready to test the latest subject.

Unit_Complete8: An Acothyst walks among you brothers! [pronounced “Ack-oh-thy-ist”]

Unit_Complete9: As the Archon desires..

Unit_Complete10: The Chief Minion.. arrives.. [sounding all smug and confident]

Unit_Complete11: Fashioned by the Haemonculi, I am here to lead. [pronounced “Hay-mon-cue-lie”]

Selection1: This one awaits your command.

Selection2: How may this one serve your pleasure?

Selection3: Is it time for evisceration?

Selection4: This one will not fail you, Master!

Selection5: Shall we bring the knives, Master?

Selection6: This one exists to obey your will.

Selection7: We shall teach the lesser races the meaning of fear.

Selection8: Give us an instructive lesson in pain ...

Selection9: Will there be flaying, Master?

Selection10: Your Wracks await your will Master.

Move1: It shall be as you command.

Move2: With all haste, Master!

Move3: Time to gather material for the Master.

Move4: We have blood to shed, and lives to cull.

Move5: Onward, to gather specimens.

Move6: A Wrack’s work is never done.

Move7: Attend to the Master’s wishes!

Move8: Yes, yes, we shall bring back fresher bodies this time.

Move9: First they shall know fear, then they shall know pain, then they shall know death.

Move10: Move Brothers, we are required at a new locale

Attack1: Their suffering shall be a banquet for you, Master!

Attack2: Sever their arteries last.

Attack3: Go for the jugular!

Attack4: Venous blood is sweeter, it tingles on the tongue.

Attack5: Take them alive, the Master wants new pets!

Attack6: More subjects for the flesh-vats!

Attack7: We shall minister to their sickness.

Attack8: Bring them the gift of pain!

Attack9: Flay! Dismember! KILL!

Attack10: Feel the wrath of a chosen of the Coven!

Capture1: For the Coven!

Capture2: This one will harvest it for you, Master.

Capture3: Reap a bounty in bones and skin!

Capped1: The enemy has been subdued and lies ready for dissection.

Capped2: Enemy resistance brought under acceptable parameters.

Capped3: Objective subdued. Let us gather the fallen.

Load_Transport1: Make haste, make haste! Battle awaits!

Load_Transport2: Deliver us to our objective swiftly, like toxin to the wound.

Unload_Transport1: Ahhh ... time to flense once more.

Unload_Transport2: We are here to bring the pain.

Morale_Break1: Master! We are overwhelmed!

Morale_Break2: Our weapons are spent, our tortures useless!

Morale_Break3: We are being rendered into raw materials!

Morale_Restored1: Fool! You think to break one who has tasted the supreme transcendence of limitless pain? Onward!

Morale_Restored2: I live again, reborn in agony!

Morale_Restored3: Suffering feeds me, and I hunger!

Charge1: Onward for the Coven! Flesh for the Master!

Charge2: Let the flesh-harvest begin!

Charge3: Bleed! BLEED!

Charge4: Open their eyes, and their bellies!

Charge5: We bring death! We bring ruin! We bring the ecstasy of oblivion!

Jump_Teleport1: Transcend the physical plane – it is mere flesh!

Jump_Teleport2: Across the void for the Master’s glory.

Deepstrike1: Send us straight to the heart of the infection.

Deepstrike2: A sudden injection of hidden toxins will hasten their demise.

Ability1: Let us show these cowering wretches the meaning of true suffering!

Ability2: For Coven and Commorragh! Eliminate them! [pronounced “Com-morr-ah” like the Biblical Gomorrah]

Ability3: All who would oppose our Master must be brought to heel.

Ability4: Shield them, for it is the Master’s will!

Ability5: The benevolent Coven provides you sanctuary. The price is ... minimal.

Combat1: Suffering shall bring us victory!

Combat2: Such soft viscera, such beautiful screams!

Combat3: We will deliver you.

Combat4: Do not resist the blade that transforms.

Combat5: Show these unworthy fools the beauty of pain!

Combat6: Know the gift of terror!

Combat7: I will taste your essence! I will feed on your agony!

Combat8: Suffer well.

Combat9: *laughing*

Combat10: *more laughing*

Combat11: *even more laughing*

Under_Fire1: *grunt* Your weapons mean little to one who has tasted the delights of the Dark City!

Under_Fire2: Master, they are firing on your creations!

Under_Fire3: Fools! Hurt me and I fight harder!

Damage1: Regret to report, damage to your servant, Master.

Damage2: Gnarlskin failing, blood loss imminent. [pronounced “Narl-Skin”]

Damage3: Life signs critical!

Death1: Ha! You kill only the body! We transcend even death!

Death2: Master, this one has failed you ...

Death3: Such exquisite agony ...

Death4: No ... I was just beginning to truly see!

Death5: So close... yet so far…

Death6: It seems my art needs work.

Death7: *laugh* The great cycle resets itself.

Death8: I will return, and I will have vengeance. (choking sounds)

Death9: Arrggghhh!

Death10: Garrrgghh!

Death11: [preform various other death sounds]


Beast Master
Notes: Beastmasters are a group of Dark Eldar who prefer to fight in fast, mobile packs, swooping on their prey with skyboards and swarms of fanged or winged horrors. They train different types of vicious beasts to fight with them, and have a tribal, somewhat shamanic culture, though they also make use of technology such as pheromone emitters to control and direct their pack. They are savage and feral, and they revel in the violence of close and bloody combat.
Unit_Complete1: We have gathered the swarm.
Unit_Complete2: The pack is ready.
Unit_Complete3: Bring us to the kill!
Unit_Complete4: My fangs hunger for sweet flesh.
Unit_Complete5: We come to cull the herd!
Unit_Complete6: I command the beast-horde.
Unit_Complete7: We are the predators, seeking prey.
Selection1: Beastmaster awaits your will.
Selection2: What do you want of the pack?
Selection3: We wait. Do not keep us penned too long.
Selection4: Let us hunt!
Selection5: We are ready to bring death to the prey.
Selection6: We will be your swift hunters.
Selection7: Send us in to battle, we grow weary of waiting!
Selection8: We wait idle, sharpening our claws.
Selection9: Send us to a foe worthy of skinning.
Move1: Let us close the talon upon them.
Move2: Swift as razorwings we shall fall upon them.
Move3: We have their scent.
Move4: We go to feast on their flesh and gnaw their bones.
Move5: We shall rend the enemy limb from limb!
Move6: We stalk the prey.
Move7: We will sweep down upon them like wolves!
Move8: Follow the scent of fear.
Move9: Track, hunt, kill!
Attack1: Seek your prey!
Attack2: We shall devour the weak!
Attack3: Death shall come on swift wings.
Attack4: I will feed your entrails to my pack.
Attack5: With tooth and claw, we rend!
Attack6: Attack as one!
Attack7: Hunt with me!
Attack8: Strike for their soft bellies!
Attack9: Slaughter them all.. let us leave a carrion feast!
Capture1: We shall take their stronghold, their lives, and their heads!
Capture2: We will lay them low to gnaw on their bones.
Capture3: Seize their lair and slay all within!
Capped1: We have subdued them and saved the best kill for you, my Archon.
Capped2: We have captured the enemy; now let us feed ...
Capped3: All that was theirs now cowers at our feet.
Load_Transport1: Ride with me, my pack, and save your strength.
Load_Transport2: We shall suffer confinement this once, if we must.
Unload_Transport1: Free again! To feel the storm under our wings once more!
Unload_Transport2: Let us escape this cage!
Morale_Break1: Take flight! Back to the lair!
Morale_Break2: Fall back! Protect me, my pets!
Morale_Break3: *whining sound* We must retire and lick our wounds!
Morale_Restored1: My children.. let us hunt once more.
Morale_Restored2: We shall feast on their flesh and gnaw their bones!
Morale_Restored3: The scent of the enemy’s defeat already clots in the air, like spilled blood. Attack!
Charge1: *growl* Onward! Tear them limb from limb!
Charge2: Take them down! I will eat their hearts and gain their strength!
Charge3: Tear out their throats!
Charge4: Claw out their eyes!
Charge5: We hunt!
Jump_Teleport1: Stealthy now, to the centre of the lair!
Jump_Teleport2: Unseen and sudden shall be their demise.
Deepstrike1: We strike for the heart.
Deepstrike2: Fall upon them as Kurnous did of old! [pronounced “Kern-oos”]
Ability1: Surround the enemy, rip out their throats and feast on their flesh!
Ability2: Circle the enemy and drive them into our guns.
Ability3: Bring them death from the skies, beast-kin!

Ability4: Gather close, my children, shield with flank and claw.
Ability5: Be wary, let us use the cunning of the beast to protect our kin.
Combat1: I remember the last I fought of your kind. I wear his skin.
Combat2: I tire of such easy prey!
Combat3: You should turn tail and flee; my pack enjoys the chase.
Combat4: Run and we will hunt you down. There is no escape!
Combat5: Fall before our claws!
Combat6: *bestial snarling sound*
Combat7: I will eat your heart and feed your flesh to my pack.
Combat8: You think to survive? *laughter* The pack has your scent.

Combat9: *laughing*

Combat10: *more laughing*

Combat11: *even more laughing*

Combat12: *growl*

Combat13: *more growling*

Under_Fire1: The prey is baring its teeth!
Under_Fire2: The pack is under fire!
Under_Fire3: They seek to bring the Hunters down as prey!
Damage1: The scent of blood! Fight harder!
Damage2: They are slaying the pack! Draw closer my beast-kin!
Damage3: Fool! You think to corner a wounded beast and live?
Death1: *harsh coughing sound* Death has hunted me down at last.
Death2: My pack, we have made our last hunt ...
Death3: In killing me you will find only Death!
Death4: We shall hunt no more, in the end all are prey.

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Beastmaster (Extra)
The beastmasters are as much animal as their 'pets' are. Therefore, I would imagine them quite twitchy and creepy/witch-like like the Succubus. They are obsessed with their beasts and with hunting but are also utterly sadistic like the rest of their kin. I would give a beastmaster a slightly Cockney accent intermittent with irregular pauses and animalistic noises, such as grunting or snarling. They are naturally excitable I feel so have a fast tempo-rhythm and will relish all the cruel words.
Unit_Complete1: I've come to look for some new pets.
Unit_Complete2: Some Khymerae, freshly spawned from the warp. [pronounced "Ky-meer-ry"]
Unit_Complete3: I have brought beasts straight from the arena, ready to put on a spectacle.
Unit_Complete4: I bring fear and certain death, by claw and fang.
Unit_Complete5: I shall fill this place with corpses.
Unit_Complete6: These Helspiders have been weaned on death.
Unit_Complete7: Let me pick up the scent, and the hunt shall begin.
Selection1: Is there a fresh meal nearby?
Selection2: Go on boy, sniff 'em out.
Selection3: My beasts know where to go.
Selection4: Should I lay a trap?
Selection5: They are not far off now; I can sense them.
Selection6: My instincts tell me they are that way. My instincts are never wrong.
Selection7: What shall I hunt now?
Selection8: I can hear breathing nearby.
Selection9: Shall I stalk the enemy?
Move1: Yes, the tracks went that way.
Move2: The scent is strong this way.
Move3: These fools are as easy to track as a megasaur.
Move4: Come, this way.
Move5: Try to keep up with us.
Move6: No prey can escape a Beastmaster.
Move7: I'll seek them out.
Move8: They shan't hear me coming.
Move9: Follow close, they'll soon be death.
Attack1: My beasts will make short work o' that.
Attack2: Looks like it's dinner time. The beasts were just getting hungry.
Attack3: Time to feast.
Attack4: I'm a predator like no other. They'll die swiftly.
Attack5: Do you want them dead? I can do that.
Attack6: Can I take that one alive?
Attack7: Their bodies shan't be recognizable when we're finished.
Attack8: They won't even know what has killed them.
Attack9: I'll sink my claws deep into that one.
Capture1: I won't waste time here when there are things to kill.
Capture2: My beasts can feed here whilst we wait.
Capture3: I can spawn more beasts from here. I'll make sure we take it.
Capped1: I will be keeping my prize captives here.
Capped2: I've taken it, now I must go hunt.
Capped3: Come on, we have wasted enough time taking this place.
Load_Transport1: Hope you don't mind animals in your vehicle...
Load_Transport2: This is like a cage.
Unload_Transport1: [exhalation] aaaah, fresh air.
Unload_Transport2: Now I must pick up the scent again.
Morale_Break1: Some beasts may have nine lives, but I only have one, and I won't throw it away.
Morale_Break2: This meal is too vicious for me.
Morale_Break3: I'm returning these beasts to the arena, where they belong.
Morale_Restored1: The beasts are still hungry.
Morale_Restored2: There is too much killing left to do to leave now.
Morale_Restored3: I should be back on Commoragh... But I'll stay and fight. [pronounced "Kom-morr-rah]
Charge1: Kill, boy. Kill!
Charge2: Flee now while you can!
Charge3: I'll slaughter you all!
Charge4: Prepare to be ripped to shreds.
Charge5: You'll become another smear on my blade.
Jump_Teleport1: I still prefer tracking my prey.
Jump_Teleport2: Hurry! Before we lose their scent!
Deepstrike1: I'm already here? Where was the fun in that?!
Deepstrike2: Right down their throats!
Ability1: My beasts have been holding back... now kill!
Ability2: You don't survive in the arena without picking up a few tricks.
Ability3: Not all pets are friendly, and these ones will KILL you!
Ability4: To kill me, you'll have to get through this first.
Ability5: Go on, wound me... If you can!
Combat1: Tell your gods they'll be plenty more where you came from.
Combat2: You'd be an interesting opponent in the arena.
Combat3: You'd make a fine pet!
Combat4: This one's quicker than a Barghesi! [pronounced "Bar-geh-see"]
Combat5: What a pitiful prey after such a long hunt.
Combat6: Your blood will coat the claws of my beasts like so many victims before you.
Combat7: The arena is full of opponents much tougher than you!
Combat8: Give up now and I'll make your death relatively painless.
Combat9: *laughing*
Combat10: *more laughing*
Combat11: *even more laughing*
Under_Fire1: You think bullets will stop me?
Under_Fire2: We're too quick to be shot.
Under_Fire3: They're shooting my Khymerae!
Damage1: They're targeting my animals!
Damage2: It fights back, and hard!
Damage3: That beast was new, and it's dead!
Death1: Someone look after the beasts when I'm gone.
Death2: There goes my last life.
Death3: The hunt is over.
Death4: The predator has become prey...
Death5: Arrgghhh!!
Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!
Death7: *various other death sounds*


Three Succubus make up the Succubi, the self imposed rulers of the Wych cult, a ruthless and highly competitive gang of vicious and sadistic female murderers. It is almost definite that they have murdered rivals and friends alike to get to such a position. As such these women are used to authority and highly arrogant and confident. Revelling in pain and death, they actually feed off of other souls and fear in order to keep them looking young and beautiful, something else which is important to them.
I would voice them as your traditional witch: high pitch, high status, yet with a measured tempo-rhythm as if every word is deliberate and relished. They especially love talking about things associated with pain and death. When fighting or dying they should become more energetic and fast paced, as fighting is what they live for, and dying means eternal damnation so is therefore a truly terrifying prospect, even for one as confident as a Succubus.
Unit_Complete1: I am Comorragh's sword, now point me at the enemy. (aspirated, phlegmy ending) [pronounced "Kom-morr-rah]
Unit_Complete2: Ready to harvest some souls.
Unit_Complete3: I have come fresh from the arena. See, there is still blood on my blade.
Unit_Complete4: Your bride is here, now where is the death?
Unit_Complete5: I am here to represent the Ynnitach. And to kill for them. (again phlegmy) [pronounced "Ee-nih-tah"]
Unit_Complete6: I have killed four of my sisters to be here. Make sure their deaths weren't in vain.
Unit_Complete7: I come seeking battle.
Selection1: I smell fear... Let me at it.
Selection2: At your command... If there's pain involved.
Selection3a: My wyches have said there is a worthy opponent nearby.

Selection3b: There is a worthy opponent nearby?
Selection4: Don't try to command me.
Selection5: You have chosen the right agent for the job.
Selection6: Where are they?
Selection7: I shall unleash suffering.
Selection8: Tell me who to kill next.
Selection9: Find me a foe, and I shall end them.
Move1: Yes, that's where they went.
Move2: I am getting close.
Move3: I can feel my foe's soul nearby.
Move4: There? Very well.
Move5: Only death lies there. The enemies'!
Move6: This place is more grim than Commoragh.
Move7: I hope this is the right way.
Move8: I should have killed more things by now.
Move9: I have never walked so much in order to kill something.
Attack1: There will be none left once I'm done here.
Attack2: This will be quick.
Attack3: There is reason my skin is unblemished - they shall not even touch me.
Attack4: It's about time I fed on some fear.
Attack5: So few? How boring...
Attack6: You insult me. Give me a worthy enemy.
Attack7: Their head will look nice mounted on a spike.
Attack8: Commoragh shall feast on blood tonight!
Attack9: May their deaths please you. It will please me.
Capture1: This will be a perfect place to make raids from. I will take it.
Capture2: This place stinks of death. A perfect position for us.
Capture3: It shall be easy to take, I only see a few enemies.
Capped1: Point secured... sir. [bitterly]
Capped2: We will make a display to mark our new territory.
Capped3: There was a disappointing lack of killing, but still I took it.
Load_Transport1: Now that looks cosy.
Load_Transport2: Take me straight to the enemy.
Unload_Transport1: Ah, I have enough room to swing my blades now I'm in the open.
Unload_Transport2: This isn't close enough!
Morale_Break1: Slaanesh shall not be sated this day. [pronounced "Sla-Nesh"]
Morale_Break2: Ask some other fool to sacrifice his soul.
Morale_Break3: I have better ways to spend my soul.
Morale_Restored1: I hope you did not think I would leave before properly bloodying my blade.
Morale_Restored2: I am ready once more to fight. Where do you need me?
Morale_Restored3: My sisters persuaded me to return, so I have.
Charge1: I can taste your blood already.
Charge2: Now you will face Cormoragh's finest.
Charge3: I am the wyches' witch!
Charge4: [Evil cackle] Hahaha. Flee you fool!
Charge5: I am fear made manifest.
Jump_Teleport1: Oh, the wonders of the webway.
Jump_Teleport2: I said take me closer to the enemy!
Deepstrike1: Behind you! Hahahahahaha [cackle]
Deepstrike2: This'll do.
Ability1: Try THIS one for size.
Ability2: Now for something I learnt in the fighting pits.
Ability3: Now I shall kill you.
Ability4: Armour? I have my blades protect me.
Ability5: Can your fancy swordwork get past THIS?
Combat1: You think I'm pretty? Well then, let me give you a kiss... With my blades!
Combat2: I've seen babies fight better than you.
Combat3: Your squeals of pain will fill my dreams.
Combat4: You must be as high as I am to think you can beat me!
Combat5: There is a reason I am unscarred... No blade has ever touched my flesh.
Combat6: Don't worry, your soul will be put to good use.
Combat7: This one's strong.
Combat8: I hope your grave is ready, because you are.
Combat9: *laughing*
Combat10: *more laughing*
Combat11: *even more laughing*
Under_Fire1: The cowards are shooting me.
Under_Fire2: Shooting is no way to fight.
Under_Fire3: You dare to hurt a woman, let alone shoot at one?
Damage1: I can feel Slanesh's hunger already.
Damage2: Aaaaah! That will scar badly.
Damage3: So that is what my blood looks like.
Death1: Have the narcotics worn off, or is that...
Death2: Tell my sisters that I died with a blade in hand.
Death3: Commoragh has been robbed of it's finest fighter.
Death4: No, I can feel his tendrils... It's...
Death5: Arrgghhh!!
Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!
Death7: *various other death sounds*


Succubus Champion
Notes: A Succubus is a leader of one of the many Dark Eldar troops who perform in the gladiatorial arenas of Commorragh. Unusually for Dark Eldar forces, Succubi are always female. They are consummate fighters who believe in showmanship as much as the kill, dressing as if to tempt death with their half-bared bodies. Creatures of immense pride and skill, Succubi are at the peak of the Wych Cults and as feared as they are desired.

Unit_Complete1: Well? Do not keep a Succubus of the Dark City waiting!
Unit_Complete2: (seductively) I am ready ... to kill for you.
Unit_Complete3: I hope you have something worthy of my blades.
Unit_Complete4: I shall make the enemy beg for death with a smile on their lips.
Unit_Complete5: Your Succubus has arrived, my Archon [pronounced “Ark-on”].
Unit_Complete6: I trust that this will be a battle worth the name.
Unit_Complete7: Succubus here to serve your desire.

Selection1: Lead me to the crowd, and you will have your show.
Selection2: You choose well, my Archon; I am the best you will ever have.
Selection3: I long to wet my blades with blood.
Selection4: What shall it be, my Archon? Kill, or capture?
Selection5: I see you have taste. You have chosen the best.

Selection6: Time to fight at last!
Selection7: Whom would you like me to kill?
Selection8: Let us prey.
Selection9: *wicked chuckle* It will be my pleasure to take them alive.

Move1: We lead where others only hope to follow.
Move2: Into the arena of battle! The crowd is waiting!
Move3: Let us show these barbarians how a true Eldar fights.
Move4: Shall I distract the enemy for you?
Move5: Their blood shall water the ground at your feet, my Archon.
Move6: We shall take many slaves for the crimson sands.
Move7: We shall relieve your enemies of the tedium of their existence.
Move8: At long last, we go to war again!
Move9: Once again *bored sigh* time for beauty to kill the beast.

Attack1: I live to fight!
Attack2: Know the beauty and terror of death!
Attack3: Give me your heart. No? Then I’ll take it!
Attack4: I will taste their blood and drink their souls!
Attack5: Kill! Kill for Commorragh! [pronounced “Com-morr-ah” like the Biblical Gomorrah]
Attack6: How lucky you are! You shall die knowing the touch of the Succubus.
Attack7: Ahh – you tempt my blades, and whet my appetites.
Attack8: We shall reign in blood!
Attack9: How foolish, to believe that you might prevail against a Succubus. You must be blinded by my beauty.

Capture1: The foe shall fall at my feet.
Capture2: I will take it for you, Archon.
Capture3: Seize this petty bastion for the glory of Commorragh!

Capped1: The foe lies vanquished, exulting in my magnificence!
Capped2: I came, they saw, I conquered.
Capped3: All that was theirs is now mine – ah, yours to command, my Archon.

Load_Transport1: Ah, I see my faithful charioteer has arrived.
Load_Transport2: I shall ride with you.

Unload_Transport1: What a short, bumpy and uncomfortable ride. There had better be someone to kill.
Unload_Transport2: Hardly stylish, but your conveyance has brought me here at last.

Morale_Break1: What? The prey is fighting back? Impossible!
Morale_Break2: Regroup and fall back! We are not paid enough to risk our skin!
Morale_Break3: Flee lest we be slain, or worse - disfigured!

Morale_Restored1: Oh ... that smarts. *low chuckle* Now you’ve made me want to kill you slowly.
Morale_Restored2: Pain invigorates me! I feel alive and ready to kill!
Morale_Restored3: You thought you could defeat me? I am a Succubus of the Dark City. I will savour your death like a fine wine.

Charge1: Take their will, their blood and their lives!
Charge2: Capture them for the arena!
Charge3: Bleed them dry!
Charge4: Scream for me, you worthless curs.
Charge5: Eviscerate them and bathe in their blood!

Jump_Teleport1: Spring the trap from within the sanctuary.
Jump_Teleport2: They will never see me bring their demise, like a knife hidden under the pillow.

Deepstrike1: Enough play! Now we strike for the throat!
Deepstrike2: Straight to the enemy’s heart!

Ability1: Luckily, I have as many blades as the enemy has hearts.
Ability2: Never fear *low chuckle* the Succubus shall lay them low for you.
Ability3: I shall subdue them with whip and blade!

Ability4: Savour the enemy’s exquisite agony and gain respite.
Ability5: The Dark Muses must love you; they have sent you a Succubus for your torments.

Combat1: How I love the sound of your screams.
Combat2: Come, bleed for me.
Combat3:  I have slain a score such as you merely to fill my morning bath.
Combat4: You are not fit to bleed on my boots!
Combat5: Why do I fight with such a tiny dagger? It’s all I shall need to reach your tiny brain.
Combat6: I am lovely. I am lethal. And I am your death.
Combat7: Fall! Fall to your knees!
Combat8: I know the way to a man’s heart: between his third and fourth ribs.

Combat9: *laughing*

Combat10: *more laughing*

Combat11: *even more laughing*

Under_Fire1: The enemy seeks to cut our spectacle short. Incoming fire!
Under_Fire2: By the Dark Muses! We are under attack!
Under_Fire3: Succubus taking heavy damage! Qa’leh [pronounced “Cah-lay”] preserve us!

Damage1: Ha! Is that my blood, or your own?
Damage2: Do you call that a wound? Amateur.
Damage3: How DARE you mar my perfect skin!

Death1: Death, I come at last to your embrace.
Death2: Even if you slay me here, I will live on in your nightmares!
Death3: The Dark Muses call to me as one of their own.
Death4: *rasped breathing* Am I not beautiful, even in death?
Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Succubus Extra

Notes: This is a gladiator queen, they live to cause pain, and believe they are above all others. Very stuck up and vain.

Unit_Complete1: I join the raid!

Unit_Complete2: This will be fun.

Unit_Complete3: Souls for the reaping.

Unit_Complete4: I am the embodiment of murder.

Unit_Complete5: More souls for me!

Unit_Complete6: I am death!

Unit_Complete7: Good a raid, I am in need of another slave.

Selection1: What do you need?

Selection2: What is your will?

Selection3: Where is the battle?

Selection4: Yes?

Selection5: What do you want?

Selection6: What?

Selection7: Your bidding?

Selection8: Where am I needed?

Selection9: Hmm?

Move1: I go.

Move2: Into battle!

Move3: Show me the way.

Move4: As you wish.

Move5: Moving.

Move6: I run.

Move7: I will be there.

Move8: Into the fray.

Move9: I come.

Attack1: They will fall!

Attack2: You will know fear!

Attack3: You dare fight me?

Attack4: Your death awaits!

Attack5: you cannot best me!

Attack6: Your soul will be mine!

Attack7: This will be fun!

Attack8: This will be quick!

Attack9: Hahahaha!!

Capture1: I will take it.

Capture2: For the dark city.

Capture3: It will be mine!

Capped1: Mine!

Capped2: Try to take this, I dare you.

Capped3: Success!

Load_Transport1: Take me to the battle!

Load_Transport2: The fastest of all.

Unload_Transport1: Into Combat!

Unload_Transport2: I am there!

Morale_Break1: Noooo!

Morale_Break2: I cannot fall to your kind!

Morale_Break3: This can’t be happening!

Morale_Restore1: They cannot stop me!

Morale_Restore2: I fear none.

Morale_Restore3: I will never die!

Charge1: Your death comes!

Charge2: From the shadows I strike!

Charge3: Into melee!

Charge4: You die to me!

Charge5: I will end your days!

Jump_Teleport1: I fly into combat!

Jump_Teleport2: Hahahaha!

Deepstrike1: Surprise!

Deepstrike2: Your death comes!

Ability1: Your pain feels good!

Ability2: Fear me!

Ability3: Bleed for me!

Ability4: You cannot harm me!

Ability5: We are invulnerable!

Combat1: You are weak!

Combat2: I was killing before you were born, weakling!

Combat3: You will never win!

Combat4: You are below me!

Combat5: Is that all you got?

Combat6: Too easy!

Combat7: Your soul will be mine!

Combat8: Death comes for you!

Combat9: *Manical Laughter*

Combat10: *More Manical Laughter*

Combat11: *EVEN More Manical Laughter*

Under_Fire1: I am being attacked!

Under_Fire2: They dare attack me?

Under_Fire3: You dare attack a higher being!

Damage1: They are persistent!

Damage2: Enough!

Damage3: I am tire of your attacks!

Death1: How!

Death2: Impossible!

Death3: No…..

Death4: Disgraceful...

Death5: Arrggghhh!

Death6: Gaarrgghh!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Notes: Guttural, rasping, pained, growling
Unit_Complete1: Urrgh......
Unit_Complete2: I fear no pain
Unit_Complete3: This will hurt
Unit_Complete4: Battle is suffering all too sweet
Unit_Complete5: I want another blade, another hook
Unit_Complete6: This hurt is divine
Unit_Complete7: Agony is freedom
Selection1: That hurts!
Selection2: Oh the agony!
Selection3: Show me no mercy!
Selection4: I will hurt them as I hurt me
Selection5: This will end badly
Selection6: It will only hurt a lot to start with
Selection7: This will go from bad to worse
Move1: It hurts to walk
Move2: It hurts to move
Move3: I will bleed all the way there
Move4: Each step is torture
Move5: * long groan *
Move6: It will hurt even more over there
Move7: It hurts, it hurts
Attack1: I will let you share my pain
Attack2: This will hurt you more than it will me
Attack3: I will share my pain with you
Attack4: This is my favourite-ever blade
Attack5: I will make this blade a part of you
Attack6: I will hook and rend your flesh
Attack7: Bleed for me
Charge1: Brains!
Charge2: Bleed!
Charge3: Pain comes!
Capture1: If it pleasures you.
Capture2: It will be painful, but we do as ordered.
Capture3: We will take this so long as we can rest after.
Capped1: This is ours.
Capped2: We have hooked it to our side.
Capped3: Done.. now can we rest?
Load_Transport1: Gladly.. anything to ease the pain.
Load_Transport2: We shall suffer less while in there.
Unload_Transport1: No! It was comfortable in there.
Unload_Transport2: Why are we being forced to walk?
Morale_Break1: Fear!
Morale_Break2: Dispair!
Morale_Break3: Hopelessness!
Morale_Restored1: I fear less.
Morale_Restored2: My dispair has gone.
Morale_Restored3: There is hope.
Jump_Teleport1: To over there.
Jump_Teleport2: Quickly there..
Deepstrike1: Here we are.
Deepstrike2: We surprise..
Under_Fire1: We hurt..
Under_Fire2: Delicious agony.
Under_Fire3: The pain...
Ability1: I will show you what true pain is
Ability2: Agony is a dish best shared
Ability3: Shared agony is double agony!
Ability4: That won't hurt me – I have suffered so much worse
Ability5: Watch me – nothing here hurts me
Combat1: This will hurt.
Combat2: Agony, so much agony
Combat3: Rip, and bleed
Death1: That hurt a bit less
Death2: Right... to the heart
Death3: * slurred * Headshot
Death4: It doesn't hurt a … bit








Razorwing Jetfighter
The Razorwing Jetfighter is a very light and fast aircraft. It can unleash tons of firepower, but it is at least glass-resistance. They pilots wear full masks in order to breathe and the inner sound comfort must be horrible. In the following sentences there are some words that are split up with a lot of "-" like "b-b-b-b-b-beginning". This must be pronounced as the pilot is under stress for G-force due to fast turning and/or deceleration. I've depicted the pilot like stressful beings, half psychotic and half drugged.
Unit_Complete1: All these technology, I can’t understand. It's just my mission five days a week.
Unit_Complete2: Let's go.
Unit_Complete3: Ready to join the flying circus.
Unit_Complete4: I've not even finished the aircraft academy; however I’m high on Splinter mind. It is enough?
Unit_Complete5: Whey! This is even faster than my teenage reaver-bike!
Unit_Complete6: Ok, I’ve got the mission: full throttle, fire at will and repeat.
Unit_Complete7: Whoa! It's super faster! Where are the pin-ups kabalites? [pronounced “Ka-ball-ites”]
Selection1: Here is your favorite sparrow.
Selection2: Red five, ready. Hahaha, i love the pop culture of mon-keigh.
Selection3: We're ready to serve you, lord.
Selection4: We're your best kind of flying monke.....kabalites!
Selection5: Yes my lord?
Selection6: Some more lotus-speed and I’m done.
Selection7: Sliscus Airlines, from hell to this doomed planet in less than 3 hours. [pronounced “Sliss-cuss”]
Selection8: I hope that this battle will be bigger this time.
Selection9: Can i have a bomber? I love bombs.
Move1: Why we're moving so slow? Can we activate retro jets, sir?
Move2: Warping to the enemy is more safe, but mach-9 speeding is more entertaining.
Move3: Route traced. Skies are clear.
Move4: Are we allowed to bomb something while we travel?
Move5: Inserting geographic information.
Move6: From here, i can see a lot of sub-Eldar beings that seems good to annihilate.
Move7: Let's go kicking some mon-keigh asses. Or what have they got. Have they got butts?
Move8: The night is arriving.
Move9: Have these monkeys some anti-aircraft? i hate anti-aircraft.
Attack1: They will not even know what hit'em.
Attack2: S-s-s-s-s-starting the attack run!
Attack3: That will be brighter than a thousand suns.
Attack4: We will be like a knife in the dark.
Attack5: This is the commander speaking to you. Fasten the belts and prepare to die.
Attack6: Target acquired.
Attack7: We should film the moment in which out missiles get them exploded. It is funny!
Attack8: Became dead flesh, now.
Attack9: Vector clean, starting bombing run.
Charge1: We will earn ten thousand souls today!
Charge2: Before the dark descending, i want to drink some mon-keigh blood!
Charge3: D-d-d-d-d-displacing in delta formation! Let's wreck that Ork slime!
Charge4: Enemy locked.
Charge5: I will scrap out your mon-keigh heart and drink to it. Or.. maybe vice-versa.
Ability1: I will drop'em some gifts for their paraplegic demi-god.
Ability2: Eat the dust, lower beings!
Ability3: I will put on the "Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark" cassette for this.
Ability4: Dispersed formation, now!
Ability5: T-t-t-t-those missile tracers will miss us!
Combat1: We've got some shrapnel-related issues, here!
Combat2: Take this, suckers!
Combat3: Boom! Hahaha, this is even more entertaining than the arena duels!
Combat4: Everybody loves how much fire twin splinter cannons toss out.
Combat5: Oh! You've a missile crater in your left-side: do your insurance cover that?
Combat6: Let's dance, baby!

Combat7: *laughing*

Combat8: *more laughing*

Combat9: *even more laughing*

Death1: I'm hit, I’m hit!
Death2: Lovely mother of Comorragh, I’m coming for you. [pronounced “Com-morr-ah” like the Biblical Gomorrah]
Death3: I've lost control, I’m out!
Death4: I'm ready to become wracks flesh, lord.

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Razorwing Fighter
Sleek and fast, Razorwing fighters are flown by elite pilots who use hit and run tactics as well as supersonic speed to confound enemy defences as they attack with missiles and high tech cannon. They believe wholeheartedly in Dark Eldar supremacy, both of the skies and in the Universe. These are the most arrogant of the arrogant top guns.
Unit_Complete1: Razorwing squadron complete.
Unit_Complete2: Razorwing ready to fly.
Unit_Complete3: Razorwing pilot waiting. [sound impatient]
Unit_Complete4: Razorwing unit awaiting orders.
Unit_Complete5: We are ready to take to the skies, my Archon. [pronounced “Ark-on”]
Unit_Complete6: Fighter command, Razorwings reporting for duty.
Unit_Complete7: Fighter escort ready to do your bidding.
Selection1: Razorwing cleared for take-off.
Selection2: Fighter unit ready, my Archon.
Selection3: We live to fly!
Selection4: I look forward to killing in your name, my Archon.
Selection5: Razorwing patrol ready for service.

Selection6: By the time they hear us, my Archon, they will be as good as dead.
Selection7: You will not regret choosing the best, my Archon.
Selection8: Priming darklances, testing night shields.
Selection9: We shall bomb these savages back into the mud whence they came.
Move1: Strike swiftly, destroy all opposition!
Move2: Razorwing attack formation deployed.
Move3: We are the lightning beneath the wings of the storm.
Move4: Take back the skies!
Move5: Strikeforce deployed, my Archon.
Move6: Razorwing acquiring target.
Move7: Strike hard, move fast, fly free.

Move8: They seek to hide from us – no foxhole is deep enough.
Move9: Acquiring target lock.

Attack1: Annihilate them!
Attack2: Attack pattern: Khaine’s Wrath. [pronounced “Cain’s”]
Attack3: Bring only death, leave only ruin!
Attack4: Deploy disintegration cannon!
Attack5: Firing mono-scythe missiles.
Attack6: Strike from the sky, leave none alive!
Attack7: As Death’s Arrow we come for you.
Attack8: Death from above!
Attack9: Teach these presumptuous fools why they should never have left the ground.
Charge1: Scorch the earthbound vermin from their lair!
Charge2: Gift them ... oblivion.
Charge3: Strafing run initiated.
Charge4: I think you’ll find, we do own the sky.
Charge5: *short laughter* You cannot hide, for we are Death itself!
Jump_Teleport1: Sudden and silent, the better to sow pain and confusion.
Jump_Teleport2: Swift secrecy opens a path to the enemy’s heart.
Jump_Teleport3: We fly straight and true, like a blade in the dark.
Jump_Teleport4: *snort* A hidden attack? Like some mon-keigh filth? If we must.. [pronounced “monkey”]
Ability1: Concentrate fire on enemy targets – on my mark.
Ability2: Ground cover will be cleared - deploying missiles.
Ability3: Razorwing squadron: Night’s Eternal Fury.
Ability4: Do you need assistance? We shall clear the way for you. *amused chuckle*
Ability5: Laying down covering fire. Defensive pattern: Aegis of Khaine.
Combat1: Strike as the raptor, scythe this place clean!
Combat2: Run, you savages! I will enjoy the target practice!
Combat3: Air superiority? You do not know the meaning of it! ... Lesson incoming.
Combat4: I have you in my sights!
Combat5: Aim for the centre of their formation!
Combat6: My, what pretty banners. *chuckle* Flammable, too.

Combat7: *laughing*

Combat8: *more laughing*

Combat9: *even more laughing*

Death1: How ... how could those earthbound fools hit us at this speed?
Death2: Razorwing hit! Taking damage! Baling out!
Death3: Catastrophic missile pod damage, detonation in  3, 2- *cut short by explosion*
Death4: Overloading disintegrator cannon – I’m taking you to She Who Thirsts with me!

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Voidraven Bomber
Veterans of the death-race tracks that orbit High Commorragh, Voidraven bomber pilots are used to bringing and defying death at breakneck speeds. As befits the pilot of a faster than sound craft, they are supremely agile in the air and have little regard for those beneath them, literally or metaphorically.

Unit_Complete1: Voidraven ready to fly.
Unit_Complete2: Bomber command, this is squadron commander, we are cleared to fly.
Unit_Complete3: Voidraven squadron complete.
Unit_Complete4: Voidraven stealth bomber awaiting orders.
Unit_Complete5: Stealth bomber unit, standing by.
Unit_Complete6: Voidraven waiting for orders, ground control.
Unit_Complete7: We are here, to win your aerial war.

Selection1: Voidraven cleared for takeoff.
Selection2: Swift and stealthy, by your command we fly.
Selection3: Voidraven ready - what are your orders, my Archon? [pronounced “Ark-on”]
Selection4: Command us, Archon, and we shall obliterate them.
Selection5: Send us the targets and we will annihilate them!
Selection6: Bring us to battle, we yearn to fly!
Selection7: Stealth bomber unit status: airborne.
Selection8: Voidraven bombers await your command.
Selection9: We will be the storm of your wrath, my Archon.

Move1: Launch Voidraven bombers.
Move2: Target confirmed. Deploying Voidraven unit.
Move3: The enemy will never know what hit them.
Move4: Let us stretch our wings.
Move5: We are a knife in the heart of the enemy – aim us well.
Move6: I hear a close range sonic boom can burst a heart. Let’s see if it’s true.
Move7: We will slip under their radar like a dagger between the ribs.
Move8: By the time they see us, my Archon, it will be too late.
Move9: Last one back to base is a Mon-keigh. [This is just pronounced “monkey”]

Attack1: Target acquired, begin strafing run.
Attack2: Out of the sun!
Attack3: Firing void lances!
Attack4: Deploy shatterfield missiles.
Attack5: Overflying target, deploy void mines.
Attack6: Commence strategic bombing.
Attack7: Precision bombing run initiated.
Attack8: Begin aerial bombardment.
Attack9: Void mines set, commence remote detonation.

Charge1: Swift as the wind beneath our wings! Rain death upon them!
Charge2: Leave no building standing and nothing alive!
Charge3: Let’s bomb these savages back to the Stone Age!
Charge4: Targeting Void lances, fire at will!
Charge5: Fire darkscythes! Let them reap the whirlwind!

Jump_Teleport1: We move to kill from the shadows.
Jump_Teleport2: We fly faster than sound!
Jump_Teleport3: Supersonic and stealthy? Indeed, why not have both, my Archon. No reason to give the vermin a fighting chance.
Jump_Teleport4: We will strike from the hidden places, like an assassin’s blade.

Ability1: Saturation bombing of enemy targets complete.
Ability2: Void lance attack pattern: Spear of Khaine [pronounced “Cane”]
Ability3: This is air support, implosion missile strike confirmed.

Ability4: The Voidraven casts its wings over you, dear ally. [with sarcasm]
Ability5: Defensive fire screen laid down. Thank me later, ground control.

Combat1: We are the lightning that strikes from a cloudless sky!
Combat2: There’s no kill like overkill!
Combat3: Precision strikes! Let’s bring this stronghold down!
Combat4: Bring only death, leave only carrion!
Combat5: Run? *wild laughter* You cannot outrun death!
Combat6: We bring the cold of the void to send you screaming to your demise!

Combat7: *laughing*

Combat8: *more laughing*

Combat9: *even more laughing*

Death1: Targeting arrays destroyed! Port engines failing!
Death2: Voidraven under heavy attack! Taking damage!
Death3: Voidraven hit!
Death4: Cabin depressurised, baling in - *sound of an explosion*

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Void Dragon Phoenix

Notes: Eldar Corsairs are beings of ambiguous reputation. Some ally with the Eldar of the Craftworlds, while others raid with the Dark Kin. Still others fight only for themselves and a place of glory in the galaxy. The Corsair pilots of the Void Dragon Phoenix fighter-bomber follow their own design. Who is to say where these fast, agile craft will place their trust, or their missiles?

Unit_Complete1: Void Dragon Phoenix, ready to stretch our wings.
Unit_Complete2: Tell us where you want us to destroy.
Unit_Complete3: We wait to bring the cleansing fire.
Unit_Complete4: Starcannon online, shuriken cannon primed, Void Dragon Phoenix is ready to fly.
Unit_Complete5: You have requested the aid of the Void Dragons, and we have answered.
Unit_Complete6: Void Dragon Phoenix flight checks are complete
Unit_Complete7: Void Dragon Phoenix awaits your command.

Selection1: We shall obey your orders to the letter, my Archon.
Selection2: While our alliance holds, we shall not fail you, Archon.
Selection3: Void Dragon Phoenix ready. Scanning for targets.
Selection4: Corsair unit, ready to kill in your name.
Selection5: Command this is Phoenix bomber, we have acquired targets.
Selection6: Void Dragon Phoenix here to purge your enemies.
Selection7: Phoenix bomber squadron ready to deploy.
Selection8: Phoenix bomber ready. What are your orders, my Archon?
Selection9: Request acknowledged, Void Dragon Phoenix ready to engage.

Move1: Unleash the Dragon!
Move2: Launch pattern: Khaine’s Destroying Blades. [pronounced “Cane’s”]
Move3: Launch sequence initiated.
Move4: We shall show you how true Corsairs fight.
Move5: By our – by your Will we fly, my Archon.
Move6: Strike like Vaul’s hammer! [pronounced like the word ‘all’ with a v at the front]
Move7: Let us sweep them from the skies!
Move8: Deploy the Dragon’s Wrath.
Move9: They shall not arise from their ashes *chuckle*

Attack1: Bring forth the Dragon’s fury!
Attack2: Engage starcannon, fire at will.
Attack3: Strike from the void to the enemy’s heart!
Attack4: Destroy them in the name of Khaine!
Attack5: Targeting enemy weapons arrays, engage shuriken cannon.
Attack6: Void Dragons, co-ordinate missile strikes.
Attack7: Annihilate these trespassers from our sky!
Attack8: Bring red ruin to our foes!
Attack9: Tactical bombing run initiated.

Charge1: With dark fire let us destroy them!
Charge2: Unleash the fury of the Phoenix!
Charge3: Into the fire! Rain death upon them!
Charge4: All weapons! Target their main engines!
Charge5: For the Void Dragons! Death to the mon-keigh usurpers! [pronounced “monkey”]

Jump_Teleport1: We shall strike from within, the hidden hand of death.
Jump_Teleport2: We will hasten to their clandestine demise.
Jump_Teleport3: Excellent! They will not know what hit them, or from where.
Jump_Teleport4: Secret and swift, to the heart of their command!

Ability1: The Dragon’s wings will sweep them from the skies.
Ability2: We will annihilate your foes with the power of a thousand burning suns!
Ability3: Are you having trouble? Allow our superior skills to assist.

Ability4: Fire allows the Phoenix to rise anew.
Ability5: Defensive fire laid down, you fight under the shelter of our wings.

Combat1: Strike swift, strike deep,
Combat2: Send them to their false and failing god!
Combat3: We have promised your deaths as a sacrifice to Khaine!
Combat4: These vermin believe the galaxy to be theirs. Punish them for their arrogance.
Combat5: Missile lock obtained. Bring them down!
Combat6: For the Eldar Empire! For the Children of Khaine!

Combat8: *laughing*

Combat9: *more laughing*

Combat10: *even more laughing*

Death1: You may kill me, but the Void Dragons shall rise again!
Death2: Fool! With my death you have sealed your Fate!
Death3: Slay one Corsair, and you earn only vengeance from the rest!
Death4: I die in glory, remembered for all time!

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*



Notes: Disdainful and cruel, the Dark Eldar who crew the fearsome Reaper gunship are well aware of their superior firepower and ability. They do not hesitate to share their gifts with the lesser races, utilizing the powerful Storm Vortex Projector Cannon in precision strikes the better to abet the carnage. An electromagnetic pulse weapon, it is feared for its ability to damage enemy vessels as much as its speed.

Unit_Complete1: The Reaper is here to end your enemies.
Unit_Complete2: Reaper complete, bringing Storm Vortex Cannon online.
Unit_Complete3: Your Reaper is here to fell the foe.
Unit_Complete4: Reaper gunship ready for orders.
Unit_Complete5: Reaper crew ready, standing by.

Unit_Complete6: Storm Vortex Projector complete, Reaper ready to fly.
Unit_Complete7: We stand ready to rain down death.

Selection1: We are your hand, my Archon – you have but to reach us out to take your prey.
Selection2: An enemy worthy of our skill, I trust?

Selection3: At last we strike. We feared the battle might pass us by.
Selection4: We shall not let the prey escape.
Selection5: Patience is for lesser beings. We live to kill.
Selection6: We go to show these mon-keigh the error of their ways. [pronounced “monkey”]
Selection7: Reaper ready to move out.
Selection8: We still wait for our chance to bring death.
Selection9: What is your wish, my Archon?

Move1: Reaper moving to acquire targets.
Move2: Your Reaper leads the charge!

Move3: They shall fall before us like wheat before the scythe.
Move4: Into battle! Ready Storm Vortex Cannon!
Move5: Swift as Khaine’s blade we move to strike them down! [pronounced “Cane’s”]
Move6: Finally, a chance to shed blood and revel in the enemy’s screams.
Move7: Reaper moving to ambush point.
Move8: We have honed our skill to a razor’s edge – let us test it on the enemy.
Move9: They shall reap the whirlwind!

Attack1: Fire Storm Vortex Projector!
Attack2: We will strip their armour from them like the skin from a sacrifice.
Attack3: Annihilate the foe, scatter their bodies like autumn leaves!
Attack4: Vortex Projector, multiple targets acquired – fire at will!
Attack5: Targeting enemy vehicle’s armour.
Attack6: We will excoriate them.
Attack7: Enemy sighted - acquiring target – let loose the Vortex.
Attack8: Disable their craft, then move in for the kill.
Attack9: We will shatter armour and tear steel.

Attack10: Fear.. the.. REAPER!! (spoken as if ominous and with impending doom)

Charge1: Into the fray! Leave none unscathed!
Charge2: Let them fear the Reaper!
Charge3: Sow pain! Reap death!
Charge4: Vortex Projector! Tear the enemy apart!
Charge5: Unleash the Storm!

Jump_Teleport1: Death comes to them unseen.
Jump_Teleport2: From the dark places we strike as the assassin’s blade.
Jump_Teleport3: Reaper gunship, bounding over our foes. Muhahahahh!
Jump_Teleport4: You wish us to jump? ...very well. Reaper moving to point.

Ability1: Our cannon will stop your craft as our blades still your beating hearts!
Ability2: Fire Storm Vortex Projector cannon, we have the enemy in our sights!
Ability3: The Vortex will part your armour as easily a blade slips between ribs.

Ability4: Don’t worry, dear friends – we will take out the enemy vehicles and save your precious hides.
Ability5: The Reaper watches over you – Death is on our side.

Combat1: Armour will not save you!

Combat2: You cannot hide from the Storm!
Combat3: Aim for the enemy command – take out the heart of their army!
Combat4: Nothing can shield you from the Vortex!
Combat5: There is no shelter from our wrath! We will annihilate you all!
Combat6: You imagine yourselves safe behind a wall of steel? Your pathetic war-machines can be foiled. Tanks can be halted.  Armour can be pared away. And you, mon-keigh – you can die.

Combat7: *laughing*

Combat8: *more laughing*

Combat9: *even more laughing*

Death1: You cannot kill us, for we are Death!
Death2: Engines failing – power lost to shields – Storm Vortex Cannon overloading!
Death3: Reaper structural failure in ten seco- *sound of explosion*
Death4: Catastrophic failure? Impossible! Our plan was perfect!

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*



Notes: The Shadow is a Super-Heavy skimmer that is both equipped for distance warfare – with a modified darklance, the Shadowlance, as well as disintegrator cannon – and keen to get into close combat. Huge blades decorate the vessel, the better to slice the enemy apart. The Shadow’s veteran warriors feel a superior disdain for newer designs, a rivalry born and often tested in battle.

Unit_Complete1: Shadow ready to attack and kill.
Unit_Complete2: Heavy Skimmer here to bring destruction.
Unit_Complete3: Disintegrators online, Shadowlance powered up, Shadow ready.
Unit_Complete4: You choose us over the Tantalus, I see. An excellent choice, my Archon, compared to that flashy little rich man’s toy. [pronounced "Ark-on"]
Unit_Complete5: Your Shadow is ready for war.

Unit_Complete6: Shadow here to show the rest how a true Dark Eldar kills.
Unit_Complete7: Shadow complete, engines online, weapons at maximum efficiency.

Selection1: By your command, my Archon, we shall end the enemy!
Selection2: Whom shall we first destroy, my Archon?
Selection3: Shadowlance activated, Heavy Skimmer ready to deploy.
Selection4: Do you wish us to disintegrate the enemy, or annihilate them with dark fire?
Selection5: Shadow awaiting instructions.
Selection6: We will eviscerate the foe.
Selection7: Heavy Skimmer support waiting to attack.
Selection8: You have wisely chosen the elite among your forces, Archon. We will not let you down.
Selection9: Shadow ready to fly.

Move1: We shall sweep across this land like the wings of Death.
Move2: We take flight.
Move3: Let’s show those little Reavers how a real Dark Eldar vessel fights.
Move4: Shadow advancing to the battlefield.
Move5: Make haste; we go to school our lessers in the art of War.
Move6: Shall we score you the first bladevane kill, my Archon?

Move7: Swiftly now, aim for the heart of the rabble!
Move8: Into the fray, carnage awaits!
Move9: Onwards into battle! For Commoragh! [pronounced "Kom-mor-rah"]

Attack1: We are the shadow of Death!
Attack2: Deploy disintegrators, strike them down!
Attack3: Fire all batteries, target Shadowlance on enemy command.
Attack4: Give these petty heathens a reason to pray.
Attack5: Enemy sighted at range - aiming lance fire.
Attack6: Send them into darkness!
Attack7: Reave a bloody swathe through their ranks!
Attack8: Shred these wretches where they stand!
Attack9: Cut them apart!

Charge1: We are the blade unstoppable, we are the claws of Death!
Charge2: Your screams are the melody to the chorus of death our weapons sing!
Charge3: Slaves for Commorragh, victims for the torture-pits!
Charge4: Send their souls wailing to She Who Thirsts!
Charge5: We are the Shadow, we are destruction, we are your new dark gods!

Jump_Teleport1: Swiftly now, from the darkness we leap.
Jump_Teleport2: Shadow preparing to jump. See you on the nightside, Command.
Jump_Teleport3: Onward to the sudden strike! Shadow moving out!
Jump_Teleport4: Now to rise above the herd.

Ability1: Cleanse these presumptuous upstarts with dark fire.
Ability2: We bring the gifts of red ruin and devastation – and we are generous enough to share them with you all.
Ability3: Their hubris shall be their downfall – they thought to stand against the rightful rulers of the galaxy! Fire at my command.

Ability4: Fear not, my brethren, for you lie beneath our shadow. *dark chuckle*  The enemy falls under our lances.
Ability5: We will shelter you with wings of darkness.

Combat1: Fools! You cannot outrun death! Fire all weapons!

Combat2: You will quench the hunger of our souls!
Combat3: Your false gods have deserted you, as fickle as a Wych’s kiss!
Combat4: Wreath them in the cleansing flame of dark fire!
Combat5: Your skulls shall fill our trophy racks!
Combat6: For the Glory of the Dark City!

Combat7: *laughing*

Combat8: *more laughing*

Combat9: *even more laughing*

Death1: Impossible! We have taken control of Darkness and shaped it to our Will!
Death2: I do not fear death – I wield it like a blade!
Death3: You may strike us down – but the vengeance of the Dark City will be swift and eternal.
Death4: Shadowlance overloading! Power levels critical! Aim for the enemy command!

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*



Notes: A twin-hulled assault skimmer, the Tantalus is a catamaran variant on the usual Dark Eldar Raider and no less vicious. Arrogant even for an Archon, the originator of this design, Surasis Grief, prides himself on the speed and viciousness of the raids he leads in this craft armed with twin pulse disintegrators. Many of those who seek to emulate his success add a shock prow or flickerfield armour. Archon Grief himself is said to be especially fond of the shockvane kill as it takes him back to his Arena-frequenting days.

Unit_Complete1: Tantalus ready to bring the pain.
Unit_Complete2: Tantalus ready to fly out.
Unit_Complete3: Give us our coordinates, Archon [pronounced Ark-on] your Tantalus is ready.
Unit_Complete4: Checking disintegrators, checking missile pods, shockprow powered on. Lead us to battle!
Unit_Complete5: What are we waiting for? The enemy to wake up and smell the carnage?
Unit_Complete6: Flickerfield enabled, missiles primed, we go to war in your name, dread Archon.
Unit_Complete7: Superior firepower and style at your command, my Archon. You will not regret hiring the Tantalus.

Selection1: The Chosen of the Kabal shall do your bidding, Archon. [pronounced “Ca-bal”]
Selection2: You have but to order it, and your Tantalus shall kill in your name.
Selection3: We are ready to capture or kill, as you command.
Selection4: Tantalus crew ready.
Selection5: Tantalus weapons online, direct us to battle.
Selection6: Elite raiding party, ready to lead from the front!
Selection7: You have chosen wisely, my Archon. The Tantalus is the ultimate raiding craft.
Selection8: We await your command to kill, my Archon.
Selection9: Tantalus crew standing by.

Move1: We go to do your bidding.
Move2: We move to execute your orders, my Archon.
Move3: We ride into battle, like the gods of old – minus their lamentably tragic demise. *low chuckle*
Move4: We shall clear a path through the enemy.
Move5: By your command we bring destruction.
Move6: Tantalus moving out.
Move7: Forward to battle, destroy all who oppose us!
Move8: Shockprow enabled, initiating attack run.
Move9: Out of our way!

Attack1: Drive the enemy before us!
Attack2: Capture these vermin for the arena – we shall see how they run then!
Attack3: Fire disintegrators!
Attack4: Rapid pulse fire – all targets!
Attack5: Concentrate fire on the central objective.
Attack6: Shoot the front ranks; the effect on morale is most amusing.
Attack7: Shockvane sweep – let us cut them down to size.
Attack8: Disintegrate them!
Attack9: Kill them all! Leave none to mourn the dead!

Attack10: Double the death-dealing, double the fun with disintegrators both firing as one!

Charge1: Forward! For destruction! For Commorragh! [pronounced “Com-morr-ah” like the Biblical Gomorrah]
Charge2: Let us show these lesser beings the artistry of the swift and deadly kill.
Charge3: Obliterate them!
Charge4: We are death! We are nightmare! We are ruin!
Charge5: There! The commander! Decapitate him!

Jump_Teleport1: We shall jump into their midst the better to bring devastation.
Jump_Teleport2: We will be swift to bring death from within - like a plotting relative.
Jump_Teleport3: Find the secret heart of their base, then rip it out!
Jump_Teleport4: Stealthy does not suit an Archon – unless they are armed as well as us.

Ability1: Flee before us, fools! Or we shall annihilate you! ... did I say “or”? Fire all weapons!
Ability2: Missile strikes – fire at will. Disintegrators – target enemy command.
Ability3: Disintegrator cannon – broad pattern pulse. Sweep the ground clean of these usurpers.

Ability4: We have brought the mighty Tantalus to protect you. You need fear the enemy no more!
Ability5: We are here to aid you. You are our dear allies. For now…

Combat1: A thousand slaves for the first shockvane kill!
Combat2: If we cannot take them alive, destroy them all!
Combat3: Your skinned skull will grace my trophy rack!
Combat4: Bring terror, and leave red ruin!
Combat5: No matter where you flee, we will be your doom!
Combat6: This takes me back to my arena days! Onward, for death and glory!

Combat7: *laughing*

Combat8: *more laughing*

Combat9: *even more laughing*

Death1: No ... not possible! You cannot kill me!
Death2: Flickerfields ... why are the flickerfields not engaged? Where are the flickerfields, damn your soul?!
Death3: Hubris?! You only call it hubris because you lack imagination! Even death cannot defeat me!
Death4: Vengeance for my death shall be as sweet as Lhilitu’s kiss! [pronounced “Lill-it-u’s” For context, Lhilitu is a famous poisoner.]

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Vessel of Pain

Notes: The Vessel of Pain has been created by devious artisans to do one thing: curb the enemy’s presumption. It has been designed to deal with the hubris of those who believe that their heavy armour or lumbering Titans will render them unable to feel the lash of the slave. The feeling of despair when the Vessel of Pain punctures an enemy war machine with devastating efficiency is quite delicious.

Unit_Complete1: Vessel of Pain complete.
Unit_Complete2: The Vessel of Pain is ready to hear your orders, my Archon [pronounced Ark-on]
Unit_Complete3: Vessel of Pain, here to humble the ‘mighty’.
Unit_Complete4: We come to bring the enemy low.
Unit_Complete5: Your Vessel of Pain is here to pierce the enemy’s defenses.
Unit_Complete6: The enemy presume too much. Vessel of Pain here, to teach them humility.
Unit_Complete7: Vessel of Pain, ready to destroy in your name.

Selection1: You wish us to bring them to their knees, my Archon?
Selection2: Our Phantom Lances are ready to fire at your command.
Selection3: Their heaviest armour shall be as paper before our weapons.
Selection4: A worthy choice, my Archon; sit back and enjoy the devastation.
Selection5: Vessel of Pain ready to obey.
Selection6: Titans shall fall at your command!
Selection7: We shall strike as your mailed fist, my Archon.
Selection8: We are ready to punch through the enemy’s defenses.
Selection9: Ready to harvest the enemy’s sweet suffering.

Move1: Enemy Titan sighted, moving to engage.
Move2: Vessel of Pain entering the fray.
Move3: Enemy sighted, come about and commence firing.
Move4: Multiple heavy targets sighted, moving to engage.
Move5: Vessel of Pain moving out.
Move6: Seeking heavy targets, readying Phantom Lances, Vessel of Pain engaged.
Move7: Onward! To the enemy! Slaves and pain for the Dark City!
Move8: Iron clad-vermin are still vermin. Let us be about their demise.
Move9: We shall grind them into the dust!

Attack1: Deploy Desolator! Fire at will!
Attack2: Phantom Lances engaged.
Attack3: Target kill locked.
Attack4: Splinter cannon, target enemy shields.
Attack5: Focus on enemy engines – let’s see how they fare as a stationary target ...
Attack6: Firing solutions, all targets, broad shot pattern.
Attack7: Splinter cannon firing, pattern: Shard-storm of Death.
Attack8: Let armour tear and plating buckle!
Attack9: No armour is proof against the Vessel of Pain!

Charge1: All power to forward cannon, firing splinter volley.
Charge2: Onward! Bring them all down!
Charge3: Your proud Titans will fall, Mon-keigh! [pronounced “monkey”]
Charge4: Into the arena of Death, we ride!
Charge5: Bring them down, as Arhra struck down the weak and foolish! [pronounced “Arr-h-rah”]

Jump_Teleport1: Vessel of Pain ready to teleport.
Jump_Teleport2: We shall strike from the heart and tear it out from within.
Jump_Teleport3: We are prepared, send us to their inner sanctum.
Jump_Teleport4: Take us directly to the centre of the fight. We have waited long enough!

Ability1: Vessel of Pain, here to disrupt your foes. You owe us, ground control.
Ability2: Oh - are you having trouble with the enemy’s armour? The Vessel of Pain shall obliterate it for you.
Ability3: I thought you said the enemy was heavily armoured? *amused chuckle*

Ability4: We shall watch over you, as Vect watches over Commorragh [pronounced “Vekt” and “Kom-mor-rah”].
Ability5: The Vessel of Pain is here to protect and annihilate.

Combat1: Come, taste the pain we bring!
Combat2: Splinter cannon, all targets! Shred them all!
Combat3: If your gods were going to aid you, they would have answered by now! *laughter*
Combat4: We thirst for your demise! Feel the wrath of Commorragh!
Combat5: We cull the weak! We bring low the war machine! We will destroy you!
Combat6: Set Desolator to maximum!

Combat7: *laughing*

Combat8: *more laughing*

Combat9: *even more laughing*

Death1: Shields overloaded! Engines critical! We- *sound of explosion*
Death2: Vessel of Pain taking critical damage, we are hit, repeat, we are hit!
Death3: Vessel of Pain breaking up – maximum speed, fire all weapons!
Death4: Aim for the leg joint! Take them down with us!

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Tormentor Titan

Notes: The Eldar Titan is a graceful machine, powerful and elegant and driven by psychic impulses. The Tormentor is not this machine. It is a livid blasphemy, the pinnacle of Dark Eldar engineering moving with an impossible grace, mocking its Craftworld cousins. As it strides over the battlefield, its radiant aura of pain and destruction brings despair to its foes, trailing a corona of blood and debris as it leaps, kicks, and pirouettes through impossible angles. It should not have a soul, but its dark energy is a palpable field of despair nonetheless.

Unit_Complete1: Tormentor Titan ready.
Unit_Complete2: Your Tormentor is here my Archon [pronounced Ark-on], scarcely leashed and eager to destroy.
Unit_Complete3: Titan unit ready. Dark Lances armed.
Unit_Complete4: We rise from the cradle of your workshop, here to send your enemies to their grave.
Unit_Complete5: Tormentor here to revel in the pain.
Unit_Complete6: Tormentor Titan, reporting for devastation.
Unit_Complete7: Tormentor ready. What are your orders, Archon?

Selection1: Give us your targets, my Archon, and we shall give them death.
Selection2: Tormentor Titan stands ready to kill.
Selection3: We shall cow the enemy and teach them their place in creation.
Selection4: We are ready and waiting to sweep all before us.
Selection5: Titan crew ready. We yearn to enter the fray.
Selection6: Send us into battle, Archon!
Selection7: A wise choice, Archon; we have elegance, speed and a thirst to kill.
Selection8: Our weapons are at your disposal.
Selection9: How long must we wait? Our Agonisers thirst for the enemy!

Move1: Scanning for targets, enemy Titan located. Moving out.
Move2: Let us through – oh. Do excuse our clumsiness. Ground control, keep tighter rein on your units.
Move3: Into battle! Ready Dark Lances!
Move4: Enemy troops sighted. Locking on weapons.
Move5: Stand aside, the Tormentor is among you, lesser kin!
Move6: Tormentor Titan, coming through.
Move7: Tormentor Titan, taking the field.
Move8: Your Tormentor Titan obeys, my Archon. We go to war.
Move9: Enemy unit sighted, Tormentor moving to engage.

Attack1: We are the Darkness, come to devour your souls!
Attack2: Fire Dark Lances!
Attack3: Dark Lance fire, all targets, pattern: Malevolent Excision.
Attack4: Engage Agonizers. Let us taste the pain of our enemies!
Attack5: For the Kabal!
Attack6: Let destruction reign! Leave none to sing of their demise!
Attack7: Run, little mon-keigh, run! [pronounced “monkey”]
Attack8: Dark Light shall flay the skin from your bones!
Attack9: Death and unholy fire! Unleash oblivion!

Charge1: We are Torment given form! We are Pain! We are your new God of Death!
Charge2: Full speed! Charge the enemy! No mercy!
Charge3: Dark light will consume you! Pray for death!
Charge4: Bow down! We are everything you fear!
Charge5: Scourge the life from this pitiful world!

Jump_Teleport1: Tormentor Titan teleportation initiated.
Jump_Teleport2: Inner fields dampened, Dark Lances powering down, commence teleportation.
Jump_Teleport3: This will surely be a surprise to the enemy, my Archon. *wicked chuckle*
Jump_Teleport4: Tormentor Titan prepared to teleport – see if you can land us on top of the enemy.

Ability1: Dark Lances, target enemy units. Leave none standing.
Ability2: Deploy Agonisers, bring the pain!
Ability3: Tormentor Titan providing heavy artillery support.

Ability4: The Tormentor is here, we shall stand over you poor lost souls like gentle Isha. [pronounced “Ish-ah”; this it almost goes without saying is a deeply sarcastic sentence.]
Ability5: Tormentor Titan to ground units, stay under our protection but don’t get under our feet.

Combat1: Dark Lances! Take out the enemy reactor!
Combat2: We shall dance on your graves amid the pyre of your smoking ruins!
Combat3: You shall perish in glorious agony, aflame with dark fire!
Combat4: Sweet agony and twisted fire will devour your souls! For Commorragh For the Dark City! ! [pronounced “Kom-or-rah”]
Combat5: Fall beneath our might! Die at the blades of the Tormentor!
Combat6: The Dark Eldar hunger, and your souls shall be our banquet!

Combat7: *laughing*

Combat8: *more laughing*

Combat9: *even more laughing*

Death1: You may bring us low, but we will rise above you in death! Overload the reactors!
Death2: Dark Light batteries, critical overload - *explosion*
Death3: No! We are the titanic sum of misery given form! You cannot defeat us!
Death4: Tormentor Titan hit! Shields gone! Engines critical! Maximum ramming speed!

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Instigator Titan

Notes: Frequently regarded as a little unhinged for shackling themselves to a machine, the self-discipline required of an Instigator Titan crew is not easy to come by in the Dark City, frequently drawn from lovers or blood-kin, they are notoriously volatile, but if their high-strung natures can be harnessed to drive the destruction wrought by the Instigator then the resulting carnage is terrible indeed.

Unit_Complete1: Instigator online. Ready to unleash destruction.
Unit_Complete2: Instigator standing by.
Unit_Complete3: Instigator Titan here to begin the massacre.
Unit_Complete4: Engines cycling at full efficiency, weapons ready to fire. Instigator awaiting orders.
Unit_Complete5: Your Instigator Titan is here to serve the Dark City.

Unit_Complete6: Instigator complete. Bring us to the enemy.
Unit_Complete7: Instigator here to bring death.

Selection1: We are your agents of Death, Archon! [pronounced ark-on]
Selection2: Your Instigator stands ready to begin the carnage.
Selection3: We are the ultimate weapon – wield us wisely.
Selection4: We are the Instigator. We are the Bringer of Destruction.
Selection5: Instigator ready to join the battle.
Selection6: We obey, my Archon. What is your wish?
Selection7: We wait for the slaughter to begin.
Selection8: Instigator ready to join the battle.
Selection9: Direct us to destroy the enemy.

Move1: We go to battle, as did the gods of old. Except that we will triumph. *harsh laughter*
Move2: We go to war!
Move3: Instigator moving to obey.
Move4: Instigator Titan moving out.
Move5: Let us lead the enemy in the dance of death!
Move6: Instigator stalking prey.
Move7: Instigator entering the fray.
Move8: Let the annihilation begin.
Move9: Instigator preparing to crush the enemy.

Attack1: Strike down the enemy and break them beneath us!
Attack2: First we will divide you, then we will conquer.
Attack3: Hostile targets acquired, Instigator firing.
Attack4: Destroy all targets!
Attack5: We will return you to the dust from whence you came.
Attack6: You will perish under fire or under foot.
Attack7: Remove these vermin from the sight of their betters!
Attack8: Fire all weapons! Maximum power!
Attack9: Primary weapon matrices, fire at foremost targets.

Charge1: We will crush you beneath us!
Charge2: We will destroy you as Khaine destroyed Eldanesh! [pronounced “Cane” and “Ell-dan-esh”]
Charge3: Sunder their command and trample the remains!
Charge4: Discord – disunity – destruction!
Charge5: Your pain is sweet! Your terror feeds us and we hunger!

Jump_Teleport1: Now you see us – now you’re dead.
Jump_Teleport2: Instigator teleportation matrices online – jumping in three, two -
Jump_Teleport3: We call this a leap of faith – it makes our enemies start to pray.
Jump_Teleport4: Instigator teleport engaged.

Ability1: If the path to damnation is made of good intentions, we wish you the very best.
Ability2: We shall sow confusion; the enemy shall reap the whirlwind.
Ability3: There are two kinds of being in this galaxy: prey, and supreme predators. We are here to teach you the difference.

Ability4: You will find shelter in our shadow where the enemy shall know only defeat.
Ability5: Fear not, dear allies. We are the Instigator. We start fights – and we finish them.

Combat1: Truly, we shall gift you with a legendary demise.

Combat2: We shall make a pyre of your world and on it burn your dreams!
Combat3: Conflict is a symphony, and we are the maestro of its orchestration!
Combat4: Enemy unit sighted, bringing main weapons to bear.
Combat5: You will find only death here!
Combat6: Even though the enemy are beneath our notice – now they are beneath our feet.

Combat7: *laughing*

Combat8: *more laughing*

Combat9: *even more laughing*

Death1: Instigator core failing, detonation imminent!
Death2: Jump engines overheating, we are hit! We are critically hit!
Death3: Power cells damaged, weapons overloading, Instigator down!
Death4: We will crush you even with our dying breath!

Death5: Arrgghhh!!

Death6: Gaarrgghhh!!

Death7: *various other death sounds*


Agony Titan

Notes: Agony pilots are chosen only from the most loyal of citizens, to ensure that the risk of one running amok is ... lessened. The largest Titan to grace the Dark Eldar force, the Agony is a towering monster of terrifying scale. Possible only through the application of eldritch craft and the undoubted skill of its Dark Eldar pilots – for they have forsworn all psychic powers - the Agony relies upon technology and the unholy speed of their reflexes to move this abomination around the battlefield. To witness the Agony Titan leap from the skies is to understand the forsaken nature of those who oppose the Dark City, for Vect’s [pronounced like ‘vector’ without the –or] wrath falls like a hammerblow from the gods.
Unit_Complete1: Agony Titan online, all weapons powering up, targeting matrices engaged.
Unit_Complete2: Agony Titan here to stride forth and break the foe.
Unit_Complete3: Dark pulsars complete, Agony Titan ready to march.
Unit_Complete4: Agony ready to take the field.
Unit_Complete5: Agony here to kill in Vect’s name!

Unit_Complete6: Running target solutions, powering up main weapons, Agony Titan online.
Unit_Complete7: Agony Titan unit construction complete.

Selection1: Send your sweet Agony to the ecstasy of battle!
Selection2: Agony Titan online, ready to deploy.
Selection3: We long to destroy.
Selection4: Let us walk as gods among mon-keigh! [pronounced “monkey”]
Selection5: You choose well – the Agony Titan is the best under your command.
Selection6: We will crush your enemies underfoot, my Archon!
Selection7: We will eradicate their resistance.
Selection8: We act to serve the Rule of Vect.
Selection9: Pompous governors, self-important kings, petty warlords – all shall fear us and despair!

Move1: Agony Titan deployed,
Move2: We go to duel our lessers and school them in the ways of war.
Move3: How tiny the enemy look from up here. *chuckle*
Move4: We go to war for the Dark City!
Move5: We will stride forth to reclaim our birthright.
Move6: Into battle! Let us share the gift of pain!
Move7: We walk forth to battle as did Khaine [pronounced cane] of old. Except that we will not be beaten.
Move8: Slow? Slow? We are not slow. We are artisans of desolation. Great art takes time.
Move9: We will walk among the enemy as gods of destruction.

Attack1: We are the right hand of Vect and you shall fear his name!
Attack2: Firing dark pulsars, target enemy command.
Attack3: We live by the command of Vect. You die at his pleasure.
Attack4: We revel in your destruction!
Attack5: There is no virtue in defeat ... unless it’s yours. Prepare for annihilation.
Attack6: Concentrate dark pulsar fire on the enemy command.
Attack7: Obliterate these presumptuous fools!
Attack8: Unleash dark starfire upon these benighted souls!
Attack9: Why yes, you truly are beneath us. But we will oblige you. Open fire.

Charge1: Forward Agony, dark pulsars fire at will!
Charge2: You cannot escape the Blade of Vect!
Charge3: Take the fight to the enemy!
Charge4: That is not distant thunder you hear, but the sound of your approaching doom!
Charge5: Did you not hear? Your Corpse Emperor is dead, and we are your new Gods of Pain!

Jump_Teleport1: Attack from the skies like the thunderbolt of Khaine! [pronounced cane]
Jump_Teleport2: Engage protocols: Cegorach’s Transit. [pronounced: “Ky-gor-ach” (the last ch as in loch) or “Keg-or-ach”]
Jump_Teleport3: We are a balletic, tumbling juggernaut of destruction, and none shall be safe from our wrath!
Jump_Teleport4: Wherever you hide – Agony will find you.

Ability1: Fear the Wrath of Vect and taste defeat!
Ability2: Do my eyes deceive me, or are the mon-keigh suffering from terminal hubris? Engage dark pulsars! [pronounced “monkey”]
Ability3: What a pity; we cannot see the looks of despair on the enemies’ faces from up here.

Ability4: Come, shelter at our feet, my kin, but ... *low chuckle* do not stand too close.
Ability5: Give thanks for Asdrubael Vect’s beneficence; he has sent an Agony Titan to watch over you. [pronounced “As-drew-bay-el”]

Combat1: Crush the enemy! Leave none alive!

Combat2: These filth are but insects beneath our feet! Smash them!
Combat3: We will fall upon you like the shadow of Death!
Combat4: Run, vermin, run! Wherever you flee, you will not escape your own insignificance!
Combat5: Life is suffering – we bring you mercy.
Combat6: Mon-keigh! Upstart usurpers all! Know your true place in the galaxy!

Death1: We die for the Dark City! Overload all weapons arrays!
Death2: Lances running hot, reactor death imminent!
Death3: Agony in life, still Agony in death! Fire all weapons!
Death4: If we must fall, we will crush you still!

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