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How to create horde with more than 50 units? (game crash)

horde 50 melee weapon range crash size maximum limit

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#1 ebergner

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Posted 07 May 2016 - 09:13 AM



Me and my brother plus several people from russian modding community are working on a very big mod idea. It is massive and interesting project. I will leave the links at the end of this text. Without further ado, I want to ask for some help - if anyone - as I stumbled upon one problem.


At the moment I am working on very large combo hordes. The player would be able to combine his army and would get some advantage as a consequence. Armies would be moving in formation as opposed to default formation. The large horde of the same units would be able to change to different formations: square, tight-square, triangle, tight triangle, line, tight-line, column, tight-column, box, small box. Historically all these formations were used for different purposes. For example column formation was used for travelling armies as soldiers could move faster in this formation. Anyway, I have almost completed doing everything (I have even done a beautiful menu on the right side of the screen where player could choose formation and army would toggle straight into that formation).


But there is one trouble I come upon. When I try to do horde larger than 50 units, when that horde tries to attack anything - the game crashes unexpectadly. If it is 49 units it is still ok, if it is 50 or more the game crashes when that horde tries to attack.


Accidentally I notice that if I surround the building with that horde before pressing attack it, then horde does attack building and the game doesn't crash. More importantly, if the horde consists of ranged units, for example archers, then I can make horde of more than 50 units and the game doesn't crash when I attack. I narrowed down this problem to MeleeWeapon. Tested it with Noldor Warriors in ROTWK, or Galadrims in Edain. When those warriors use they range weapon everything works fine, when I switch to swords - game crashes when I try to attack.


Hmmm... One more thing. I found a really interesting line in gamedata.ini:


MaxCellsFindMeleeEngagementLocation = 50


It seemed exactly what I needed to change. As the problem I am guessing is range finder, path finder. I tried changing 50 to a larger number, but it didn't help solve the problem.




I would really appreciate anyones help on this matter.



Lord Varaha, NightMerry




Here is more info about our mod: 




Here is some videos from before:



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#2 PurpleGaga27


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Posted 07 May 2016 - 03:47 PM

I believe SAGE cannot handle that many units together in a horde squad. Remember that putting/placing too many units in squads on the battlefield will slow down the game.


But 50 units in a squad? That's ridiculous!


I wonder if C&C3/RA3 can handle that, but that was never implemented.

#3 ebergner

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Posted 08 May 2016 - 09:01 AM

Hmmm... 50 units is only two orc batallions. That is a very small number still. In what sense do you think it will slow down the game? We are modding LOTR game on top of ROTWK. I understand it is ridiculous in C&C3/RA3, but I disagree it is in ROTWK. On the other hand, we intended to slow down the battles by a slight degree. Making tactical play a bit more significant and reaction response a bit less. If you read into the text I posted, there would be several big changes.


I was working on that problem yesterday and I managed to increase the limit of horde size past 50 units using a very silly work around. I pretended the units are archers and they hit every time they shoot unvisible projectile and reduced the attack range of them shooting to normal melee range. Although there is still one small problem I working on. I have to test it further today. Will write back asap if anyone interested.


Lord Varaha





Well, I did the testing. It looks slightly bad how they fight. The units (pretend to be archers) keep in formation and don't loose it. So I think I am dropping this silly idea for now.

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#4 TLOTR47

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Posted 12 January 2018 - 10:29 PM

I had the same problem but found a solution. Just delete the line above the unit rank info that says "MeleeBehavior = Amoeba"  and the following "End"

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