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Trees Don't Exist

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Posted 09 October 2016 - 07:45 AM

I've seen this come up a couple times recently.  Here's one of the articles about it:




Inverse is filled with a bunch of conspiracy floss, but the topic is going to be stupid no matter what side of the river it's on.  The name of the article alone sums up how ridiculous it is.  This article, and many others sprang up from videos like this:



So the guy is a Flat Earther, which is a scientific community of very unscientific people.  Their theories try and use sound logic, but it's all based around hogwash that COULD be true.  I'll start taking them seriously when they publish to something credible, rather than conspiracy blogs.  If the Earth were flat, an optic lens could see thousands of surface miles across an open horizon- but it can't.  Contours and crap.  Even the Greeks understood that concept, as very few archaic cultures actually believed the Earth was flat to begin with.  Believing otherwise in the modern era is just wrong.  The entire theory is unbelievably stupid from what I've seen from it.  


But saying that trees don't exist?  What?  The term 'tree' was coined when someone looked at one of those big, bark'y things and needed a name for it.  Just because there could have been a much more ancient ancestor of the tree with roots the size of Texas doesn't mean forests don't exist at all.  That's Crocodile Dundee logic; claiming that a knife isn't a knife because there is a larger knife in the room.  Absolutely stupid.  Whoever even gives these Flat Earhers 2 seconds of thought needs an exorcist.  They're not educators, they're extremely misleading, and they're the dregs of the scientific world.


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Posted 09 October 2016 - 10:21 AM


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