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Assault General Nuke occasionally causes crash when StaticGameLOD = high?

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#1 dest12

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Posted 06 May 2016 - 08:27 PM

I have a saved game on the Assault General challenge where everytime the nuke lands, strange triangle graphics artifacts start to appear and one second later the game crashes with a "Serious Error". I've messed around with literally every settings in options.ini and have found that changing StaticGameLOD = high to StaticGameLOD = medium fixes the crash. The strange triangle artifacts still briefly appear on StaticGameLOD = medium but it does not crash. If you get StaticGameLOD = low then the trinagle arficats do not appear at all and the game is fine.


I'm wondering why this would happen, especially since I've played dozens of skirmishes on Contra 009 Beta where the GLA Assault nuke was involved and the game did not crash then. Perhaps it was the combination of a large amount of units on the challenge map that cause this?


I can upload the save if anyone cares to debug.


Edit: More info is that none of these settings seemed to affect the crash: AntiAliasing, ExtraAnimations, MaxParticleCount  (even as low as 0), ShowSoftWaterEdge, ShowTrees, UseCloudMap, UseLightMap, UseShadowDecals, UseShadowVolumes. I already had HeatEffects off.

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#2 predator_bg


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Posted 06 May 2016 - 10:43 PM

Interesting find. I know that such "triangles" appear to some players, but not to others. I personally run the game on the highest possible settings. I do get crashes, but I don't get any graphical glitches before it happens (each crash may be caused by different factors, I get to think I get less crashes than some people). I can't recall crashing on Assault Challenge, though. I have some assumptions. The game tries to allocate more things on the RAM than there's space and results in a crash. It's the same as the fact that some people get better performance than others on high end configurations. The game acts differently on different machines. I have proof. I play online matches with Contra testers. I had times where one person's game frequently crashed while I was still in the game, never the other way around. Also, I am not sure if the game utilizes dual and higher core processors. So, a 3 GHz single core may deliver better performance than a 2 GHz dual/quad core. All comes from my personal observations. What are your PC specs and OS by the way? May be useful to know.

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#3 dest12

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Posted 07 May 2016 - 05:25 AM

i7-4790k @ 4Ghz, Nvidia 980 Ti, 16GB ram. I've also done the little trick you posted about going into folder properties -> disable indexing for zero hour. 


This mod is awesome btw, been playing for years :)

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