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Disturbed Dimensions - Doctor Who Yuri's Revenge Mod (help needed)

yuris revenge doctor who mod rts

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Posted 20 October 2016 - 01:53 AM

Hello There, I'm NitroTech and I am in the process of trying to make a Doctor Who themed Mod for RA2 YR


Here is the moddb page, where most of the updates will mostly be posted - http://www.moddb.com...rbed-dimensions

Ever Since I saw Mental Omega, I wanted to make a mod for RA2 YR, and I feel like now is the time.

I don't have much skill in coding, modeling or much of other things.. but I do want to make my dream a reality, I have come here for help.
I also have a plan for the Units and The Factions.

Allies - UNIT 

Soviets - Cybermen

Yuri - Daleks

Possible Forth Faction = Timelords

Possible Fifth Faction - Zygons 

Possible Sixth Faction = Sontarans

So I have big plans for this, but I need help. That is why I have come here.




but beside all of the shp and voxel stuff along with coding, I can make Remixes which I have already done, and I plan on giving each side unique tracks


like here


Daleks - https://soundcloud.c...tech/full-speed - https://soundcloud.com/nitro-tech/acid-rain-in-the-night


Cybermen - https://clyp.it/yvt5kppt


UNIT - https://clyp.it/unzlbeh0 - https://clyp.it/fm1ptska


I am also the director of this project all together, One of my friend is already drawing up designs for the Cybermen's Units, mainly the tanks and vehicle. Hopefully we can draw them up on the PC by Next week.


We also already have a plan for the custom campaign, but I will post it in full eventually, when we have fully worked out the custom campaign.


heres the outline though.


Daleks - The Daleks have noticed that the Doctor who normally defends Earth, has gone missing for unknown reasons and take this as a chance to invade Earth, Sending a full scale invasion force to Earth.


Cybermen - A Cybership from millions of years ago awakens in Northern Canada, The plan of the Cyberplanner commanding the ship is to Convert the earth, but they eventually run into the Daleks, causing trouble.


UNIT - In the midst of Two Enemies, The Cybermen and The Daleks, Unit must defend the earth to the best of their abilities, and hope they can win in the end.


so thats the plan so far, I hope you all are excited, because I am, Thank you again.

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