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Modified LWM fill rendering issues (WOTR)

rotwk alpha channels wotr living world map transparency opacity vertex painting modelling 3ds max 8

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#1 OperationRenegade

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Posted 24 May 2016 - 03:18 PM

RE: LWM fill rendering issues (WOTR) [getting alpha channel modified lwr_fill to render all at once with no lag spikes (caused by unnecessary rendering)]


Hi everyone, hope everyone's summer is off to good start
I have been trying to get transparency for the wotr map model file: lmr_fill.w3d to work.
I have tried working off the following tutorial by Nertea:

But the shading only (i.e. the model is invisible) works in Add blend mode for w3d material type if I use Write ZBuffer (I'm using stage 0 texture: excloudrs24.tga) despite not only following the tutorial step by step but also individually using the setting found for this file in w3d viewer; it should work without as shown in the tutorial.
I'm guessing vertex painting (or at least transparency) won't work with the Write ZBuffer enabled.

So this is why I have decided to give alpha channels a try.
I used the standard material (as opposed to w3d or direct x9 shader) and put in the bitmap maps listed under 'maps' in the material editor <see image 'B2 below>

one by one testing each in game - starting with the Opacity map (with no other maps)
<again see image 'B2' below>


I can achieve transparency as seen in
<see image 'B1' below of a screenshot of 3ds max 8>

and <see image 'C' below of a screenshot of w3d viewer>

in 3ds max 8 and in w3d viewer - but cannot achieve it in game. The result in game is in <see image 'A' below>

Anyone know how to get alpha channels to work with the living world map? - if possible I'd like to avoid vertex painting.

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#2 OperationRenegade

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Posted 26 May 2016 - 07:49 PM

After trying every tutorial under the sun and moving onto something else it started working :party: .... but it only renders so many of the region fills at once, rendering different region as you move the camera, causing lag spikes (as opposed to just rendering all of them at once) as it renders/ 'derenders' them. 



Now does anyone have any clue as to how to get the game to just render all of them at once through 3ds max??




Update: New Ered Luin region now working - <see image Z1 below>





Everything is rendered all at once with no undrawing of regions when there is no transparency. The problem is transparency is needed.


tried alpha blend (w3d material type) without z buffer and it started working for no apparent reason, but yields similar rendering issues (now with the regions flashing)


I have also tried working off the original lmr_fill.w3d file again but keep getting the same result :whatoa:


I have given vertex painting a try, but it results in the same result (again with the regions flashing) using add blend mode as in robnkarla tutorial on the3rdage.net


Reducing the dimensions (128x128 to 64x64 pixels) and introducing compression (file going from 16kb to 2kb) - no difference.



Any help would be appreciated.    :wacko:

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