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Contra feedback [ In general ] [ pun intended ]

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Posted 16 February 2016 - 08:17 PM

Hello there random person reading, this is my feedback of every Contra version released up till now.


Alright, let's start.


First off, hands off to the creator for making such a amazing modification with amazing soundtrack, re-vamping Ai's, everything is polished to the maximum for a great experience, this might be the best mod out there for Zero hour I might say.


The introduction of " Epic units " as one might say gives that feel from playing Kane's wrath, that you can depend on this unit to turn the tide of the battle.


Every single General is made unique in his own way, the gameplay varies so much, I can't even tell if they are on the same faction, I'm sure this required alot of time and energy and finally, it paid off. 


If you play from the perspective of every general, you will not only find more ways to accomplish your goals, but give yourself a advantage aswell.


The Generals Challenge.


I really have to give credit to Predator for making such an interesting addition to it by increasing the possibilities of tackling on the challenge, and oh boy, the difficulty has increased alot, so much that it took me almost 3.5 hours to beat the Nuclear General on Brutal, and I had to restart 3 times due to losing. The AI was properly worked on and this was just in the beta of 008, much more came up ahead. Many improvements were also made to the gameplay so that it becomes a little easier/tougher to beat any other generals forces. 





Do you remember fighting brutal ai's in vanilla Zero hour and thought to yourself: " That was easy ", now in Contra, it's hard as fuck, even if you're going against 2 brutal ai's with one brutal ai to assist you, much of the match, you're alone as your AI partner doesn't get alot of funds if you don't expand very quickly, thus ending in a short match. You have to seriously use your brain no matter what general you're playing.




I would rate this mod 9/10, a few things could be improved. Overall, GG to the owners of this modification and please do play it.


And I have barely found any bugs at all, none I think, it's working perfectly. 

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Posted 17 February 2016 - 08:54 PM

Thanks for the kind words. More maps will be coming to Challenge. I am glad you enjoy them :)

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