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[BFME1/BFME2/ROTWK] Games Download & Installation Guide

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#901 tobysauce77

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Posted 01 February 2024 - 03:40 PM

Has anyone come across an issue with the "My Heroes" screen where the heroes are slightly out of shot? The camera pans above them, so you can't actually see what they look like.


How do I fix this? I've had no resolution issues with the game itself.


I don't think this can be fixed without a patch. The camera position appears to be set based on resolution, and the original game was made for the old 4:3 aspect ratio monitors, not 16:9 or wider.

#902 Magicalus

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Posted 11 April 2024 - 09:27 PM

Hello, I have a problem with installing BFME1 and I need an advice. Today was my first time installing this game, and even though I have followed the guide available here, I must have done something wrong. First, after I installed the game and was installing the patches (using All-in-one Patch tool) I've got a notification, when I was installing the Patch 1.06 that I need to install 1.03 and 1.05, so I am not sure, if it worked correctly or not. But I've continued with installation, placed Options.ini in correct folder, and then I've tried to launch the game, to see if, it works (before downloading HD edition). Unfortunatly, I got the notification about "Unrecognized text or missing "END" tag, and a list of errors, that I didn't understand. I have decided to uninstall the game and tried to delete all BFME1 files from my computer, hoping that I will be able to install it again correctly. I have installed succesfly BFME2 and RotWK. Unfortunatly, now, when I'm trying to install BFME1, I see a notification "Please insert disk number 1". Is there any way I can fix it? Any files left after previous installation I should delete?

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