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Rotwk WOTR - Adding WOTR Fortress Upgrades Command Set Buttons

rotwk war of the ring wotr coding command sets command buttons radial palantir upgrades ini.big

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#1 OperationRenegade

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Posted 12 April 2016 - 06:51 PM

Hi everyone,
Back again - I have been trying to add fortress upgrades to wotr, but have had no luck (seriously, please don't tell me the wotr (both palintir and radial (structure)) command sets are hardcoded).
see: image 1
To start off I have tried adding a castle walls upgrade (and later the whole set of upgrades). To do this I have been trying to add an upgrade capable of increasing the defensive capabilities of a fort in auto-resolve represented by a wotr/lwm model/submodel (and if possible add it to the real time map, or better, base files)
Attempt 1: Palintir command set buttons
see the code below:
file: data\ini\livingworldbuildings.ini
                  /// Code ///

LivingWorldBuilding LWB_ArnorFortress
BuildingNugget UpgradeTroops NuggetTag_UpgradeTroops
   Icon = ArnorArmyIcon
   NumUpgradesPerTurn = 1
   UpgradeableUnits = ArnorFortress


The first problem I have is that the palintir button command sets cannot be overwritten within the ini.big file (as far as I can tell).
see: image 2
i.e. replace the functioning button:


with the functioning button:
UpgradeUnitButton ;later UpgradeFortWallsButton

file: data\ini\strategichud.ini
/// code /// the only I could find within the ini.big file in relation to the 'UpgradeUnitButton'

  Image = Strategic_ToggleDetailsBlue
  Title = STRATEGICHUD:ToggleSelectionDetailsTitle
  Help = STRATEGICHUD:ToggleSelectionDetailsHelp

  BuildingFortress = Archetype_FortressBuilding
  Armory = Archetype_Armory
  BuildingResource = Archetype_ResourceBuilding
  Barracks = Archetype_Barracks
  UnitSoldier = Archetype_Soldier
  UnitArcher = Archetype_Archer
  UnitPikemen = Archetype_Pikeman
  UnitCavalry = Archetype_Cavalry
  UnitHero = Archetype_Hero
  UnitFortress = Archetype_Fortress
  UnitSiege = Archetype_Siege
  UnitSupport = Archetype_Support

  Image = Strategic_UpgradeArmyBlue
  Title = STRATEGICHUD:UpgradeArmyMemberTitle
  Help = STRATEGICHUD:UpgradeArmyMemberHelp

Secondly, within the ini.big file I cannot seem to define a new upgrade to increase the auto-resolve strength (just 'use' the unit upgrade).
Hence, I cannot use this technique (not even a shortcut key I can use to access this upgrade).
Attempt 2: Fortress radial command set buttons
see the code below:
    file: data\ini\livingworldbuildings.ini
    /// Code ///

LivingWorldBuilding LWB_ArnorFortress
;// You must use "NuggetTag_Spawner" to name SpawnArmy nuggets.
BuildingNugget SpawnArmy NuggetTag_Spawner
QueueSize = 6
PlayerArmy = ArnorGloinArmy ;need a dummy unit
Icon = ArnorArmyIcon
IconSize = Small
PalantirMovie = Palantir_150
BuildTime = 1 ; 3
ConstructButtonImage = UCCommon_UpgradeStructureNew ;HIGloin_wotr
ConstructButtonTitle = CONTROLBAR:SelectUpgradesArnorFortress ;CONTROLBAR:LW_Hero_Gloin
ConstructButtonHelp = CONTROLBAR:ToolTipCommandSelectUpgradesArnorFortress ;CONTROLBAR:LW_ToolTipBuild_Gloin

With this method I was at least able to add a new button for the upgrade but:

I cannot change it from unit producing to upgrade never mind a command set toggle. Hence I cannot
get a button to grant an upgrade to structure in the living world (wotr) map.
see: image 3
This is just trying to implement a structure upgrade BUTTON in wotr, never mind defining the upgrade, the additonal auto-reolve data,adding the model to the wotr map or real time (as a series of walls).
Only thing I could think of is to get it to produce an invisible object (that can't be moved or clicked on) that produces a wotr upgrade to the auto resolve data within the fort ini file another object ini file.
Please note you cannot seem to mix-match the different commands in the two building nuggets shown.
Man, I'm starting to wish I had some serious (WOTR) modding skills.

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#2 Biddy

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Posted 23 September 2016 - 02:39 PM

Hey there,


just wanted to ask, wether you´ve had any success concerning upgrade-buttons. I´ve been trying to do the same for quite a while now and am quite sure, that it´s totally hardcoded. Additionally I had the same idea about spawning an unattackable, invisible Unit, that grants an upgrade to a building but there still remain some problems, I couldn´t solve yet.


-If you use this for structures of which more than one can exist, like barracks or forges, the game would not know, which one to upgrade

-If you spawn a unit, which grants this upgrade, the unit can be transferred via hero-armies and therefore be sent to another territory

-Commandset changes for livingworld buildings aren´t possible, as far as I know. So it wouldn´t be possible, to make a level 2 structure train different units, than a level 1 structure


Anyway, if you´ve had any progress in this topic, I would really like to hear about it :)


Best regards


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